May: The month ahead. A spectacular shift and all empowering creation. Something exciting is happening!

I had an unplanned hiatus. No emergencies, no health issues, no holidays. Tarot being integral to my daily world unexpectedly slipped away. It made room for a few more personal readings and what seems like a necessary break from routine, and who doesn’t need that in their life? This morning I picked up the decks and rather belatedly pulled May’s cards. Coffee close by here’s what I drew!

The overall energy was that of collaboration from the Art of Manifestation deck. It’s ok to work together with others this month, it’s ok to take advice, in fact it is particularly beneficial in May. It may be close ties had been previously tainted but now there’s an opportunity to reflect on this and how you can begin to work together for the benefit of those immediately involved, but also the ripples of this collaboration will positively enhance the lives of others around too! Let’s take a closer look.

#The Seven of Cups may have you feeling as though options are many, perhaps there’s a sense of overwhelm. ‘Do I go this way? Do I take this job? Or that one? Or that way?’ This is the ‘that side’ of this card in the deck… (If that sounded difficult to say or read it was!). The man has ended up in murky water he should seek assistance or advice not be too proud to ask. Others may hold the expertise as to which cup to take and what may be right for him.

#strength Ah I see … You may be fearing you don’t have what it takes. Perhaps your feel inadequate or don’t want to appear egotistical. It is time to seek the opinion of good guidance (a mentor maybe) to give an unbiased view. I’m sure they will tell you that you have exactly what it takes. Dust off that confidence and quietly but powerfully assume leadership.

#fiveofpentacles #sixofcups These cards are absolutely screaming ‘get assistance’. Work with others, there are people who have just the right knowledge, just the right skillset and know the right people. Maybe you are even that person for someone else. Don’t be distracted by your own insecurity. It’s time to pay attention to all the areas of your life or project. There’s some mutual benefit in this project/experience.

Once we’ve put aside the thought that seeking involvement of others may reduce our achievement, we see the spread suggest that it’s time to free ourselves from a restrictive thought process and like the #fool have faith and step forward knowing our future is taken care of. The serendipity of the fool ensures that each step adds to his wisdom. Be bold. Be fearless. Be great!

This foolish freedom is key to the next phase. How interesting I found it, that in this spread the #wheeloffortune is directly above the Magician who is present in both cards. Numerically ten and One … Powerful circles of Manifestation and completion and powerful beginnings. If you aren’t feeling the trembling of anticipation you absolutely should be! From this point on the next seven cards are truly inspiring. I would love to know what big dreams you are cooking up! #Theknightofwands is that firecracker he’s passionate, purposeful and has a mission. Of course, no mission is without it’s obstacles but the #twoofpentacles is good at juggling, keeping things afloat. You are more than capable of managing competing priorities and if relevant the finances required.

The final line of the spread brings us more Wands fire more manifestation and more learning. You are laying the foundation for further stability. #thequeenofwand is charismatic, full of business acumen. She is full of magical energy and is the essence of getting results. Look who she’s sat next to here! #themagician . I challenge you not to be jumping out of your seat. I can not promise that you will see the results this month but Wow…Wow… Wow you (sure as the sun shines) are in your element by the end of the month. If you don’t attract the assistance you need to or deliver the results desired I will be amazed!

#thefourofpentacles #Thehierophant both cards indicating structure, knowledge stability. By the close of this month you should be well set on your path. Your direction should be clear. You should have the necessary information and team around you. If you still aren’t believing this, Then go back, pick up the flame of your inner guidance and passion. Reconnect with your inner truth because it’s there, at your fingertips. Sense it, taste it, act upon it. It starts with the visualisation.

Have a fabulous Month. Sending love ♥️

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I am a Mother, Grandma, Daughter, Sister, Niece and cousin. I'm an Artist and Tarot reader that writes about Tarot and Oracle. The art and photography featured is usually a creation of mine.

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