This week in Tarot 11-17 September 2022

No crying over spilt milk is the phrase that comes to mind! Mistakes happen, that’s inevitable.  It’s how you deal with them that matters.

#aceofcuosreversed #hangedman #thehighpriestess something isn’t offering emotional fulfilment. It’s time you looked at things from a different perspective. By that I mean, real intentional dissecting.  The high priestess will be assisting with not only that thought process but also guiding you via your intuition in the most intriguing way.

#thekingofpentacles #sixofswordsreversed #fourofwandsreversed #theworld It’s as though by following your intuition and viewing from another perspective a shift has changed. You are Bossing up … Taking up the challenge, leading, gathering your resources, being responsible for your own life. The past is drifting away, yes those mistakes rattle you, but you now know they were lessons. Even in the case of the finalisation of a divorce or the calling off of an engagement, when you sit in contemplation, you feel that something was gained. Once you separate what’s gone before, you are faced with the final card. The World. A new journey, an actual new world. There’s a sense of accomplishment and a feeling of completeness… That’s something to feel very good about indeed!

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I am a Mother, Grandma, Daughter, Sister, Niece and cousin. I'm an Artist and Tarot reader that writes about Tarot and Oracle. The art and photography featured is usually a creation of mine.

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