The Week 9-15 July 2022: Hey Polly Perfect there may be a better way!…

This week is energised by a supermoon.  Big powerful and energetic.  Shining those beams down on you.  Receive this much needed energetic charge.  Capture some beams by putting your crystals, cards and divination items outside and let them hold the charge for later use!

#themoon #aceofopentacles #knightofpentaclesreversed #pageof cups reversed. Your intuition is presenting something tangible, the Ace of pentacles that represents material abundance.  You could well be about to be blessed.  But what’s this? The knight of pentacles reversed and the page of cups reversed…?  There’s a requirement to free up some space to enable your intuition to do most of the work and allow you to go with the creative flow.  That knight could have you over doing perfectionism.  You don’t have to be perfect.  The plan doesn’t need to be ‘perfect’ … You just need to turn the sail to the wind and chart your course according to the elements. Who said zig zagging wasn’t an excellent way to travel?!

#twoofwandsreversed #empressreversed #emperor #sevenofcups The two of Wands would indicate a need to plan but this card is also reversed and again calls to you to release rigid mindsets on how you are getting somewhere.  Too much strategy and thinking will deplete you this week.  When the Empress shows herself you are likely to have gone a touch over the top, trying to be everything to everyone, building the perceived perfect business or home. She is next to her counterpart (The Emperor). The Emperor would never neglect himself in pursuit of his Empire…. No no no … He directs, delegates, protects but all from a position of inner strength and wisdom.  He ensures he has time to play, dine, bathe and do whatever is required to keep himself in peek condition to be ready to act at a moment’s notice if necessary.  He has already freed himself from things that would clutter his ability to be the best leader.  He has no need for a rigid plan because at any moment his sharp thinking may be needed and he’s ready to go.  Until then, he’s reading the signs, and working the broader version of his vision. So what happens when you loose perfection? You become more agile.  You become mentally freer.  You open yourself to more possibilities… some of those things maybe even you did not know we’re available.   And that’s what I feel this week brings you;  A whole  new range of possibilities once you allow yourself to put down those rose glasses and un-crack the whip and welcome in a little more flexible thinking.  Dare I suggest you get your whiteboard pen and cross through some of those things that you’ve placed too much importance on. Stop being Polly Perfect!

The week ahead:. 3-9th July 2022 – Cosmo’s energy helping you take action

This is a great week to connect with the cosmos.  Horus allows us to travel between worlds. You may find your psychic awareness is stronger, your intuition is more on point and this higher vibrational energy enables you to better activate your vortex and throw a bit more magic into the pot of Manifestation delivering the key ingredients to achieving actual physical results!

#knightofwandsreversed #nineofpentacles reversed. #death It’s time to apply yourself to finish what you started. Sometimes, things just slot into place, but the energy this week is condusive to ensuring that loose ends are tied up. You may feel a bit bored of the routine or application required but you are crossing over into the the ‘other world’ and you’re almost there. The planning, manifesting, willpower have all gone before now what you are facing are the physical steps that cross you over the finish line, as long as you don’t procrastinate.

#knightofswordsreversed #threeofswordsreversed #nineofswords Perhaps the actual work of implementing the plan is less than appealing but you dreamt this dream didn’t you and it just not meant to stay in the daydream phase. Sometimes, though, as in dreams they twist and turn and end not as expected. The three of swords reversed may have those self doubts and negative self talk muttering in your ear, further undermining what you are destined to accomplish. This internal, mental chatter could be causing you to stay up worrying. Please don’t. We end the week with the highly influential High Priestess’ energy, the second major arcana of the week, meaning even if you can’t quite see how things are turning out, once you have set aside your anxieties and negative talk, your intuition will embed the path ahead. There is a retrograde feeling to the read but You can trust in you! Don’t get in your own way.

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear….What a week I feel I’ve had! And everywhere I turn I’m hearing similar tales, before I even pick up the cards I’m hearing people feeling overwhelmed by work, by home by relationships…. And I for one can definitely understand that. As we turn the page into the new month of July, let’s take a look at what energies lead the way.

