THE WEEK AHEAD: 7th – 13th March 2021: Don’t be scared. Fear of failure is just fear… If all else fails press Reset!

It’s March so what better deck to use than Wonderland in Tarot I think I’m using the vague connection of the White rabbit and Mad Hatter …. Well it’s a new to me deck so here we go ….

The central energy of this week is Strength Reversed this can make us feel a little less confident than usual. Perhaps we are going to be experiencing the discomfort of some of the more painful aspects of our current lives. This may lead us to seeking out pleasure perhaps even wildly so, with a sense of hedonism. The question is (I suppose) is pain really of no value? Let’s see where this Reading is taking us… I’m intrigued!

Well immediately, we can see all the cards in the spread are reversals apart from one (The seven of swords upright). Many readers choose to not read reversals, but here, is an example of why I love to do so.

As well as giving a different meaning, I find reversals often reflect a lot of our internal dilemmas and emotions so now we can see the relevance of the reversed Strength card set among an almost entirely reversed spread!

Page of Cups, King of Wands and six of Wands all reversed. Don’t let your lack of self-confidence interfer with this week’s opportunities. You could be second guessing yourself. Maybe you have a presentation or project that has a deadline looming and you aren’t sure you are ready. Fear of failure may well be the predictor of the outcome. I get the sense that you may feel this week’s opportunities may be one of those one time offers. So put on your best performance. You may be reflecting on your previous perceived failures. Put those aside, consider any lessons and know that they in no way affect the forthcoming event. Every opportunity or situation we get into is independent of our previous successes or failures. Every outcome is dependent on the what you deliver in that moment and how prepared we are. So dive in grab that opportunity. Go for it! Take action in a King of Wands way. Show off your skills, talents and uniqueness. This is no time to be a shrinking violet. If you need some extra support or assistance to achieve your goal don’t be afraid to ask and acknowledge the support given to you.

Mid week the Seven of Swords beckons, make sure your intentions are clear. Be as sure as you can that there are no misunderstandings. Could someone interpret your behaviour wrongly? Perhaps, you have a sense of false guilt when in reality there is no need to feel that way. Perhaps, you are just afraid of receiving negative judgement? Act with integrity and transparency and don’t be too harsh on yourself.

I see by the end of the week, the Page of Pentacles is still making you feel less capable and more unprepared. This could just give the extra impetus to complete the final bit of effort. If you have taken that little bit of extra time to Carry out checks, I feel this will not be wasted. You are probably a lot more prepared than you believe. If you have been doing additional studying, then it looks like this too will pay off or perhaps you have just a little more time before your deadline to make it count.

At the start of the reading, I noted how fear of failure contributes towards failure. If your deadline is looming then this is a reminder that your double checks, good preparation and positivity are well placed. If your deadline has passed and you did not accomplish all you’d hoped, this card is reminding you not to stay focussed on the element of failure you feel. Look at your performance, see where you were possibly lacking and how you may improve or learn from that. Remember, when tuning into the vibrational energy required to succeed we must tune into the feeling of what success is to us, that is one of the keys to manifestation.

Part of our human-ESS is always Searching for things to accomplish, but we really do make a meal of it often! Sometimes (like Alice, we are led down the rabbit hole!) Before you Refocus ask yourself; Do you really need to fit into a box you’ve believed you needed to be in? Are your motivations for achieving, for yourself or expectations out on you? Are you being cajoled by others in the guise of supporting you, when infact it feels like outside pressure and expectations? Maybe your goals are even outdated and you’ve moved on and they are now no longer relevant to your evolution? In which case….

…. Dust yourself off.

Both this card and the next (The Tower reversed) are indicating you need to drawn a line in the sand. Be present with your tasks. Learn but don’t let your imagination get out of control or dwell.

In the supporting literature that comes with this deck I see these two paragraphs about The Tower which I feel sums up the final part of this week’s reading.

‘In this last scene of Through the looking glass the Red and White Queens insist on “supporting” her by moving in very closely on each side, nearly squeezing her to death. Just before the madness takes over, Alice gets a warning:

” Take care of yourself!” Screamed the White Queen, seizing Alice’s hair with both her hands “SOMETHING’S GOING TO HAPPEN!”

Nothing bad is going to happen but if it feels bad there’s your sign to make the move!

And in the second paragraph:

Alice tried really hard to fit into the Looking-Glass world and did everything she needed to do to become a Queen. During her short adventure she constructed an understanding of the place, a plan to achieve a goal, and nurtured expectations of what it would be like. When the world she built turned out to be nothing at all like she expected, she did not continue to live in untenable disaster.

‘She pressed the reset button!’

Instead, she pressed the reset button.

Dive into Mad March have a week of personal adventure!

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