THE WEEK AHEAD: 28th March – 3rd April 2021 Welcome to Wonderland!

I did shuffle!!! But here is The Weaver again. Cutting unwanted threads from the past and weaving those we do into something of value to us.

Monday’s energy (repeating from last week and the moon reading) makes us look at the things that we may have worked hard to have in our lives but we no longer resonate with. If you haven’t already pressed the reset button you will no doubt be feeling the pull to do so.

In The Tower Alice cries

I can’t stand this any longer” as she jumped up and seized the table cloth with both hands: one good pull, and plates, dishes, guests and candles came crashing down together in a heap on the floor.

This is a perfect description of that inner power that catapults you forward. It’s an awakening, a release, a sudden decision to change or change something. The Knight of Cups Reversed returns also this week, making us more focused on our truths and while his energy can mean you may be helping someone in need, in this reading, I feel it is more about that focus on your own needs, your own plans. You may be realising that your commitment to you is stronger than ever or could this be the first time you’ve really ever commited to yourself?

Midweek I see you visualising this commitment. Creating something colourful that lifts you from a monochrome world. Use this time to imagine the changes and beauty they will bring to your own everyday life. Alice looks pretty contented sat among her cat friends in this Four of Wands. How special this little act of play has made her day? Even if your plans to change or changes made are not in full flow you can surely feel the sense of achievement that you have. The tantalising sense of what’s to come. Maybe you just need to take a sip of tea and enjoy the contemplation.

Wait! What’s this? Eight of Wands Reversed? Did I say ‘even if things are NOT in full flow’ ? How careless of me, of course they are in full flow. With the power of the tower and this eight of wands it shouts out loud. That’s not a flow it’s a torrent rapidly arriving, perhaps much faster than we planned!

You will take the leadership role of your own life, directing and tactfully assessing the week. Taking The Emperor’s role will have a chicken and egg (or should I say Dodo and egg) effect in that by acting like the leader in your life, you will build your confidence and before you know it, you will naturally and effortless settle into your new habits.. or is it by settling in you will naturally become the orchestrater?

If others question your new commitment to you The King of Swords energy will enable you to brush it off. It’s back up proof of your ability and reason to be confident in your own abilities! Choose your confidants wisely, and release those that aren’t supportive of your new colourful ideas!

You are blessed, The Star’s energy isn’t just for the last day or so of the week. Her influence is far greater than that. These are lasting changes. Three Major Arcana . Three powerful energies. Starting with The Tower and ending with The Star. Believe me when I say, the changes you are making are lasting. Initially you may have dismissed the them as pipe dreams but soon you will see you have fed your soul and spirit, yes you you did this!

Welcome to Wonderland there’s a lot to smile about ❤️

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I am a Mother, Grandma, Daughter, Sister, Niece and cousin. I'm an Artist and Tarot reader that writes about Tarot and Oracle. The art and photography featured is usually a creation of mine.

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