25 September -1st October 2022 The WEEK AHEAD: Loving life for what it is

This week could be one to have a quiet celebration #threeofcups indicates good times with friends but with the central theme of peace, it feels more intimate, and cosy. The lovers are close by so partnerships may be blooming or and old flame reappearing with the hanged man in reverse. You or they could have gone full circle. Now, there are decisions to be made. You are wary of your peace being disturbed and quite right too. Not just anyone should be welcomed into your inner circle.

#Death is the end of one period and the emergence of a new, that Knight of Wands is poised, passionate about the action he’s ready to take. Ready to cross from one era to another. Usually the Wands Knight loves a little fan fare announcing his arrival and departure, and while I like to think of him in his more positive image as a go getter, bare in mind he can be a little transient in energy and ready for his next adventure.

The question is, with the Ace of Pentacles reversed is that new stable beginning at hand or is it still under wraps…? I suspect with the death card that whatever has gone before is unlikely to be so again. But that’s the thing with The Knight of Wands he’ll have you believe and in the end you’ll just have to wait and see. Let’s not care about the outcome hey?! Let’s just enjoy the sense of peace and intamacy this week’s reading brings and love life as it is in this moment.

Lovely new Oracle deck by Penny Jones.

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