The Month Ahead: August 2022 In your Empress energy

The first two cards of this reading were the same as the weekly #thefoolreversed #Queenofpentaclesreversed We also have death reversed and the Empress: You are resisting the demands of others if they aren’t inline with your overall Vision Often resistance to change is seen as a bad thing but in this case it feels more like a commitment to your chosen path. It feels like others wish to sway you this or that way but for no specific reason or for their own benefit. You are the embodiment of Empress. You’re the person who is in her power and creates her own environment. Archetypical feminine power, home maker, nurturer and connected to the natural world. Family and friends who feel like family will be special this month as will lots of outdoor activities. You will be able to weave all threads of life together and behold a feeling of abundance.

#kingofpentacles #judgement #kingofcups #sevenofswords Two reversed kings sit either side of Judgement and this looks like you won’t be tolerating anything or anyone that is outside of your energetic level. People around you will need to level up and be acting with the best of intentions. They need to be using their resources well and in control of their emotions. It’s unlikely they will approach you any other way as you are exuding Empress vibes. Just be aware they may attempt to hide their true self in order to impress you, sensing that you won’t accept less. If that’s the case something will be off and your Spidey senses with catch them out!

#pageofcuosreversed #Eightofswords #Magician #AceofCups You aren’t willing to tolerate unwanted surprises at this time so are strategic with your own emotions giving to only those who are coming in with equally genuine energy. Towards the end of the month you may feel some resistance again to others imposing their views or demands on you. It’s like you feel the manipulation and it doesn’t sit well. Be as straight forward as you can and, in that Empress mode again, hold people accountable for their actions. Thank them for their opinions but remind them you know what’s best for you and your loved ones at this time. You are rewarded to your commitment with the Ace of Cups. That overflow of abundant good feelings. A beautiful home life. Lovingly guiding and lovingly providing in a way that supports your own ideal. Horah! You’ve successfully navigated through August like a pro!

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