Are our doubts and hesitation interfering with our progress? The overall energy oracle is supporting us to take the steps towards the things we want. It may be comfortable for this moment surrounded by all we know, but we also know it is good evolution to move into a new way of living. Be brave, be strong and get out your comfort zone.

This month #theknightofswords is racing forwards toward #temperance well, certainly mentally. We desire more balance, more action and more emotional stability. But perhaps everytime you conjour up our inner dreams the very thought of them shakes your core and kick-starts the mental whirring. #queenofcups has you all a muddle and feeling out of control. Throw in a reversed #sevenofwands you may also feel vulnerable to attack. Of course this may not be a literal attack but more a sense of exposure to risk.

There is a way to reduce this sense of nerves and calm the mental anxiety, by preparing. Preparation will soothe your fears and enable you to guide that ship into calmer waters because while you are bobbing around in emotional unrest your creativity and problem solving abilities are stranded on a small island out of reach. Plan, plan and plan again. Role play and imagine your success, feel that and hold that thought.

#eightofpentacles is the way forward but be careful not to obsess over the details but look at the bigger picture your plan is not minute by minute but more a monthly over-view. Attention to detail can come later for now you want to go the way the wind is blowing, just roughly enough to show you moving in the right direction, you know, gain a little momentum to have you leaving that mental obsessing behind. Once you get going #sixofcuos reversed will jolt you out of that comfort zone and I wouldn’t be surprised if that wasn’t a little cathartic.

You may find the worrying is preventing you moving on and even causing a little poor health. Note it, and do whatever, to regain balance. Cycles need breaking. Unhealthy ties and relationships must go #devilreversed. I see that, you will (if this resonates) be breaking away from business or personal partnerships of all varieties You could also be severing ties with old aspects of your own personality that no longer serve you well.

What happens when you do this act of severing? Well that pesky white rabbit appears and brings you the message or opportunity you were hoping for but got a little to mentally tied up to believe you were actually going to achieve it. #pageofswords #fiveofpentacles. That then leads you to being freed from your mental prison and as you emerge , just like the door mouse from the teapot, you see before you that #Aceofcups a brand new emotional beginning.

Was it hard? it sure feels that way, but difficult no, absolutely not. All that was needed, was that leap of faith and a tweak in perception. Have a great July…. See you on the other side! ♥️🙏

The Week Ahead- 12-18 June 2022. Woah slow down … Use your inner strength to stay true to what you need free up space to reconnect to your inspiration.

I’m getting loads of feminine energy swirling, ready for you to draw on this week. The Warrior card in The Threads of Fate oracle is for me similar to the Strength card in tarot. Strength also appears in this reading, so, in effect twice. A double dose of quiet persistence. Inner drive gently but firmly applied. Why will need this double dose of strength?

#8ofwandsreversed #nineofpentaclesreversed #Strength Hmmm something could be testing your faith this week, causing you to doubt your plans. You may be rushing a situation or impatient for an outcome. S…L…O…W D…O…W…….N….. Don’t fall for that old trap. You could be tempted to put in a lot more hours, assuming your life requires more money. But perhaps you need to take a look at your self worth? Can you increase your prices or ask for a pay rise? Would this enable you to reduce your hours and free up some life in the the longer term or in the shorter term, to wake up s…l…o…w…e…r. Walk the dog longer. Breathe. Savour the dinner making instead of grabbing a takeaway. Enjoy your surroundings or simply dream a little, while reading that book you fell asleep on yet again!

#sevenofcups #fiveofswords #fiveofwandsreversed You have so many options before you. How glorious, how amazing or is it? We all desire choices but we can fill our world’s with too much and suddenly, daily living is just a chore. Reframe your thought process this week and stay tuned into you. As with last week you are urged to pick your battles carefully or even direct your energies wisely! We can waste a lot of time on things that, in the end bring no true value to our lives whatsoever. When you S….L…..O….W. D…O…W….N. this week you’ll realise there is no competition at all. You’ve done all the battle planning you can do you’re ready… But making space to commit to those options that suit you most is where you will come out on top.

