The Month Ahead: November 2022 ..Hey you calm down…. Indulge in the simple life.

Is it because of the clock change or the season? There’s a lot of reversals in November’s reading. Whenever this happens I feel the few uprights have greater significance. I love to have a positive slant on a read no matter how it comes out but in the end you have to read the energy and interpret it.

Hibernation springs to mind. Maybe this is what you want to do. Perhaps you’re in need of a good rest. Is there family or business friction? Are you recovering from a sense of betrayal? Do you feel discombobulated and without the energy for a plan?

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Maybe you’ve separated yourself from others to gain some clarity of thought or energy. Certainly some time in a peaceful environment would help. The Queen of cups is able to gather herself. She is apt at tuning herself in and out of all that is going on. Maybe you are too it just feels as though there is overwhelming events and this month perhaps your usual competitive fire is dwindling. Don’t worry, listen to what you need. If you’re like me and you chastise yourself for resting then stop. Make a little cosy retreat and a trip down memory lane to happy, stress free times. Print out happy photographic memories, make a photo wall, perhaps create photographic gifts in preparation for the festive season.

The Fool encourages you to have faith and know that all is working towards a joined up future. If you long for simpler times, go ahead give yourself permission to temporarily or maybe permanently reduce things that bring complexity to your life. Connect back to things that brought you joy as a child.

The King of Cups is the Queen of Cup’s mirror image in this reading, highlighting this sense of emotional imbalance and that no matter how well you usually juggle things, this month may call you to question your ability to handle life quite as skilfully. The Queens energy is in the upright so tap into the flow of a more nurturing way of being this month. Relax, look around, there are more opportunities to find some solice than may first be apparent. Take an autumnal walk kicking up the leaves. Sit next to a bonfire or pop into a pub and hog the fireside seat. Take a blustery walk on a rugged mountain path and have a wintery picnic of hot chocolate and apple cake. Open that book you meant to read several months ago….. And breathe… Don’t you deserve just a little time to yourself? I think you do go on indulge in the simple things!

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I am a Mother, Grandma, Daughter, Sister, Niece and cousin. I'm an Artist and Tarot reader that writes about Tarot and Oracle. The art and photography featured is usually a creation of mine.

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