The Week Ahead: 29 May – 4 June 2022 … Woah my lovely overdoing everything. It’s time for a change of scenery.

The start of this week is under a waning moon crescent. Our central energy oracle card is Hilarion from the #keepeesoflight deck. As I take an overview of this reading I feel many of us will be desiring rest. In the UK most children are off on half term holidays and from speaking with other parents I gained the feedback that this break is much looked forward to. I also picked up on an actual physical need for rest. Take care of your health. Get some good sleep. Relax your mind. Soak up you environment or perhaps even take a refreshing break. Tweak your diet, get a GP to check you over, whatever, but be tuned into both your physical and mental requirements and give yourself what you need to refuel.

This is obviously specific to certain people, but if you’re female pay attention to hormone levels and the reproductive system. It could be you are suffering a little, a specialist may be of assistance or you may seek a second opinion. I’m drawing this secondary story line from the grouping of the three cards Queen of Pentacles reversed ten of cups reversed and four of swords. That’s an odd message but I felt the need to mention it.

Let’s get back to the general week ahead! As indicated by the overall feel of the reading, #queenofpentaclesreversed can imply you have been working yourself to the bone. Perhaps you have left little for yourself or you are worrying about where your finances are headed. There is value in taking a much needed break this week. A break from routine. If money is causing concern, recall a time when you felt better about your income and reset your mind to give yourself permission to not worry at least for this week. You will get it sorted. It’s a temporary cash flow issue. There is a way to plan for additional income or reassess your budget but this week is urging you to be aware of your need to organise your life in a more structured way that takes into account how your thought process and physical well being impacts you. Maybe write a list of what you will pick up next week. Obviously, if something is super urgent get that done, but if it’s a strategy that is longer term then set that aside ready for next week, it really can wait and you’ll feel a bit more comforted knowing you can return to your list after recouping. #tenofcups

#fourofswords And here is the four of swords slam dunk in this reading positively INSTRUCTING you to take that break! This time is enabling you to recharge so you can show up fully for yourself next month, to be there for your family and to be on top of your game for your career. You have it as clear as clear from the Universe. With this moon phase you probably won’t need encouragement but you may have residual guilt making you feel like you are wasting time so now you know you’re not. You are actually investing in your life.

#twoofswords is another reminder of the mental pressure that you could be feeling. Whatever, strategy you have that works for you, use it. I’ve previously mentioned how helpful I find ‘to -do – next week lists’ but anything that can hold your attention and you can get engrossed in, can disrupt overthinking. Playing in the form of sport, taking a walk in nature, getting creative, paint, sculpture, laugh, spending time with family and friends. The sort of thing that, when you look up, you’ve lost a day. As they say the good things in life are free, it’s time to revel in your own free-dom.

The promise of this indulgence of rest and break from routine is #themagician peeling away layers of you that need to be shed, peeling away overthinking, overworking, overdoing and magically revealing a fresh new potential. Because when we’re not bogged down by our must dos and cluttered world sparkling new ideas and solutions fall like spring blossom lightly touching us with hope and optimism. It’s when we give ourselves to the moment that our true powerful creative energy hits us! Then when it does we can be specific about our aspirations. Because that’s what this week #thestarreversed is revealing a lack of inspiration due to the lack of time to play and be free. So no matter what is going on, give yourself permission to do nothing or participate in something you love to do. If it’s your home life or you’re bored of your own four walls, take that last minute break or day trip and shake up the scenery. It’s going to pay off! Be free my friend!

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I am a Mother, Grandma, Daughter, Sister, Niece and cousin. I'm an Artist and Tarot reader that writes about Tarot and Oracle. The art and photography featured is usually a creation of mine.

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