Can you really use Tarot on a time limit?

For a long time, I thought I had to set aside some time to be spiritual. So I’d tidy my space, Sage the house, lay out the crystals and light a candle as though nothing would work if I didn’t follow this system.

Now, there’s a place for rituals, and I personally do still do this at times of stress or before a client’s reading it’s part of my prep. But what happens when life happens?

Most of us are squeezing in essential tasks, and even though I do consider daily Tarot as essential in my world, it’s the sort of thing that can get pushed aside like any other self-care habit.

I noticed one time, a few years ago, that life had got busy busy I was working long hours and among other things I loved, I had stopped making time to read Tarot on a regular basis and not just for me, for others too. In part that was due to me believing I had to go through the whole ‘Zen’ steps before I could do my thing!

I had a choice. Drop something I loved and benefited from or find another way. Now I didn’t have much hope it would work. After all, you may already know how I like to give real time to a reading. I still do for my professional readings. What about your own tarot readings though? Those little rituals are pretty compelling (part of the reason they do work).

Can you really use Tarot effectively when you are crazy busy or with chaos all around?

Here’s what I found:

Like anything it’s a mindset. Change your mind set to achieve your goal. Here are my top 6 tips for Tarot on a time limit:

  1. Know where to find your deck. Obvious, but whether you have one pack of Tarot or Oracle cards or (ahem) more than you are comfortable talking about. Organise them with your other Tarot tools. This can be as simple as drawer, shelf or as creative as an elaborately decorated box that you’ve decorated yourself. I’m not good at organisation but my cards do have a home on a dresser on our kitchen. I also use little drawstring backs to decant decks that have no decent packaging. They sit next to my crystals, wands and stones. This means they are readily available in the most used room in the house. Exactly when I need them!

    2) Reduce ritual. As I said, ritual had its place and there’s a time for a drawn out cleansing process. I have a short protection prayer that I say while I’m shuffling and I do this 3 times. This satisfies my Tarot OCD. It’s quick and effective. You have to shuffle anyway so say your prayers or affirmation while doing that.

3) Use a quick spread. Yeah, yeah I know I don’t like them but they have their place and Tarot on a Time limit is one of those occasions. 1, 2 or 3 card spreads are the best for these. I have some examples in one of my forthcoming posts.

4) Be clear. In general you should always have a question in mind when you consult Tarot or Oracle. Knowing what you want to (er) know will ensure you get a clearer answer…. UNLESS…..

5) Divination. You want to use divination for a quick message to ponder or meditate on throughout the day (more on this in another post). To use divination grab your trusty deck of cards (some people use standard playing cards) shuffle asking what you need to know. draw out intuitively or pick one that ‘pops’…. There’s your answer.

6) Keep a mini deck with you. In your car. Handbag. Office. Ideal for taking a tea break and they don’t take up any room.

So there you have it. Not inventing the Wheel of Fortune, just making sure you know being busy shouldn’t stop you connecting with your Tarot deck. What are your favourite ways to make time?


Rachelle Harris-Milham is a Mother, Grandma, Daughter, Sister, Aunt, Niece and Cousin she is an artist and writer that loves to read Tarot @t4tarot

Why I don’t give free personal readings.

Whenever you do Tarot Readings someone always says ” Oh can you just do my cards quickly!” And there’s a temptation because I love nothing better than whipping out my cards and delivering a bit of much needed advice. But here’s why I try not to do this.

It’s never really quick. Not with me anyway. I want to delve right in and get to the bottom of the issue. Even if the person asking just wants a quick answer (and it often doesn’t work out that way) I actually, don’t enjoy that style of reading .

I always feel like I owe someone a worthy answer. Then I like to explain why a certain combination of cards means something that may be at odds to a traditional meaning. Perhaps they don’t care? But I do, and in the end I think they do too.

For a reader preparation can also make a difference. I like to be in the right frame of mind and have some time before to focus on the person asking the question. That equates to a better outcome for the enquirer too.

Mostly though I feel quick readings devalue the experience you should get and free personal readings devalue my service.

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Rachelle Harris-Milham is a Mother, Grandma, Daughter, Sister, Aunt, Niece and Cousin she is an artist and writer that loves to read Tarot @t4tarot

Tarot for children and teens: Should they? What will people think? What Cards and spreads are ideal for children …

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Made by a Master wand maker

We’re not a ‘normal’ family.  Our household consists of me, two small people and a couple of poodles. 

