June: The month ahead in Tarot! Changes, something you’ve worked on coming to fruition and go book your holiday it’s time for a rest!

Speak up in June! Make your thoughts heard you’re if value and you’re needed.

Seven of cups reversed, Queen of Cups reversed, The Empress, Queen of Pentacles reversed: This month you are in your power although may may feel out of sorts and perhaps, disconnected from your core being. With the surrounding cards I feel that some things are being set aside. There is a sense of a cyclical process. A been there done that kind of month. The whimsical nature of our emotional pulls may have less control over our choices. No longer are you distracted by the options before you and while finances are important the materialism that may have (at the tail end of May) given concern seem less raw. There’s more inspiration from connecting to the world around you and pulling everything together in a way that feels much more organic, natural and less mechanical.

Eight of Swords, Page of Swords, Three of Cups reversed, The Tower: Any limited thinking this month may be released. The Page of Swords clears the way of the usual trapped thought processes that the Eight of Swords has to offer. You could be learning something new, either literally studying or coming up with a more creative approach to situations. Like the White rabbit in this card you may feel like a small rabbit in a big big world. Perhaps you have entered a new workplace or community and when you look around you feel a little displaced. It seems like whatever is going on this month, The Tower’s influence could be unsettling. This doesn’t necessarily mean bad, just the kind of thing that requires you to concentrate more than usual or reevaluate.

Five of Swords, Strength, Three of Swords, Two of Pentacles:. Whatever is causing this months Tower, it appear you will manage to get to grips with it. There may well be a disagreement to overcome or a challenge to iron out. Try to use tact, and make sure you are directing that competition fairly. The phrase ‘be careful who you trample on, on the way up’ springs to mind!

You’ve got this though, there’s nothing you haven’t dealt with before, albeit from a slightly different perspective. While you are ordering your thoughts and learning knew things an investment you planted can be spotted on the horizon. This could be a literal investment or the arrival of something less obvious, such as a new job, person, energtic field! Whatever the case, you weren’t just sitting around ‘waiting’ for this ship to come in, you’ve been actively working on saving, learning, investing into something, and while fate will have a hand and the outcome is never known for sure, the efforts you have put in are more than likely about to yield.

Two of Cups, Six of Pentacles, Temperance: This yield is likely to involve partnerships, my guess is more towards practical projects and career rather than relationships. But of course even careers involve people! The people that are surrounding you are vibing at the right level. If some of the elements have a familiar feeling it may have you wondering if you’re going round in circles. You are not. This is different. You are not over giving this time. There’s more balance. The ingredients have been delicately blended to just the right consistency.

Four of Swords: As the month draws to a close, you are so so ready for a break. If you aren’t going on your travels a break from over focussing and solution seeking. Pick up another task and give that your attention, as the solution will often pop up. I for one will definitely be going on my travels and I hope your month sees you planning some kind of get away too. Hello Summer it’s playtime!


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I am a Mother, Grandma, Daughter, Sister, Niece and cousin. I'm an Artist and Tarot reader that writes about Tarot and Oracle. The art and photography featured is usually a creation of mine.

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