#AceofWands That break was truly what you needed… And it doesn’t need to be to some exotic location although that sure is wonderful.. even freeing up a few hours to sit by the window, walk in the park, strike up an impromptu conversation with someone you’ve never spoken to, will give just what you need to snap right back to the inspired being you’re meant to be. And that’s where the week ends . Not in the usual warrior like-go -getting kind of way but more Mississippi steam roller kind of style. Ahhhhh… Feels so much nicer that way and it’s just what you need right now.

June 5 – 11 The Week Ahead: … Ride that wave … !

This week whatever choices you’ve made it planned to make remember it’s ok to choose again. This time, if called to question your choices, make decisions from your heart centre.

#Temperance #sevenofpentacles #nineofcupsreversed You may start to feel the balance in your life or crave it. Health, routine, mental relaxation may be important right now and/or you could be gaining a perfect balance in life and work. A realisation that ‘wish fulfilment’ is not the aquisition of something or the achievement of something else, more how you feel about the journey. Certainly, things that have taken longer really do taste sweeter. There’s a sense of understanding that you may have a focus on something material but you now know (truly) that happiness is tied up in how you feel about your daily life. Things enhance our world when we have grown our own sense of fulfilment.

#strength #eightofpentacles #knightofwandsreversed #pageofcups This week your determination will rise up. A quiet wheel of motivation rolls into action. The strength card is that drive and inner strength that helps you push through towards your aspirations. You’re prepared to put in the work . Perhaps you’re even planning out the finer details of how you want your life to feel. What will your end result look like? How prepared are you for the journey? Does what you’re working on put a fire in your heart and a smile on your face? Can you feel the warmth of a contented spirit while you’re on your way ? This week’s energy is all about the quality of your experiences and hints at the feel of luxury. Feels good to imagine your future doesn’t it? And it’s amazing how good the present feels while imagining!

If there’s an area you feel less in control of or that’s experiencing delays, you may feel frustration. If those fears arise, making you think these curve balls are preventing your desires, feel the energy of your dream not the doubt. The Page of Cups heralds a surprise. This page is full of curiosity and when your heart is open the box of possibilities is open…. This is where many of you may have a sudden change of plan, as a wave of intuition covers you and you surf to a new destination of wonder. So what if you thought you were taking this journey by train, as it happens unexpectedly, you discover riding that surf board, with the sun on your skin and the wind in your hair is so much more satisfying! It’s a crest of the wave kind of week and you swear you caught sight of that desert island on the horizon!

June: The month ahead in Tarot! Changes, something you’ve worked on coming to fruition and go book your holiday it’s time for a rest!

Speak up in June! Make your thoughts heard you’re if value and you’re needed.

Seven of cups reversed, Queen of Cups reversed, The Empress, Queen of Pentacles reversed: This month you are in your power although may may feel out of sorts and perhaps, disconnected from your core being. With the surrounding cards I feel that some things are being set aside. There is a sense of a cyclical process. A been there done that kind of month. The whimsical nature of our emotional pulls may have less control over our choices. No longer are you distracted by the options before you and while finances are important the materialism that may have (at the tail end of May) given concern seem less raw. There’s more inspiration from connecting to the world around you and pulling everything together in a way that feels much more organic, natural and less mechanical.

Eight of Swords, Page of Swords, Three of Cups reversed, The Tower: Any limited thinking this month may be released. The Page of Swords clears the way of the usual trapped thought processes that the Eight of Swords has to offer. You could be learning something new, either literally studying or coming up with a more creative approach to situations. Like the White rabbit in this card you may feel like a small rabbit in a big big world. Perhaps you have entered a new workplace or community and when you look around you feel a little displaced. It seems like whatever is going on this month, The Tower’s influence could be unsettling. This doesn’t necessarily mean bad, just the kind of thing that requires you to concentrate more than usual or reevaluate.

