August Full Moon 22/08/21 … 3 days for your full moon spread!

Simple Full Moon Energy Reading

I’m using the Golden Worth Tarot by Jaymi Elford – Oswald Wirth. A beautiful Deck with just the Major Arcana.

The full moon energy lasts from around a week before to about 3 days after a full moon. This month’s was last night (in the UK) so if you’d like to see how to use the energies surrounding this celestial change this simple three card spread can be of use.

Here’s how mine turned out.

What’s influencing?: JUDGEMENT. No surprises here .. This moon phase is the perfect opportunity for self reflection. Are you evaluating career, financial or life choices? You are probably about to make a decision that reflects your personal values. It can also mean the outcome of a legal case or contract. So in this case (upright Judgement) this phase could well be influenced by a positive legal outcome, new job or home etc.

What energies are helping us to release? DEATH REVERSED The blocks or delays that have slowed the new changes arriving have been cleared. You should be on the starting block ready to go. Hurray!! Double energy of the old being left on the the past and the new arriving. So if you haven’t heard yet you soon will do! If you had doubts or concerns these too will also be gone.

What’s being renewed or arriving: THE SUN Those influencing energies (in this reading Judgement that I’ve interpreted as new contracts, life changes or legal judgements) bring with them beautiful positive vibrations. If the things you have been working towards have been slow in paying off, as indicated by The Death card, pay day has arrived. Stress should melt away and a sense of confidence and happiness will return. If the first card is relating to those contracts (and for me it is) that job, court case, home move, marriage ? Whatever they relate to you will feel a sense of alignment and satisfaction, as though it’s just right for you!

Happy full moon ritual… Sending blessings 🌕

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