Belated week ahead 20-26 February

One of my daughter’s drew these cards for the week ahead, while I was away . The central energy is all about your calling. Your life’s purpose. Something this week may have you champing at the bit to align your life with meaning. Are you burdoned by those Ten of Wands.? Shouldering more than your fair share? If you are aligned with your calling those responsibilities don’t feel as burdonsome. It’s time to delegate or drop tasks that have (upon closer inspection) actually become habit but have no basis or relevance to your current world or where you actually want to be.

You may then, as a result of this realisation find yourself going off in search of what’s missing (Eight of Cups). That something is likely to have an emotional resonance. Here, midweek, The Emperor makes it clear you can take the lead. It’s ok to step up to the plate and create the masterpiece you are meant to create. Of course, you may have to hone a few skills. The Emperor always has a strategy. The Five of Wands in this reading, is about rising to your own challenges. Maybe this is outside of your comfort zone, maybe the thought of it makes you want to stick with what you’re doing, but I’m here to tell you that nothing good comes without effort. Those ‘burdons’ mentioned earlier or things that are no longer needed, have to be put aside in order for you to focus on this new way of living, your new calling, the thing that brings you personal fulfilment. Currently, the imbalance has you paused (two of Pentacles reversed). There may be some concern about juggling finances but I feel it’s more about prioritisation of focus. The Knight of Wands reversed gives me that sense of hesitation. A reluctance to make your move… But why? Look ahead at The Star, this new path leads the way to your fulfilment. Not only that (as if that’s just a small thing?!) But also along the way you will find healing, perhaps one of your fears about stepping forward towards this purpose is past failure…but don’t worry following that guiding star will ensure you pass the obstacles and reach your goal.

The Week Ahead: 13 -19 February 2022 – Stay in tune with your emotional vision.

This week’s central energy is all about your vision for your life! The Five of Cups could have you feeling a bit like you’re lacking something? When we start feeling this way we need a quick rain check. In the traditional version of this card we see the figure dwelling on his two spilt cups despite the fact he still has three full. In this card there’s a gorgeous orange sun on this horizon. It could be setting or it could be rising… No matter which way you view it, it certainly is something to enjoy in the present. Personally, in this reading, I view it as the new dawn, … something beautiful to look forward to … something you’ve visualised and feel is beneficial.

The Empress makes an appearance this week. Find ways to feel good in yourself. We see her now sat in front of that very same orange sunrise and what a sight! A little more time has passed and she knows her value. She is nourishing her dreams. The land around her is fertile and she holds a pomegranate in her hand (the connection to beyond this world). This is a sign to keep making your way through the abundant landscape towards what you want to see while soaking up all that is yours in this moment.

The Hanged Man reversed tells you that you’ve contemplated long enough. Keep with the active meditation and visualisation. Next to the Page of Cups reversed (Princess in this deck) it may be that you are waiting to hear from someone. Perhaps waiting on an answer that you feel will make some sort of difference to the outcome you desire. This may or may not be forthcoming but with the Justice card next to the page there is conversation or outcome looming and it will be the right one, in the sense that everything will find it’s balance. If you’ve been busy mastering a craft or skill the Eight of of Cups reversed reminds you are safe to not obsess over the details this vision is a broad one. Details can come later. Have a general feeling, the specifics can come later. We end the week with emotional clarity. The King of Cups has me feeling that your focus will be on how you feel about things. That emotional discernment is real and perhaps you have mastered the art of feeling extreme emotion without acting it out immediately. It’s likely this week you will get a sense of balance no matter what is going on around you. You’re balanced and in control of your inner world and that should feel good and when we feel good, good things happen!

The Week Ahead: 6-12 February 2022.. A new adventure helping you be the person you’re meant to be

This week we should be welcoming in new things. The Death card is the central energy which is that shift from one thing stage to another. Wanting to get rid of some sort of energy or things? The easiest way to do this is to make more space for the things you do want. Not only do you make your present world more enjoyable but you naturally focus on what you want in your life, which then naturally attracts the very same. Tweak your habits this week or if necessary radically change them. Book yourself onto that course. Open up more conversations for better connections. Try that thing you’ve always wanted to do. Learn more about something that interests you. Whatever is pulling at your heart make room for it. The things you’re not interested in will soon slip by without consciously having to ‘dispose’ of them.

