The Week Ahead: 6-12 February 2022.. A new adventure helping you be the person you’re meant to be

This week we should be welcoming in new things. The Death card is the central energy which is that shift from one thing stage to another. Wanting to get rid of some sort of energy or things? The easiest way to do this is to make more space for the things you do want. Not only do you make your present world more enjoyable but you naturally focus on what you want in your life, which then naturally attracts the very same. Tweak your habits this week or if necessary radically change them. Book yourself onto that course. Open up more conversations for better connections. Try that thing you’ve always wanted to do. Learn more about something that interests you. Whatever is pulling at your heart make room for it. The things you’re not interested in will soon slip by without consciously having to ‘dispose’ of them.

We start the week with the Knight of Swords reversed. Are you having a second thought? Did you make a decision but now think that perhaps you had not considered all the various viewpoints? Maybe you made your mind up yet this week that could be turned on its head. Take an open minded approach and explore all options. Now, what is this thing you’ve had a different thought about? Well only you know that but it seems with the Three of Wands you are now waiting for it to come to you. ….. As if…. As if all you have to do is wait. Have patience yes, but you aren’t just waiting are you? You’ve actually done some of the groundwork haven’t you? You’ve laid the foundation, opened up communication, set the course. This White Rabbit knows there is a window of time and he is actively preparing for the merchant ship to arrive with whatever he had intended. As such re-visit your desires and see if there is anything else you can do practically or energetically.

Justice ensues this week. It absolutely could be a legal judgement going in your favour, but equally so it can be the every day kind of justice. Were you swayed by someone else opinion, that turned out to be unfounded even spiteful? Are you now seeing more clearly? Something you deserve is being set right. It may even just mean that it ‘feels right”. This is the tipping point or the trigger to take action. The King of Wands after all is someone who has had enough of thinking and talking things through. He’s all about the sense of adventure and what adventures are you about to embark on? Well it’s highly personal whether in love, career or finances. It is something you’ve thought about, considered mulled over. It may even be the thing that started this reading (that change of heart) because Judgement is heralding the threshold of this new awakening. The White Rabbit is back blowing the horn! It’s like you’ve had an epiphany! What is about to occur is a gift or an opportunity. This gift or opportunity is making you more rounded, more complete, more abundant and you feel it. In this deck (The Tarot in Wonderland) the author says that the White Rabbit called Alice to the stand ‘to be the person he knew she should be’ and that is the essence of this week’s reading. You are competing to be the best you can be. It’s enlightening. It’s inspiring. You are answering an inner calling and a new way of living and it’s feeling good! You may have tried to resist but it’s so fundamental to your being and who you want to be that you can’t. Well not for long anyway. So while you wait (actively) prepare energetically for this wonderful new phase.

I actually know you are prepared because we end the reading with the Page of Pentacles. Pages are messengers so you’ll hear or say something that confirms and signals to you the direction to take or the time the ship ports! This Page is prepared for anything.

‘Haigha took a large cake out of the bag, and gave it to Alice to hold, while he got out a dish and carving-knife. How they all came out of it Alice couldn’t guess. It was just like a conjuring-trick, she thought‘.

You may have taken a while, just like this page but the pay off is stability. This page has a little of all the other suits making him Extremely adaptable. He takes action, he anticipates and problem solves and he considers others. What a fabulous wealth of experience you have to carry you off on this new adventure of becoming so much more ‘You’ than you thought you could be.

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