Five of Swords, Strength, Three of Swords, Two of Pentacles:. Whatever is causing this months Tower, it appear you will manage to get to grips with it. There may well be a disagreement to overcome or a challenge to iron out. Try to use tact, and make sure you are directing that competition fairly. The phrase ‘be careful who you trample on, on the way up’ springs to mind!

You’ve got this though, there’s nothing you haven’t dealt with before, albeit from a slightly different perspective. While you are ordering your thoughts and learning knew things an investment you planted can be spotted on the horizon. This could be a literal investment or the arrival of something less obvious, such as a new job, person, energtic field! Whatever the case, you weren’t just sitting around ‘waiting’ for this ship to come in, you’ve been actively working on saving, learning, investing into something, and while fate will have a hand and the outcome is never known for sure, the efforts you have put in are more than likely about to yield.

Two of Cups, Six of Pentacles, Temperance: This yield is likely to involve partnerships, my guess is more towards practical projects and career rather than relationships. But of course even careers involve people! The people that are surrounding you are vibing at the right level. If some of the elements have a familiar feeling it may have you wondering if you’re going round in circles. You are not. This is different. You are not over giving this time. There’s more balance. The ingredients have been delicately blended to just the right consistency.

Four of Swords: As the month draws to a close, you are so so ready for a break. If you aren’t going on your travels a break from over focussing and solution seeking. Pick up another task and give that your attention, as the solution will often pop up. I for one will definitely be going on my travels and I hope your month sees you planning some kind of get away too. Hello Summer it’s playtime!


The Week Ahead: 29 May – 4 June 2022 … Woah my lovely overdoing everything. It’s time for a change of scenery.

The start of this week is under a waning moon crescent. Our central energy oracle card is Hilarion from the #keepeesoflight deck. As I take an overview of this reading I feel many of us will be desiring rest. In the UK most children are off on half term holidays and from speaking with other parents I gained the feedback that this break is much looked forward to. I also picked up on an actual physical need for rest. Take care of your health. Get some good sleep. Relax your mind. Soak up you environment or perhaps even take a refreshing break. Tweak your diet, get a GP to check you over, whatever, but be tuned into both your physical and mental requirements and give yourself what you need to refuel.

This is obviously specific to certain people, but if you’re female pay attention to hormone levels and the reproductive system. It could be you are suffering a little, a specialist may be of assistance or you may seek a second opinion. I’m drawing this secondary story line from the grouping of the three cards Queen of Pentacles reversed ten of cups reversed and four of swords. That’s an odd message but I felt the need to mention it.

Let’s get back to the general week ahead! As indicated by the overall feel of the reading, #queenofpentaclesreversed can imply you have been working yourself to the bone. Perhaps you have left little for yourself or you are worrying about where your finances are headed. There is value in taking a much needed break this week. A break from routine. If money is causing concern, recall a time when you felt better about your income and reset your mind to give yourself permission to not worry at least for this week. You will get it sorted. It’s a temporary cash flow issue. There is a way to plan for additional income or reassess your budget but this week is urging you to be aware of your need to organise your life in a more structured way that takes into account how your thought process and physical well being impacts you. Maybe write a list of what you will pick up next week. Obviously, if something is super urgent get that done, but if it’s a strategy that is longer term then set that aside ready for next week, it really can wait and you’ll feel a bit more comforted knowing you can return to your list after recouping. #tenofcups

#fourofswords And here is the four of swords slam dunk in this reading positively INSTRUCTING you to take that break! This time is enabling you to recharge so you can show up fully for yourself next month, to be there for your family and to be on top of your game for your career. You have it as clear as clear from the Universe. With this moon phase you probably won’t need encouragement but you may have residual guilt making you feel like you are wasting time so now you know you’re not. You are actually investing in your life.