We start the week with the Knight of Swords reversed. Are you having a second thought? Did you make a decision but now think that perhaps you had not considered all the various viewpoints? Maybe you made your mind up yet this week that could be turned on its head. Take an open minded approach and explore all options. Now, what is this thing you’ve had a different thought about? Well only you know that but it seems with the Three of Wands you are now waiting for it to come to you. ….. As if…. As if all you have to do is wait. Have patience yes, but you aren’t just waiting are you? You’ve actually done some of the groundwork haven’t you? You’ve laid the foundation, opened up communication, set the course. This White Rabbit knows there is a window of time and he is actively preparing for the merchant ship to arrive with whatever he had intended. As such re-visit your desires and see if there is anything else you can do practically or energetically.

Justice ensues this week. It absolutely could be a legal judgement going in your favour, but equally so it can be the every day kind of justice. Were you swayed by someone else opinion, that turned out to be unfounded even spiteful? Are you now seeing more clearly? Something you deserve is being set right. It may even just mean that it ‘feels right”. This is the tipping point or the trigger to take action. The King of Wands after all is someone who has had enough of thinking and talking things through. He’s all about the sense of adventure and what adventures are you about to embark on? Well it’s highly personal whether in love, career or finances. It is something you’ve thought about, considered mulled over. It may even be the thing that started this reading (that change of heart) because Judgement is heralding the threshold of this new awakening. The White Rabbit is back blowing the horn! It’s like you’ve had an epiphany! What is about to occur is a gift or an opportunity. This gift or opportunity is making you more rounded, more complete, more abundant and you feel it. In this deck (The Tarot in Wonderland) the author says that the White Rabbit called Alice to the stand ‘to be the person he knew she should be’ and that is the essence of this week’s reading. You are competing to be the best you can be. It’s enlightening. It’s inspiring. You are answering an inner calling and a new way of living and it’s feeling good! You may have tried to resist but it’s so fundamental to your being and who you want to be that you can’t. Well not for long anyway. So while you wait (actively) prepare energetically for this wonderful new phase.

I actually know you are prepared because we end the reading with the Page of Pentacles. Pages are messengers so you’ll hear or say something that confirms and signals to you the direction to take or the time the ship ports! This Page is prepared for anything.

‘Haigha took a large cake out of the bag, and gave it to Alice to hold, while he got out a dish and carving-knife. How they all came out of it Alice couldn’t guess. It was just like a conjuring-trick, she thought‘.

You may have taken a while, just like this page but the pay off is stability. This page has a little of all the other suits making him Extremely adaptable. He takes action, he anticipates and problem solves and he considers others. What a fabulous wealth of experience you have to carry you off on this new adventure of becoming so much more ‘You’ than you thought you could be.

February 2022 :The Month Ahead –

Well we made it through the first month of the year and February (the month of love is here!) So I took the opportunity to add a Romance Angel card to the general energy reading, because who doesn’t love a bit of love?

Our two oracle cards, Archangel Michael and the romance angel advise that there is nothing to worry about.    If there are things concerning you, know your angelic team, led by Michael are in full protection mode.   Step back and allow them to remove your fears and surround you in white light.  Cord cutting rituals may also be good right at the beginning of the month (the first couple of days) to remove energies that have attached themselves to you.  In questions of love know you have already met the person you seek.  Trust you are about to experience a miracle.

It’s good to see that archangel protection appearing and there may be some tail end energy left from last month’s retrograde reminiscing.  Let’s nip that tendancy in the bud. The weekly reading suggested salt baths and crystal work and I’d support that, shake away the residual effects of stagnation.  

February brings a whole new perspective with The Hanged Man starting us off.  This is the kind of change of perspective you have intentionally. This is the result of that retrograde thinking. You’ve closed off a cycle, wow, was that uncomfortable? Certainly looks that way. The Ten of Swords looks terrifying and just a little OTT if you ask me. Interestingly though, a swan emerges. In myths the swan shapeshifts between swan and human form and as a pair they indicate soul mates (as we know this term doesn’t just incorporate romantic soul ties). Any pain or chaos or drama you have experienced is transformed. You have transformed and, if you are seeking love, you partner is soon to be found. The Eight of Wands tells of fast communication and sure enough we see a couple standing strong side by side. In non-love situations it’s a strong partnership forming. Passion is sparked in all forms The Ace of Wands brings out our creativity, inspiration, passion. A burst of enthusiasm. It’s time to release control and see your new path ahead. You are a visionary not dictator. Remember the checklist in the week ahead reading? Stay focused on your desires and trust that the steps and foundations you are laying will be serving you so so well. Two of Swords reversed helps you see that new perspective and and you are no longer blindfolded or stuck in contemplation.

