The Week Ahead: 4-9th September 2922 – Luck Luck Luck

Woohooo!!! Well I’m not telling you to bet all on red but this week speaks of luck. The central energy is specific but also we have the wheel of fortune so something is going on. Opportunities are at the hearth, an upturn of luck or just a general feel good factor. I’m liking this a lot!

#Nineofpentacles #thehermit #theemporerreversed #thewheeloffortune This week you may feel like you have a lot going for you. There’s a choice about how you enjoy your lifestyle. There’s a gratitude with what you have accomplished a feeling of success. If there’s something you don’t have then it will be like water off a duck’s back. You certainly won’t be dwelling on it. Far from it in fact, the lack may be the root of aspirations but it’s not tainting what you have. The Virgo energy of The Hermit has you contemplating and enjoying the things you’ve achieved all by your little old self! Some of you may have broken free from an overpowering boss and stepped out into the world of contracting or freelance. Maybe you have or about to separate from a domineering partner.. What a sense of relief this is providing. Not just relief … Freedom or imminent freedom … An energy of a whole new beginning. The wheel of fortune has spun and surprisingly in this tumultuous time, I have a feeling you may be doing or about to do surprisingly well for yourself. I say surprisingly but we all know this is not exactly an accident. Even if something appears to be ‘lucky’ you actually did something to get there. Even if you win BIG on the lottery you took the chance and bought the ticket.

#highpriestessreversed #sevenofpentacles #thedevil I feel like a part of your intuition had been supressed and now at last it’s burst out and you realise that you did know all along this was going to or meant to happen. Those seven pentacles were planted and I feel that more are soon to be planted. An old dream resurrected. An investment completed. A love rekindled. The devil here, is in the detail. This week you catch sight of the wheel of fortune turning… You timingly leap to catch the good fortune… And with the opportunity at hand you become just a little obsessed with the outcome… And looking at these cards I can absolutely understand why! This is a special dream and the puzzle pieces are falling into place … Horah …I hear you quietly say it’s my Lucky, lucky week! 🍀

September 2022 – The month Ahead –

Hmmm, as I glanced across this spread I took a sharp intake of air! A gloomy feeling came over me but as I dug deeper, I realised I could choose how to interpret this message, just as you will too! The oracle message from the universe has your back deck states ‘I witness the darkness and call on the light with my prayer: Thank you Universe for guilding me to perceive this fear through the eyes of the teachers of love’

What may represent your life so far? #judgement #nineofcups #sixofpentacles #knightofwands asks you to consider your next move. What is required to have you feeling the light-headedness of a child at play? Will you be frivellous with your wishes? Wish fulfilment is close, and while we’re looking for a childlike carefree energy, we aren’t looking for fleeting happiness, more the kind that reverberates day after day after day. All the elements are coming together and your intuition knows what’s for your highest good. The Knight of Wands is fearless in his pursuit of his idea of adventure. So what if there’s a little trouble or difficulty, he will revel in telling the tale about how his plan came together against the odds.

The centre of this reading is why I took a sharp breath! Something has occurred, a sense of failure, a loss. Stop prodding the wound it’s hard to tell how long this heartache will continue but this battle is over and it’s hard to tell if the conflict is all in your mind now or just healthy competition. #tenofswords #nineofswords #threeofswords #fiveofwands take the root of any darkness and transmute it to light. I know you can.

#kingofcups #fourofwands #themoon #fiveofpentacles There’s a need to take stock of your emotions regardless of what’s going on. Centre yourself. Find a piece of peace within. Beware of putting on a fake smile, be authentic with your feelings. Don’t feel obliged to join in with what others perceive as fun! Stay true to your own version of what the warm sun feels like. You choose to dance in the shadow or the sun. While the sun may be currently out of sight, soon enough the moon moves aside and we feel the sun’s warmth again. Just know that though this month could have a coldish energy help is at hand. It may be from outside of ourselves or it may be far closer than we realise. Trust in you. You are the true source of love and you have the power to restore yourself to a lighter energy and dance tiptoeing in and out of shadows.

The Week Ahead: 28 August – 3 September 2022 -Eye on the Prize -Purposeful intentions

This week is one to watch the tact of your words. It’s important to speak and communicate clearly while being aware of the impact of those that hear those words!

#twoofcups #tenofwandsreversed #wheeloffortune Partnerships, be they romantic, friendship or work related are likely to be at the forefront of this weeks importance. Over the past few weeks events external to our control may have us feeling a little on edge. This is great time to take stock of responsibilities. Releasing things that no longer benefit our life or career plan. Look at ways to cut back excess in day to day living. Remove passivity from the equation. Just because you can’t control ‘everything’ doesn’t mean you should relinquish leadership of your own life.