Aside of the usual relational permeations, I am the mother of four adult daughters and the grandma of (at the time of writing) 6.25 grandchildren.

Two of those grandchildren are the small people that form our household. It’s confusing, life’s confusing but we do our best.  So when your 6 year old comes running out of the school gates waving a stick with bits of string attached to it, showing you this magnificent thing she’s made, it is sensible to pause (once you have acknowledged the beautiful crafting of course). 

It looks like a wand to me, a lovely twig-like rustic wand but then I would think that (wouldn’t I?).  I’ve made those kind of mistakes before and I’m not sure  the outburst of said child,  if I incorrectly identify a piece of art, is something I can deal with particularly well on a rainy, Thursday afternoon, so I tactfully ask her to tell me about her work. 

Upon further enquiry, she proudly announces it is actually, a wand!

Not any old wand a magic one to which her 3 year old brother exclaims ” Just like Grandma witches wand!” Now I’ve never heard myself described that way but if the hat fits….

Suddenly, the rain disappears, and there is no doubt that that wand,is, absolutely magical. For Reeal!

A little more post school chit chat occurred and I was sort of relieved to discover that it wasn’t just my child that had decided to make a wand that day, because despite the integration of all things mystical in our daily lives behind closed doors and my usual state of openness about such things (see the internal conflict) I am aware that not everyone ‘believes’ and yes, even Tarot ladies sometimes fear being judged!   

Thankfully, it was the whole class making wands that afternoon, not that the small girl remembered the reason for doing so, she was just extremely delighted to be the proud new owner of her own manifestation tool. The good news is we won’t be burnt at the stake this week at least not by the school community! 

The episode got my curiosity cells moving and for one moment I dipped into a conventional belief as to whether  things that can be considered even vaguely occultish,  should be around children unless depicted in a Harry Potter kind of Way.  I wavered back and forth in momentarily paralysis.   Certainly, there are many adults who hold strong opinions that Tarot and it’s paraphernalia, is frightening or evil and not to be messed with even by grown ups let alone small people.  

I sat with that thought for a minute and then waved my magical wand and ‘swooshed’ that thought right away.

I was not brought up around tarot, as far as I know no one in my family had been interested in it, not then. There weren’t any strong views either way but I remembered I  felt a nervousness about expressing an interest in the mystical cards.  A friend’s parents had been quite negative on the subject but overall,  I more than likely, was secretive about it, without due cause.  

At the approximate age of 11 with full intent (origin unknown) I purposefully walked into a small shop and bought two items; a book of Marilyn Monroe photographs and my first pack of Tarot cards (what a combination you may think,  but  you could buy cigarettes in those days so it could have been worse).

That first deck, with its skulls and skeletons,  morbidly named the tarot of the dead sparked off my love affair with Tarot, I still have it but don’t use it often. It wasn’t until my thirties that I started to really be able to use Tarot effectively (and I’ve written about that here). Nonetheless, my point is the seedling began in my youth.

My own children were interested, but I guess their experience was limited to my own learning. As they became teens, in usual teenage style they would pull out the cards or one of their friends would ask about their romantic life.  A small circle would form and that would keep them occupied for a short while.  There was a lot of seriousness. Teenagers have a LOT of questions but they don’t always want to openly ask them. This is where a deck of Oracle or Tarot cards can be useful to empower them to seek their own answers and reflect. It can bring them a sense of control over their destiny.

Once there was a limited choice. I think that’s how I ended up with a deck that looked like the graveyard had been raided! Nowadays, there are so many beautiful decks of oracle and tarot cards that are wonderful for younger children to explore with you and a whole range of decks ideal for teenagers that they can retire to their den and contemplate in full Hermit mode!

Simple three card layouts work well with teenagers.  They often hold that ‘fortune teller’ type of image and want to know all the answers to their questions.  They want that certainty. That security.  To know for sure.  They can use a book as a reference if that helps and many decks have their own booklet included.  For them to truly gain value from tarot so that it’s not a gimmick or party trick (not that I don’t love a good party trick, I really do). But for them to gain trust and be able to use Tarot effectively, I would recommend combining oracle cards with affirmations that help increase confidence along side either a traditional Rider Waite deck perhaps one with the brightly coloured illustrations. I will be reviewing decks for children and teens in separate posts.

