The week ahead: 14-20 August 2022 – Glorious sensuality – *Fertility trigger warning*

A glorious sensuality envelopes this week. The Celtic Stag god’s virile energy urges us to get in touch with the sexual aspect of ourselves. Passions of all kinds are erupting. Zinga zing Zah!

This Earthy energy gives a sense of grounded-ness to our desires. Providing a sense of security to those desires that may otherwise have our nerves on edge #Thefool ensures we are trusting the path ahead and luxuriating in deeply satisfying experiences. #6ofpentacles #Threeofswordsreversed #Empressreversed

The vibe is full of reciprocity and healing in fact. Perhaps, you didn’t even know there was any healing left to do. Sharing, and delighting in a nature centred week has the most beautiful feeling.

With the cards before me I can’t help but note, that if fertility, has not yielded the results you’ve hoped for, natural remedies and organic food items are highly recommended, and releasing the focus on an outcome (far easier said than done) will be beneficial. The Empress reversed may signify some issues but glimpsing at the cards in front of us we see their is cause to celebrate.

This celebration could be conception. Equally, it could the forgiveness provided to yourself. Flow with your bodies energy without the mental shackles. There is a beautiful Ace within this spread signifying abundance, next to a beautiful 3 of cups showing a celebration or gathering of like-minded souls. If you are experiencing pain or lack, I hope this week will enable you to nestle in the love available to you elsewhere. Say yes to receiving love. Say yes to being grateful for what is now and present. Say yes to a world of possibilities because that seven of cups shows choice. While options may be plentiful not all will be emotionally fulfilling. As you tune into your sensual self it will become clear exactly which option suits you best.

This week’s energy has a hint of sadness and lost hope, but it is wrapped with much passion and healing so trust that all that’s been (up until now) is simply the preparation for what’s to come. Love & blessings.

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I am a Mother, Grandma, Daughter, Sister, Niece and cousin. I'm an Artist and Tarot reader that writes about Tarot and Oracle. The art and photography featured is usually a creation of mine.

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