#twoofswords is another reminder of the mental pressure that you could be feeling. Whatever, strategy you have that works for you, use it. I’ve previously mentioned how helpful I find ‘to -do – next week lists’ but anything that can hold your attention and you can get engrossed in, can disrupt overthinking. Playing in the form of sport, taking a walk in nature, getting creative, paint, sculpture, laugh, spending time with family and friends. The sort of thing that, when you look up, you’ve lost a day. As they say the good things in life are free, it’s time to revel in your own free-dom.

The promise of this indulgence of rest and break from routine is #themagician peeling away layers of you that need to be shed, peeling away overthinking, overworking, overdoing and magically revealing a fresh new potential. Because when we’re not bogged down by our must dos and cluttered world sparkling new ideas and solutions fall like spring blossom lightly touching us with hope and optimism. It’s when we give ourselves to the moment that our true powerful creative energy hits us! Then when it does we can be specific about our aspirations. Because that’s what this week #thestarreversed is revealing a lack of inspiration due to the lack of time to play and be free. So no matter what is going on, give yourself permission to do nothing or participate in something you love to do. If it’s your home life or you’re bored of your own four walls, take that last minute break or day trip and shake up the scenery. It’s going to pay off! Be free my friend!

The Week Ahead 22-28 May – Wow surprises in store, the kind that nurture your dreams and provide roots for stability!

Hey you! Yes you, The dream dreamer! You’ve only gone and done it! This week’s cards are bringing in big changes. When #thetower appears there’s always disruption. But look at this succulent tower in #thelightseerstarot. That is a wonderful abundant source of surprise. It’s not a lottery win. But it may well feel like it. The squirrel in this card had the foresight to store the hazelnut in bleaker times and now the fortuitous streak of magical lightning has struck. Butterflies emerge and a transformation is occuring almost before your eyes.

This week’s reading is full of delights. The kind of things that materialise after dedication. You certainly deserve this. The Queen and King of Pentacles are here. That pairing bodes well for financial and career abundance. Your aren’t gifted this though it’s the payout of your efforts.

I feel you will be basking internally, soaking up this latest breakthrough. It is a life milestone. You can see on their faces, the warmth of the contentment provided by this hard earned hazelnut!

Business partnerships are particularly blessed and there’s a chance you are going up the corporate ladder. Even if you aren’t focused on your career, there’s a sense of enlightenment and a download of knowledge #thehierophant #twoofcups

This week reveals the hard work and attention to detail that is nurturing your dreams and rooting them in Stability. Have a fabulous week.

15-21 May The Week Ahead- You’ve got the spark … It’s full steam ahead!

The central energy from the oracle deck The Universe has your back is about seeing people and things through fresh new eyes.

This week #reversedfiveofwands is all about compromise. That’s to say don’t avoid conflict, rather face the issues and talk them through, find work arounds and listen to your intuition about situations and people that you trust. In the workplace there may be a competitive energy. Is it over something worthwhile or are you best stepping aside for the sake of peace only some things are worth competing for.

With the #QueenofSwords making an appearance it’s likely a tactful approach is going to be best. If this is you, you will be able to see right through the opposing points and gain all the right information essential for making fair decisions. Once the clarity is found you open the pathway to freely follow your creative energy. A combination of sharp thinking and creative connection are at work here. Passion will overflow and it will be contagious to those around. What a fabulous week for rallying the troops for a good cause. Charity or community work may gain momentum. #aceofcups

#knightofcups and then it happens an opportunity that sparks your emotions comes your way. Go for it! This opportunity balances your emotional equilibrium and raises your spirits. If it’s a person coming your way the dynamic will be palpable if it’s an event or career opportunity you are going to love, love love it! Welcome anything that makes you feel this good with zero excuses!