The Emperor and Queen of Swords of course they could be a couple but I feel they are more likely indication aspects of you. Taking the lead, and responsibility for your future. Acting in integrity, speaking your truth in the best interests of your team, family or loved ones. The best part here is how ready you are to remove those unhelpful defences, they served their purpose but those Three Swords have been there long enough. It may feel odd not having them there. After all we can all become strangely comfortable in our own discomfort. It’s familiar. Something better is waiting for you. No more sleepless nights over below par teamwork or love. With the trust in your angelic team, your ten of cups is closer than you think. Don’t self sabotage. You’ve got this. Trust in your future.

The Week Ahead: 29 January – Feb & A very moon phasey reading … Self care .. Intention setting

Japanese Myth Tarot and Universal Folk Oracle

We start this coming week with the last of the waning moon phase in particular the dark moon which is the last couple of days of this quarter moon. It’s a perfect time to release unwanted emotions. Unsurprisingly, the central theme this week is Healing from the Universal Folk Oracle deck. The advice here is similar to that of a waning moon with self care as a central theme. Take some time to cleanse perhaps with a salt bath or some crystal energy. You could try something such as a bloodstone which is good for purification. I’ve been crazily cleaning my floor the last days so perhaps you’ll have the urge to do an early spring clean and freshen tour living space. Get out the candles, open windows and sage afterwards.

This Japenese Myth deck is new to me. I get the sense it’s not meant to be read using reversals so I placed them in the upright. That said a few were reversed so if I felt particularly called to I e let intuition guide me in that respect.

The Nine of Swords was one of the cards that presented reversed. Take some time to honour your worries, they are signs something isn’t right. If something is keeping you up at night acknowledge your concerns. What can you do to alleviate the stress. Keep a journal by your bed to write anything that needs a practical resolution. I’ve noticed many messages of meditation this week and it could well be helpful to find some cleansing meditational pieces. There’s plenty to choose from and I’ve found particular relaxation with the guided sleep meditations or nature sounds such as running water or birdsong.

Bang on with alignment the energy changes as we move into February. The Chariot is all about willpower and of course the new moon phase is about intention setting. I felt the three of cups in this instance was all about getting together with new people. Taking up invitations. We’ve been in hibernation for long enough now. It’s probably a natural time for you to set out your goals and a fresh new social life may well be among them. I’m a list lover. Your manifestation steps have to include actions, or they are simply wishful thinking. Having a tangible checklist to refer back to is an excellent way to hold yourself accountable to your dreams and desires.

Ace of cups ah this beautifully created card embodies a sense of peace. The dove dives into the cups of overflowing emotional happiness. It looks as though the woman in the card is waiting to catch the pentacle of abundance that is coming her way. You may well be holding on to that feeling (Four of Pentacles). Keen to keep the sense of peace and stability you have created or creating. What centres you? What do you have in you life that you want to keep? What can you do to attract more of that? Next to the Four of Pentacles is the four of Wands an 11:11 vibration. Stability is likely your main aim. Perhaps that essence is the basis of your intention setting this week an urge for self made structure. Emotional stability is a probable desire with all the cups in the the reading. Are you planning a future celebration? The Four of Wands can denote marriages, commitments celebrations. It is often seen as the twin flame energy so a soul connection is felt not necessarily relationship wise but also (I sense) relating to your soul path. Get clear about what makes you happy. I’m sure you are on the right path.

The Ten of Cups confirms this is a week where you are getting ready, to put into place, the basis of the ‘checklist’. It is a pinnacle of contentment. A happy family or team. Stable, secure and everything you need. It all starts this week:. Release your worries. Meditate on what brings you peace, security and happiness. Put that into writing. Cleanse your space. Visualise how it feels to have what you want. Take the steps you can and rest, in full knowledge that you can have it all, it’s in you and for you. Enjoy your intention setting it’s time to soothe your soul.

