The Week Ahead- 12-18 June 2022. Woah slow down … Use your inner strength to stay true to what you need free up space to reconnect to your inspiration.

I’m getting loads of feminine energy swirling, ready for you to draw on this week. The Warrior card in The Threads of Fate oracle is for me similar to the Strength card in tarot. Strength also appears in this reading, so, in effect twice. A double dose of quiet persistence. Inner drive gently but firmly applied. Why will need this double dose of strength?

#8ofwandsreversed #nineofpentaclesreversed #Strength Hmmm something could be testing your faith this week, causing you to doubt your plans. You may be rushing a situation or impatient for an outcome. S…L…O…W D…O…W…….N….. Don’t fall for that old trap. You could be tempted to put in a lot more hours, assuming your life requires more money. But perhaps you need to take a look at your self worth? Can you increase your prices or ask for a pay rise? Would this enable you to reduce your hours and free up some life in the the longer term or in the shorter term, to wake up s…l…o…w…e…r. Walk the dog longer. Breathe. Savour the dinner making instead of grabbing a takeaway. Enjoy your surroundings or simply dream a little, while reading that book you fell asleep on yet again!

#sevenofcups #fiveofswords #fiveofwandsreversed You have so many options before you. How glorious, how amazing or is it? We all desire choices but we can fill our world’s with too much and suddenly, daily living is just a chore. Reframe your thought process this week and stay tuned into you. As with last week you are urged to pick your battles carefully or even direct your energies wisely! We can waste a lot of time on things that, in the end bring no true value to our lives whatsoever. When you S….L…..O….W. D…O…W….N. this week you’ll realise there is no competition at all. You’ve done all the battle planning you can do you’re ready… But making space to commit to those options that suit you most is where you will come out on top.

#AceofWands That break was truly what you needed… And it doesn’t need to be to some exotic location although that sure is wonderful.. even freeing up a few hours to sit by the window, walk in the park, strike up an impromptu conversation with someone you’ve never spoken to, will give just what you need to snap right back to the inspired being you’re meant to be. And that’s where the week ends . Not in the usual warrior like-go -getting kind of way but more Mississippi steam roller kind of style. Ahhhhh… Feels so much nicer that way and it’s just what you need right now.

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I am a Mother, Grandma, Daughter, Sister, Niece and cousin. I'm an Artist and Tarot reader that writes about Tarot and Oracle. The art and photography featured is usually a creation of mine.

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