Another useful tool to use is journaling their thoughts and emotions
along with the cards they pulled can help them tap into their higher power and soon they will see how an accurate picture can be built through combining tarot and oracle.

For younger children, it is only likely that they will know about Tarot if you use cards at home or they have a their own “Witch relative/friend”.  

I use cards daily, they are a familiar sight in our kitchen.  The children know I work with them but despite spirituality being an integral part of my day, as with all aspects of life, I prefer for any learning to be led by the child’s genuine interest.

Young children love to pick up Tarot cards and touch them but, if you’re anything like me you may feel a bit funny about them having your favourites. I’ve had a least two decks destroyed by inquisitive toddlers so be warned. Perhaps anticipate their interest and buy them their own, that way they can do their own spreads alongside yours.

Being naturally curious, children ask questions.  I tell them the cards are stories and the images give us clues to what is happening.  That’s sufficient for them to be able to intuitively connect. Mostly my children enjoy laying the cards in spreads and telling me what’s going on and let me tell you it’s fantastical!  

So should your offspring freak you out and declare they want to learn to read Tarot don’t despair they aren’t likely to be dragged into the depths of a fiery pit.  They are more than likely going to learn to use a tool that helps them trust their intuition which may be useful throughout their life when they need to check in …. Or wait! Maybe just maybe it will help them incorporate just a dash of magic in their everyday life!

Rachelle Harris-Milham is a Mother, Grandma, daughter, sister, aunt, cousin and friend. 
She reads tarot, writes and creates art

You can contact her here at

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THE WEEK AHEAD: 17-23 January 2021 An abundance of creativity and inspiration!

The week ahead! Wow! The Magi and The magician. Clearly we are still in the new moons energy. This reading is all about your new ideas, creativity and being inspired to put them into action!

The Magi from Threads of fate Lumen edition Oracle

The overall weeks energy is The Magi, the power to see the bigger picture. This may irritate some people who are unable to see the different routes available to them. Becareful not to be too egotistcal or belittle those who don’t have this vision. If it’s you that feels belittled consider that someone may be just a bit over bearing with well meaning advice.

During the first half of the week The Magician appears doubling up on energy of The Magi. If you are starting a new creative endeavour you will be having an abundance of ideas. The Ace of swords is a signal that this is a brand new thought process. An ‘Aha’ moment may occur or you may find you are just becoming clearer or your creativity is gelling in a way that it hasn’t really done before. You will be thinking about if and how you can put these thoughts into action.

Mid week you may feel excited about your ideas or the project you are planning. It could be that the page of cups brings a surprise or an offer in relation to this. This will assist your creativity. Queen of Cups energy is flowing and intuition is on point.

Towards the end of the week The Knight of Wands ensures you are fully motivated to start putting these thoughts into practice and launch an action plan. Your confidence and ambition is going to make this happen!

Over the weekend the four of wands indicates you may be concerned about any resources that could be required, you will certainly be urged to be use your funds wisely but this does not mean holding onto to your money unnecessarily.  If you need to release some funds look at where and how it’s best used. 

The seven if wands ends the week in a recap and considering the options before you .  There seem to be many use this time to evaluate properly to see what’s involved with each choice.

Sounds like a proactive and inspired week. Love this reading. Let me know how the week works out for you!

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How to use Two card readings for a short consice answer.

Sometimes I want a quick confirmation about what I’m doing and and double card reading will be useful. I personally prefer using two cards (instead of one) for just a bit of extra info.

Pick a traditional based tarot deck or one with simple illustrations.

One of my favourite decks for my own personal clarifiers and also business readings is this mini deck Everyday Tarot by Brigit Esselmonte.

The question I had was: Was I following the right direction with my new venture and would it be well received?

Instant response is “without a doubt”

I was pretty happy with those two cards.

If that was your question you would apply your own interpretation. But here’s mine.

The Chariot summed up the energy, and willpower that has been applied. Success is likely and obstacles and opposition will be worked through with success. This major arcana also gives a hint that it is unlikely to be instant success more likely over the longer term so be prepared to commit if that what you want. The Good news is it will likely feel like you are getting a bit of Divine assistance.

Six of Wands indicates your success with be recognised and supported. You have good reason to feel proud of your achievements. This venture will leave you feeling more confident and successful.


Rachelle Harris-Milham is a mother, grandma, daughter, sister, aunt, cousin and friend. 
Among other things she reads Tarot, writes & creates art

You can contact her here