Thank you Readings

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The Week Ahead: 23 -29 January … Go get your dream

Whatever is going on this week deserves to be surrounded in prayer and meditation. Not only will your own world be calmed and soothed but the effects of your own inner peace will be passed on to those around you.

We are in a retrograde planetary phase. Because Venus is the planet in focus at the moment relationships (of all kinds) can be under scrutiny. We may be re-evaluating what’s important to us. Who is important to us and nostalgic thoughts may creep up out of seemingly nowhere. This retrograde phase will end at the end of this week, therefore taking this week to rest and be kind is of absolute value.

The moon reversed will enable us to release our contextual fears. Let them go. Interestingly the Moon card in the Mystic Mondays deck used here shows the waning Gibbous moon that is this week’s moon phase. After a full moon we are called to release. Combining this with the planetary movement you may not be surprised that you are called to open up communication in relationships about the things that have been circulating your mind during Venus retrograde.

I wonder with the Reversed King of Pentacles if there is a realisation that the focus on career or finances hasn’t clouded some of your more intimate needs. I wonder if you won’t come out of this week with a clear intention to build a new emotionally solid future. Of course, you don’t need to be financially poor to be emotionally rich! So I’m not advocating releasing your desires for a secure financial future simply opening up a space to nurture your home life or business relationships.

The Three of Pentacles signifies collaboration, teamwork and synergy. This collaboration in relationships is the cornerstone to the week’s success. It will feel better and as though things are gathering momentum. The Two of Swords shows the need to balance out your wants and needs. I really feel the pull of indecision. Again, draw back on to your intention. What outcome do you want, what do you need? You may have realised (with the Three of Cups appearing) that it’s time for a slightly more relaxed approach. You may also be feeling the ‘should’ pressure from people around you. If there’s a third party which is causing disharmony or placing demands that don’t align with your plan, take a good look at whether this person should be involved in your project or relationship. Do boundaries need to be installed?

The Ace of Wands: Wow! Clarity has arrived from your reflection this week. Your clear focus on what you want and need has illuminated your path. You see the potential of what you desire. This is a sign to chase your dreams . Intuition and instinct lead the way. Your firey passion lights the way and you set in motion the plan you have come up with. No more reflection the two of Wands is the advancement, the first step of that inspirational idea. The earlier stagnation or pause to reflect has been replaced by a willingness to leave your comfort zone. Make your back up plan but go for it.

Grace Duong notes in her deck’s accompanying literature that J.R.R. Tolkien wrote “Not all that wander are lost” but I’m feeling that perhaps this week it may be more apt to say “Not all that wonder are lost” …. Go get you dream!

The Week Ahead: 16-22nd January 2022 – Unfurling!

What’s going on this week? Brian Frouds,’s Faerie Oracle is Sylvanius (The Mask of deception) far from us removing the mask to reveal something less than wonderful, the mask may be hiding your true talents and qualities. Why would we cover up the good parts of ourselves? I fear the answer to that question is larger than the time I have for this post. Vulnerability may well be at the heart of that though this week. The truths revealed today, hidden under the mask, are those that are essential to the creation and maintenance of relationships based on mutual trust, respect and affection. The crux of this week’s reading is that in order to progress something worthwhile, you must be willing to face your fears head on and trust that the person in front of you will return your offering.

9 of Swords this week has you worrying, perhaps needlessly. You may be all in your head about what the future holds for you. In amongst those worries is a ray of light next to the 9 of swords is The Hermit (also a nine) so you are closer than you know to overcoming this mental stress. Ask your inner mentor or guides to show you the brightest light and open your heart to the possibility of your present and future.

Ace of Swords reversed has you over analysing a situation but huge clarity is on the brink and while your decision is still not lit to you, there is certainly a need to be in your integrity and speak your truth if not out loud then certainly to yourself.

The Lovers reversed confirms a decision is not yet made. You are afraid of losing yourself in a relationship or situation. Open your heart and trust yourself not to give too much where unwarranted. Balance the openess with judgement and you will feel whether you are getting equal reciprocity. Just don’t allow those fearful thoughts to falsely predict the outcome.