#threeofpentacles #fourofswords #Chariotreversed #kingofwands The ideas you have had are the foundation. Those partnerships you’ve made are forming the basis of success. Even where there’s some form of opposition or different thinking (within yourself or from others) you’ll find there’s a way to communicate effectively and through this, the merging of skill sets will bloom into a beautiful project. Your team, family, friendships will have a common goal and together you are making something so much better.

There is a need to also pause. A kind of active pause. Freeing up space to connect with all parties. Freeing up space to check in with your intuition and freeing up space to course correct if necessary. Where a clash of viewpoint is evident, refer back to point one and use tact. Remember it’s hard to un-say things and what may feel opposing could, in fact, be a gem of knowledge that used in the right place may make all the difference and provide a sparkling solution.

#Thekingofwands resides over the end of the week. This energy enables you to embody real visionary leadership. Pull together, all the aspects, talents, and energy from those involved. Take charge when required, while listening and allowing others to lead where they have greater expertise. The King of Wands in an enabler, one of his specialities is empowering others to achieve. You are likely to find that those around you will be inspired but also inspiring and as a whole will find you energise each other.

This week you are called to clarify purposeful goals with tact and democracy. Set clear intentions. Be creative with the knowledge and skills of those around you. Above all stay focused on the end result. I sense a lot of satisfaction coming!

21-26 August: The Week Ahead –

The vibe in this week’s reading is all about your choice of how you view the world. Archangel Zadkiel assists us with opening our minds to all possibilities and the interconnectedness of our own learning and sharing that experience.

#nineofcupsreversed #pageofcups #aceofpentaclesreversed Sometimes we zoom on in our own sense of independence. Happy with what we’ve achieved and comfortable with all we have, and very nice that is too! This week you could find yourself just a little more willing to stretch that comfort zone as you become curious about the workings of the environment beyond you everyday reach. You may have an inkling that you haven’t quite reached your full potential. You felt so close, and of course you were. Gratitude tells us to be happy and give thanks for what we have, but there is a stiring in you once more. Is this it? Am I truly contented. Am I even meant to be contented?

#twoofswords #sevenofcupsreversed #fiveofwands This could catch you by surprise after all isn’t it good to feel like you’re almost done. Then ‘ka..bOOsh’ in a child like way your mind unravels to a whirlwind of “What if I do this? What if I do that?!”

And what if? As with last week’s energy options are always plentiful but not all will be deeply satisfying. You have the ability to expand. To change course. To stay put.

Why not stay put after all here is where you wanted to be, but I suspect something has opened your mind to a new viewpoint. This week you may have learned something that spun your perspective. It’s a valuable point of view which will have you re-evaluating and sharing. So stay put in your kingdom of comfort if you wish … but then again I feel that that comfort is loosing it’s shine. Time to play curious soul…time to play, you’re upping your game!

The week ahead: 14-20 August 2022 – Glorious sensuality – *Fertility trigger warning*

A glorious sensuality envelopes this week. The Celtic Stag god’s virile energy urges us to get in touch with the sexual aspect of ourselves. Passions of all kinds are erupting. Zinga zing Zah!

This Earthy energy gives a sense of grounded-ness to our desires. Providing a sense of security to those desires that may otherwise have our nerves on edge #Thefool ensures we are trusting the path ahead and luxuriating in deeply satisfying experiences. #6ofpentacles #Threeofswordsreversed #Empressreversed

The vibe is full of reciprocity and healing in fact. Perhaps, you didn’t even know there was any healing left to do. Sharing, and delighting in a nature centred week has the most beautiful feeling.

With the cards before me I can’t help but note, that if fertility, has not yielded the results you’ve hoped for, natural remedies and organic food items are highly recommended, and releasing the focus on an outcome (far easier said than done) will be beneficial. The Empress reversed may signify some issues but glimpsing at the cards in front of us we see their is cause to celebrate.

This celebration could be conception. Equally, it could the forgiveness provided to yourself. Flow with your bodies energy without the mental shackles. There is a beautiful Ace within this spread signifying abundance, next to a beautiful 3 of cups showing a celebration or gathering of like-minded souls. If you are experiencing pain or lack, I hope this week will enable you to nestle in the love available to you elsewhere. Say yes to receiving love. Say yes to being grateful for what is now and present. Say yes to a world of possibilities because that seven of cups shows choice. While options may be plentiful not all will be emotionally fulfilling. As you tune into your sensual self it will become clear exactly which option suits you best.

