The week ahead 24- 30th July : In preparation for enhancing your personal world

I’m using the deck I first purchased many decades ago aged 11 years 😊 I’ve forgotten its name but if anyone recognises it I’d love to know! Perhaps this is an indication of a nostalgic childhood type of dream.

This week’s Oracle cards are from #Katrina-Jane and #TheRomanceAngels – Take some personal space to focus on your inner needs. Are you looking after yourself and reinforcing/building your own #selfesteem. Spending a bit of extra time on #personaldevelopment will increase your own respect for yourself. This will (as a by product) make you more respected by others and a little more attractive.

There is something you are seeking, and you are prepared to go and look for it! #8ofCups (coffins in this deck) is a quest to find the missing element in your life. The fact I was compelled to use two oracle decks today (the second being romance angels) and that the next card it is the 9 of reels #9ofpentacles makes me feel that this missing element is relationship based. It seems you have been busy building your own security. You may well be feeling a sense of satisfaction with your attainment. And then, as if waking from a dream you look around and realise perhaps you have neglected to tend to those relationships that bring a bit of extra quality to your life.

We then get three reversals. #kingofwandsreversed #8ofwandsreversed #6ofwandsreversed (pens in this deck) Three wands in reverse? Hmmm passion and action are not forthcoming. See?! You’ve overlooked this element. Sometimes it’s completely necessary, and we get used to function as a lone lighthouse. But is this week as colourful as you’d like? Do your relationships match your material success? Have you deliberately held off taking action in your love life or kept people at arm’s length? When did you last interact in a truly meaningful open way. It’s uncomfortable if you haven’t been vulnerable for a while, which is why I think that your meditations this week may benefit you from being about un-peeling your inner self on a personal level. It’s been your choice to be single or independent and that’s absolutely fine. It’s good to be alone and understand ourselves better . It’s also good to be able to form partnerships as they bring an added dynamic and opportunity for growth. This reading, suggests there’s just a little more flavour to be added by considering your options and being open to more.

When the #nineofcups (coffins in this deck) closes this reading, I see you would benefit from a little indulgence. Connect to your emotions. Romance yourself. Join social events. Share food, wine and general feel the luxury of life in preparation for the prospect of an equally beautiful human to enhance your world. They’re out there preparing for theirs too! Go ahead make time to glow!

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I am a Mother, Grandma, Daughter, Sister, Niece and cousin. I'm an Artist and Tarot reader that writes about Tarot and Oracle. The art and photography featured is usually a creation of mine.

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