The week ahead 8-14 May 2022 Releasing fear and blocks to a new way of life bathing in optimism

Every single one of these cards except that of the central energy and the Page of Wands showed themselves reversed.  So this week I expect many people will be digging deep inside and the result is going to be worthwhile.

Kali-ma is Shiva’s twin flame she has no hesitation in showing your true potential through confronting your fears.  Looking at this reading as a whole some of this fear is probably subconscious blocks.  Why do I say that?  #Page of Wands is bursting with confidence and inspiration.  Ready to learn and leap into action  this is not the card of someone feeling tangible fear.  Instead, some of that hesitation may show itself as perceived well thought out caution. Perhaps you are giving more credence to some aspects that validate your reasons for not proceeding with something.   When this occurs, ask yourself whether there is an ingrained belief that is actually reinforcing a reason not to proceed.  For example:. ‘I don’t have the skills to make a venture work’ … Is that a true statement or is it a lack of confidence?  Can you increase your skills via training? Are you more comfortable with the inbuilt idea that you are not enough.  Quash that belief.  You are enough and you can.

#Seven of Pentacles This week build into your daily affirmations thanks such as

‘I am thankful I have the knowledge, skills and trust in myself to know the direction my life takes is producing a perfect harvest!’

Perhaps while you are pausing to give thanks, you have an opportunity to see if the path you set off on and the seeds you’ve planted are still those that light sparks in your life.  If not it’s ok to recourse to stay inspired.  Trust you inner fire.  Don’t be afraid to keep going or redirect depending on where that fire is burning.

Also know that with the #sixofcups you are exactly where you need to be.  This point is pivotal.  You have a viewpoint of the past and present and you can project into the future.  Peacefully feel that and take comfort in your life as it is.   Know that you are a creator and you can draw on your arsenal of tools and resources.

#Magician ensures you have everything at hand.     You have the power to shape your physical world exactly as you wish.  And if those subliminal fears are blocking those aspirations take some deep breaths, meditate find your calm and listen to what still makes you smile, makes you heart beat faster.  You manifest your desired life through energy and action.  If you aren’t feeling it, your compass needs calibrating or you aren’t listening to your own truth. And if either of those last statements are true, that is fear blocking.

Your #tenofcups is waiting.. Everyone’s ten of cups is different.  But the thread is the same, it’s that heart connection, that joy you feel when surrounded by people, animals, things you love.  It’s even that inner contentment you get in solitude.  This week there’s such a strong message of  edging closer to that state.  If you have it fabulous appreciate it and maintain it.

#sevenofswords and #thefool I’m reading this as strategy.  A plan to get or keep that desired ten of cups life.  You know if something isn’t sitting right. You can pretend no longer. Ensure you are acting with integrity, not only with others but also to our own values. The real ones, you know those that get drowned out by treading water to survive. This week is optimum to ensure that survival mode is pushed out. It your time to shine. To feel good about your days. Trust in yourself. Trust in your Universe. Release the blocks that are preventing you from bathing in optimism a delightful world created by you for you. Love and blessings to you all.

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