This week’s energy has a hint of sadness and lost hope, but it is wrapped with much passion and healing so trust that all that’s been (up until now) is simply the preparation for what’s to come. Love & blessings.

The week ahead: 7-13 August 2022 -After a period of social retreat true yoga

This week you may be more aware of the the expansion of your spiritual consciousness.  This is a time to feel at one with the world.  Babaji assist with this sense of union (yoga) in more than the physical sense.

This heightened sense of oneness could have you racing towards your ambitions.  Or…. Your ambitions may be more ethereal than physical but either way it should be a beautiful feeling made extra special by the emergence from social seclusion. Maybe you’ve felt like things weren’t happening quick enough but as often is the case all the work had been happening beneath the surface!

This emergence will have you feeling emotionally in tune. Gratitude will be abundant. You pwill feel a sense of achievement and progression. There’s also a feeling of choice. You are choosing your own life. Now all you need to do is relinquish the past and move proudly forward.

The Month Ahead: August 2022 In your Empress energy

The first two cards of this reading were the same as the weekly #thefoolreversed #Queenofpentaclesreversed We also have death reversed and the Empress: You are resisting the demands of others if they aren’t inline with your overall Vision Often resistance to change is seen as a bad thing but in this case it feels more like a commitment to your chosen path. It feels like others wish to sway you this or that way but for no specific reason or for their own benefit. You are the embodiment of Empress. You’re the person who is in her power and creates her own environment. Archetypical feminine power, home maker, nurturer and connected to the natural world. Family and friends who feel like family will be special this month as will lots of outdoor activities. You will be able to weave all threads of life together and behold a feeling of abundance.

#kingofpentacles #judgement #kingofcups #sevenofswords Two reversed kings sit either side of Judgement and this looks like you won’t be tolerating anything or anyone that is outside of your energetic level. People around you will need to level up and be acting with the best of intentions. They need to be using their resources well and in control of their emotions. It’s unlikely they will approach you any other way as you are exuding Empress vibes. Just be aware they may attempt to hide their true self in order to impress you, sensing that you won’t accept less. If that’s the case something will be off and your Spidey senses with catch them out!

#pageofcuosreversed #Eightofswords #Magician #AceofCups You aren’t willing to tolerate unwanted surprises at this time so are strategic with your own emotions giving to only those who are coming in with equally genuine energy. Towards the end of the month you may feel some resistance again to others imposing their views or demands on you. It’s like you feel the manipulation and it doesn’t sit well. Be as straight forward as you can and, in that Empress mode again, hold people accountable for their actions. Thank them for their opinions but remind them you know what’s best for you and your loved ones at this time. You are rewarded to your commitment with the Ace of Cups. That overflow of abundant good feelings. A beautiful home life. Lovingly guiding and lovingly providing in a way that supports your own ideal. Horah! You’ve successfully navigated through August like a pro!

Weekly Tarot 31 July – 6 August 2022 – Unfulfilled potential and looming prosperity

Don’t be surprised if this week everything feels a little topsy turvy! A bunch of reversals, the only Tarot upright is Judgement, so we can be sure that in fact it’s just out perception that things are muddled. We have double oracle’s again this week both angel cards. Behind the scenes archangels Ariel and Jeremiel reassure you that you’ve done the work. Perhaps you just have residual feelings left over from your efforts but as with the new moon reading (Leo) there also is unfulfilled potential under the surface but not all of it requires physical effort. Stay connected with yourself to ensure your material and emotional dreams and needs are manifested into reality. Sometimes the key ingredient is the waiting! The period of suspension is key, like the time reading a book while a cake bakes!

This reading suggests you have passed through a disruptive and chaotic time #thetower. This could have been long-standing over months or years. You may have come across a series of upheavals. Perhaps these upheavals meant you diverted your attention or lost faith in something or someone dear to your heart. But as ever, life can be re-set #6ofcupsreversed. #judgement is ensuring that life is and will continue to get back on track. The key points to this, though are the correct mindset, the continued long term vision, and a small change of perspective.

#queenofpentaclesreversed #pageofswordsreversed #knightofpentacles reversed The queen of pentacles reversed advises that you may need to take some time to see how things really are. Don’t be swayed by the ideas of other and their version of how you should live. Abundance is all about what fills your heart up and how your life is provided for, it is not the skeleton bones of materialism. You know the difference. When you sit within your own kingdom surrounded by the fruits grown with patience. Loved by the people worth being loved by, and enjoying the moment for what it is, you know that this is the best for you. That’s not to say you can’t aspire to more, just that the appreciation for the moment is invaluable this week. So whatever you’re doing this week ensure your perspective is accurate. Trust in the glow you get inwardly and take note of what creates your inner smile.

