February 2022 :The Month Ahead –

Well we made it through the first month of the year and February (the month of love is here!) So I took the opportunity to add a Romance Angel card to the general energy reading, because who doesn’t love a bit of love?

Our two oracle cards, Archangel Michael and the romance angel advise that there is nothing to worry about.    If there are things concerning you, know your angelic team, led by Michael are in full protection mode.   Step back and allow them to remove your fears and surround you in white light.  Cord cutting rituals may also be good right at the beginning of the month (the first couple of days) to remove energies that have attached themselves to you.  In questions of love know you have already met the person you seek.  Trust you are about to experience a miracle.

It’s good to see that archangel protection appearing and there may be some tail end energy left from last month’s retrograde reminiscing.  Let’s nip that tendancy in the bud. The weekly reading suggested salt baths and crystal work and I’d support that, shake away the residual effects of stagnation.  

February brings a whole new perspective with The Hanged Man starting us off.  This is the kind of change of perspective you have intentionally. This is the result of that retrograde thinking. You’ve closed off a cycle, wow, was that uncomfortable? Certainly looks that way. The Ten of Swords looks terrifying and just a little OTT if you ask me. Interestingly though, a swan emerges. In myths the swan shapeshifts between swan and human form and as a pair they indicate soul mates (as we know this term doesn’t just incorporate romantic soul ties). Any pain or chaos or drama you have experienced is transformed. You have transformed and, if you are seeking love, you partner is soon to be found. The Eight of Wands tells of fast communication and sure enough we see a couple standing strong side by side. In non-love situations it’s a strong partnership forming. Passion is sparked in all forms The Ace of Wands brings out our creativity, inspiration, passion. A burst of enthusiasm. It’s time to release control and see your new path ahead. You are a visionary not dictator. Remember the checklist in the week ahead reading? Stay focused on your desires and trust that the steps and foundations you are laying will be serving you so so well. Two of Swords reversed helps you see that new perspective and and you are no longer blindfolded or stuck in contemplation.

The Emperor and Queen of Swords of course they could be a couple but I feel they are more likely indication aspects of you. Taking the lead, and responsibility for your future. Acting in integrity, speaking your truth in the best interests of your team, family or loved ones. The best part here is how ready you are to remove those unhelpful defences, they served their purpose but those Three Swords have been there long enough. It may feel odd not having them there. After all we can all become strangely comfortable in our own discomfort. It’s familiar. Something better is waiting for you. No more sleepless nights over below par teamwork or love. With the trust in your angelic team, your ten of cups is closer than you think. Don’t self sabotage. You’ve got this. Trust in your future.

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I am a Mother, Grandma, Daughter, Sister, Niece and cousin. I'm an Artist and Tarot reader that writes about Tarot and Oracle. The art and photography featured is usually a creation of mine.

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