#theemperorreversed This opportunity has all the elements that could mean you are on the precipice of self employment. This reversed Emperor often kicks against authority. Carving and creating his own path. An Emperor reversed can also indicate that you may need a little more structure to achieve your aims. Being more organised can free you up to create your vision.

Certainly, with #Aceofwandsreversed there could be a whole lot of passion and energy but the purposeful direction is not quite there. Absolutely cut out what you are less than enthusiastic about to give yourself wiggle room to manoeuvre or bring in the things that keep the passion alive. This is also a card to remind you that if the thing you are working on hasn’t materialised don’t jump to the conclusion that it won’t. Patience my dear, patience, just keep putting one foot in front of the other. There’s true potential in opportunity stemming from passion #themagician perfectly finishes off our reading. If the doubt was there it won’t be for long! Everything is in place. Whatever is required will materialise when needed. The motto this week is ‘Be clear and specific. Set your intentions and purposefully take action’ . Powerful human you’ve got this!

The week ahead 8-14 May 2022 Releasing fear and blocks to a new way of life bathing in optimism

Every single one of these cards except that of the central energy and the Page of Wands showed themselves reversed.  So this week I expect many people will be digging deep inside and the result is going to be worthwhile.

Kali-ma is Shiva’s twin flame she has no hesitation in showing your true potential through confronting your fears.  Looking at this reading as a whole some of this fear is probably subconscious blocks.  Why do I say that?  #Page of Wands is bursting with confidence and inspiration.  Ready to learn and leap into action  this is not the card of someone feeling tangible fear.  Instead, some of that hesitation may show itself as perceived well thought out caution. Perhaps you are giving more credence to some aspects that validate your reasons for not proceeding with something.   When this occurs, ask yourself whether there is an ingrained belief that is actually reinforcing a reason not to proceed.  For example:. ‘I don’t have the skills to make a venture work’ … Is that a true statement or is it a lack of confidence?  Can you increase your skills via training? Are you more comfortable with the inbuilt idea that you are not enough.  Quash that belief.  You are enough and you can.

#Seven of Pentacles This week build into your daily affirmations thanks such as

‘I am thankful I have the knowledge, skills and trust in myself to know the direction my life takes is producing a perfect harvest!’

Perhaps while you are pausing to give thanks, you have an opportunity to see if the path you set off on and the seeds you’ve planted are still those that light sparks in your life.  If not it’s ok to recourse to stay inspired.  Trust you inner fire.  Don’t be afraid to keep going or redirect depending on where that fire is burning.

Also know that with the #sixofcups you are exactly where you need to be.  This point is pivotal.  You have a viewpoint of the past and present and you can project into the future.  Peacefully feel that and take comfort in your life as it is.   Know that you are a creator and you can draw on your arsenal of tools and resources.

#Magician ensures you have everything at hand.     You have the power to shape your physical world exactly as you wish.  And if those subliminal fears are blocking those aspirations take some deep breaths, meditate find your calm and listen to what still makes you smile, makes you heart beat faster.  You manifest your desired life through energy and action.  If you aren’t feeling it, your compass needs calibrating or you aren’t listening to your own truth. And if either of those last statements are true, that is fear blocking.

Your #tenofcups is waiting.. Everyone’s ten of cups is different.  But the thread is the same, it’s that heart connection, that joy you feel when surrounded by people, animals, things you love.  It’s even that inner contentment you get in solitude.  This week there’s such a strong message of  edging closer to that state.  If you have it fabulous appreciate it and maintain it.

#sevenofswords and #thefool I’m reading this as strategy.  A plan to get or keep that desired ten of cups life.  You know if something isn’t sitting right. You can pretend no longer. Ensure you are acting with integrity, not only with others but also to our own values. The real ones, you know those that get drowned out by treading water to survive. This week is optimum to ensure that survival mode is pushed out. It your time to shine. To feel good about your days. Trust in yourself. Trust in your Universe. Release the blocks that are preventing you from bathing in optimism a delightful world created by you for you. Love and blessings to you all.