#Thefoolreversed lets me know that this is what you are finding most difficult: Have faith, that you can enjoy simple pleasure without it derailing your goals. I feel one of my favourite sayings is fitting for this reading – ‘There is only one success, being able to live your life your own way’

Whether you’re male or female The Queen of Pentacles has a tendency to over provide, she’s an over achiever. She sometimes forgets to pause and see how far she’s come. Stop cracking that whip on yourself…. Breathe in all is well this Leo Season!

The week ahead 24- 30th July : In preparation for enhancing your personal world

I’m using the deck I first purchased many decades ago aged 11 years 😊 I’ve forgotten its name but if anyone recognises it I’d love to know! Perhaps this is an indication of a nostalgic childhood type of dream.

This week’s Oracle cards are from #Katrina-Jane and #TheRomanceAngels – Take some personal space to focus on your inner needs. Are you looking after yourself and reinforcing/building your own #selfesteem. Spending a bit of extra time on #personaldevelopment will increase your own respect for yourself. This will (as a by product) make you more respected by others and a little more attractive.

There is something you are seeking, and you are prepared to go and look for it! #8ofCups (coffins in this deck) is a quest to find the missing element in your life. The fact I was compelled to use two oracle decks today (the second being romance angels) and that the next card it is the 9 of reels #9ofpentacles makes me feel that this missing element is relationship based. It seems you have been busy building your own security. You may well be feeling a sense of satisfaction with your attainment. And then, as if waking from a dream you look around and realise perhaps you have neglected to tend to those relationships that bring a bit of extra quality to your life.

We then get three reversals. #kingofwandsreversed #8ofwandsreversed #6ofwandsreversed (pens in this deck) Three wands in reverse? Hmmm passion and action are not forthcoming. See?! You’ve overlooked this element. Sometimes it’s completely necessary, and we get used to function as a lone lighthouse. But is this week as colourful as you’d like? Do your relationships match your material success? Have you deliberately held off taking action in your love life or kept people at arm’s length? When did you last interact in a truly meaningful open way. It’s uncomfortable if you haven’t been vulnerable for a while, which is why I think that your meditations this week may benefit you from being about un-peeling your inner self on a personal level. It’s been your choice to be single or independent and that’s absolutely fine. It’s good to be alone and understand ourselves better . It’s also good to be able to form partnerships as they bring an added dynamic and opportunity for growth. This reading, suggests there’s just a little more flavour to be added by considering your options and being open to more.

When the #nineofcups (coffins in this deck) closes this reading, I see you would benefit from a little indulgence. Connect to your emotions. Romance yourself. Join social events. Share food, wine and general feel the luxury of life in preparation for the prospect of an equally beautiful human to enhance your world. They’re out there preparing for theirs too! Go ahead make time to glow!

Weekly Tarot: 17 – 23 July 2022 – Pursuing your dream with a touch of rebellion

All about you, you may see and hear signs this week! The ‘quickening’ is the quiet excitement when you ‘just know’ everything is coming together. Perhaps there’s actually no physical sign of it but you feel it in your bones and have a sense of security in its welcome arrival.

#pageofpentaclesreversed #theworld #fourofpentaclesreversed #theheirophantreversed The quickening serves as fuel to your passion, which in turn, adds encouragement to take more steps daily to get closer to you vision. You may whirl around consumed by your own enthusiasm, so ensure to rest when possible and make sure you have the energy to go the distance. Don’t worry, stopping to appreciate all you have achieved won’t stall progress. That long term vision may well be materialising this week. The World promises unity and acceptance of yourself. A brand new beginning, perhaps physically but also potentially entirely based on how you now feel. This way of being will have you prioritising your happiness and enjoyment over pure money-making it could even be, that whatever stirs your passion, is creating a healthy income and how fabulous is that? Doing what brings you joy and filling the piggy bank! So break free from traditional ways of thinking. Jump out that box. Some people may caution your apparent cavalier approach, they may warn you off. This, however, is burning and you will rightly choose your own way.

#queenofswords #fourofcups #knightofcups Should anyone question your new way of being or your new venture, you will be quick to tell them in a clear concise manner, your opinion. Perhaps they’ll consider you a little blunt but you will of course be absolutely accurate with your judgement. As the week ends, you may be willing things to hurry along, please pause…. The Knight of Swords could have you wanting to cut corners to achieve your vision, don’t sabotage the long term. You have the will to succeed and succeed you will! Keep the quality of your work and enjoy this delightful journey in a little less hurry.