With three major arcana this week the process you are going through is determining your foundation. You know what you want. Take off the mask of protection and acknowledge what it is you desire. Is it reflected back to you? Are you staying in your comfort zone rather than stretching yourself towards your better self, towards the fulfilment you really seek? The Two of Swords has you planning that future and activating your true potential. And yes, it can be scary. The Two of pentacles will have you feeling discomfort as you move away from the gilded cage you have built. There really is something better for you. Pushing those boundaries on your comfort zone has you ready for the new adventure. You’re not quite there you need to activate your inner Emperor, release your desire for complete control. Lower your defenses. Be confident in your own evolution, be compassionate and generous and harmony and balance will be with you. Be kind to yourself this week wee one you are unfurling, unmasking.

The Week Ahead: 9-16 January 2022. Hearts were made for happiness.

Hilarion is the light worker for divine healing. It is said that he went on a retreat and while away his parents both died. He left his inheritance to his brothers and the retreat and spent his following days committed to the healing of others.

This week find your own retreat in order to restore yourself. Whenever, I see this card because of the similarity of Hilarion and the word hilarious, I often think of the connection of laughter and the power of healing. This spread has two ‘2’s’ signifying choices we make and potential links to soul tied friendships/relationships. The Tower reversed starts the reading. Something significant had passed. Fireworks were felt, chaos may have unraveled in the past, the table cloth was pulled from under the tea set! But “Tadah!” We made it! All that commotion has left us with a fresh table ready for a new better tea party! We are now ready to start a new chapter with Temperance. Everything is alchemically blending to create that magical mushroom of possibility all we need to do is choose which part to bite.

King of Wands reversed possibly has you a little reluctant to make that decision. What if I make the wrong choice? What if I disrupt my equilibrium? What if? What if? What if? What if I were to make no decision and all the possibility of the future hangs in limbo. Of course, no decision is still a decision but without the passion and fire of this King upright. Anyway, I don’t think it much mattered both bites led to adventure.

In the end a great friendship or relationship is beside you or within your grasp. In this Two of Cups the Hatter and the Hare have been quibbling but their relationship is made to stand the test of time. It’s a divine union, formed and progressed in divine timing. No one knows how they met, but the magic was there from the beginning. As always the two of cups denoted the powerful potential of such a union but the players need to willingly participate. This card is that time you meet and ‘click’ with someone…. If it’s not another person this week you’ll be engaged with something that interests you, whatever the case, it’s worth another look. But I do declare this is more potent than that!

With the Hierophant reversed you could be stepping outside of your usual routine and thought processes. Perhaps you are stepping outside of a structure or taking a break, thinking outside of the box, maybe with a touch of rebellion? Feels good doesn’t it to shake up the dust and find your own way? To identify what really matters to your core. In reference to the two of cups earlier, perhaps something about your friendship is outside of the ‘norm’ (you know that here we don’t do ‘norms’ well anyway. But there may be a perceived difference an age gap, a cultural difference, same sex, racial difference… Anything that some like to hold up to the magnifying glass, but those peering through the magnifying glass aren’t the same people that saw the bonds built on that first meeting and they certainly weren’t the ones who felt them. Structures and systems were made for other people’s benefit. You have another choice to make this week.; To listen to where you find your own peace or listen to where others think you’ll find it.

Two of wands has you ready to take action. To choose which chess piece to move. I sense you’re ready. You can of course, flail around mentally paralysed about making the wrong move …. Or …. You can jump in. Win or loose at least you will have had the joy of participation. In reality there is no right or wrong choices. But, just like Alice here, you are poised perfectly between the two wands in perfect balance of innocence and desire as indicated by the white Lillies and red roses. After that intial pause, intuition will kick in and you will instinctively know what’s right for you.

And what is right for you? The Three of Swords reversed reveals once you’ve swept away the debris of others opinions and that shattered pieces of that glass heart, you find that your heart had in fact healed, quietly by itself, you just didn’t dare believe it. Painful truths have been learned and guess what?! You are ready to reclaim that succulent bit of sweetness into your life. You’re a human! Your spirit will thank you for this leap of faith. You will be rewarded with loyalty and love. You’ve gently removed those swords and now they open up a place for something so much more satisfying. Hearts were made to hold happiness and that’s the promise of this week.