THE WEEK AHEAD: June 6-12th – This week use the spirit of the world card to create your internal condition and as a result your outer experience.

The guiding energy this week is pulled from one of Gabrielle Bernstein’s deck (The Universe has your back). For me when I draw this card it is always a reminder to ‘health check’ my well-being, not only physically but emotionally and spiritually. This week above all things, while going about your day, check in and see if life in general is working for you. If you are out of kilter in one or more aspects see what things you can do to balance it out. It’s so easy to wake up one morning and realise you are out of line with what you want and need if that’s where you are take the nudge from the Universe to get back on track to what feels like home to you.

Some major energies arise this week. Perhaps you are completing a phase or cycle perhaps you are feeling complete or desire to feel complete. There are three tens or cards that have relationships with ‘ten’ in this spread which indicates that the end of a cycle or several is quite likely.

The World. Looking at the spread overall and The World as the first card I’m leaning towards the more positive aspects of completing a new phase. Feeling good and in tune will be attracting wonderful new things into you life. Like the woman dancing on the centre of the card you energetically integrate all you have and feel a sense of joyful anticipation. The World is joined by The Hanged Man which is the period of limbo between the different phases. You have reached the awareness of where you have been and now eagerly await the next phase knowing it will soon be here you can hang in contemplative suspension. Not as others may perceive, trapped or uncomfortable, just biding your time in mediative consciousness. The sense of something big, something meaningful is clear. Judgement You have cleared the way. The pieces of the puzzle are slotting in. It may start to dawn on you that everything you’ve been through have prepared you for this next big phase. Something meaningful and perhaps with a higher purpose. If this realisation hasn’t yet occured it is sure to be happening three big major arcana energies all intertwined. I am happy for you. If you are feeling a sense of wholeness and completion at this time then you can expect that to last for a while if not it’s on its way and soon. You may well at last, be getting comfortable within your own skin … And we all need that don’t we!

These changes have been a long time coming and now they are falling into place rapidly. Sometimes when the Eight of Wands appears we may have felt that the struggles that preceded would never end. But here we are on the brink of a brand new phase. We may hear news that something we have been waiting for is on its way. It’s fast. It’s desired and it’s fated brought about by the struggles and persistence we’ve been through.

It could be that towards the end of the week we may feel a bit defensive. Perhaps the wrong people are around you and will have something to say about your choices. The Page of Swords can have a touch of spite to her. Maybe their words will sting and in return you want to lash out … But stop … There’s no need to lower yourself in response to the jealously of others. We all have the same opportunities. You are choosing to manifest yours and now is your time. Don’t carry the negativity of what’s gone before into your new awakened world.

KAPOW!! THE ACE OF WANDS …. All those major arcana in the early part of this reading have paved the way. If it feels good keep doing it if you are no longer happy stop. New ideas, new inspiration new beginnings. Your internal state is leading you towards the castle in the distance follow that passion and drive let it take you there it’s meant for you.

We may feel a little disturbed by the appearance of the Ten of Swords in this otherwise inspiring and hopefully reading, but these are the pains of the past. Our fears, a break up, something that previously hurt us or caused disaster. Yes we feel the effects of them and yes that pesky Page of Swords reversed stings us with her opinion (and that can also be our own inner critic). All that self doubt and defensiveness is here to ruin the day…. But is it? Will you let it? Can you let it? This 10 reiterates the closing off of a cycle. What you’ve been through is what has made you but it doesn’t define you. Step proudly through the door. Wave goodbye, you have a lot to look forward to. This week use the spirit of the world card to create your internal condition and as a result your outer experience.

Blessings beautiful people, have a wonderful week ❤️

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