The Week Ahead: 29 January – Feb & A very moon phasey reading … Self care .. Intention setting

Japanese Myth Tarot and Universal Folk Oracle

We start this coming week with the last of the waning moon phase in particular the dark moon which is the last couple of days of this quarter moon. It’s a perfect time to release unwanted emotions. Unsurprisingly, the central theme this week is Healing from the Universal Folk Oracle deck. The advice here is similar to that of a waning moon with self care as a central theme. Take some time to cleanse perhaps with a salt bath or some crystal energy. You could try something such as a bloodstone which is good for purification. I’ve been crazily cleaning my floor the last days so perhaps you’ll have the urge to do an early spring clean and freshen tour living space. Get out the candles, open windows and sage afterwards.

This Japenese Myth deck is new to me. I get the sense it’s not meant to be read using reversals so I placed them in the upright. That said a few were reversed so if I felt particularly called to I e let intuition guide me in that respect.

The Nine of Swords was one of the cards that presented reversed. Take some time to honour your worries, they are signs something isn’t right. If something is keeping you up at night acknowledge your concerns. What can you do to alleviate the stress. Keep a journal by your bed to write anything that needs a practical resolution. I’ve noticed many messages of meditation this week and it could well be helpful to find some cleansing meditational pieces. There’s plenty to choose from and I’ve found particular relaxation with the guided sleep meditations or nature sounds such as running water or birdsong.

Bang on with alignment the energy changes as we move into February. The Chariot is all about willpower and of course the new moon phase is about intention setting. I felt the three of cups in this instance was all about getting together with new people. Taking up invitations. We’ve been in hibernation for long enough now. It’s probably a natural time for you to set out your goals and a fresh new social life may well be among them. I’m a list lover. Your manifestation steps have to include actions, or they are simply wishful thinking. Having a tangible checklist to refer back to is an excellent way to hold yourself accountable to your dreams and desires.

Ace of cups ah this beautifully created card embodies a sense of peace. The dove dives into the cups of overflowing emotional happiness. It looks as though the woman in the card is waiting to catch the pentacle of abundance that is coming her way. You may well be holding on to that feeling (Four of Pentacles). Keen to keep the sense of peace and stability you have created or creating. What centres you? What do you have in you life that you want to keep? What can you do to attract more of that? Next to the Four of Pentacles is the four of Wands an 11:11 vibration. Stability is likely your main aim. Perhaps that essence is the basis of your intention setting this week an urge for self made structure. Emotional stability is a probable desire with all the cups in the the reading. Are you planning a future celebration? The Four of Wands can denote marriages, commitments celebrations. It is often seen as the twin flame energy so a soul connection is felt not necessarily relationship wise but also (I sense) relating to your soul path. Get clear about what makes you happy. I’m sure you are on the right path.

The Ten of Cups confirms this is a week where you are getting ready, to put into place, the basis of the ‘checklist’. It is a pinnacle of contentment. A happy family or team. Stable, secure and everything you need. It all starts this week:. Release your worries. Meditate on what brings you peace, security and happiness. Put that into writing. Cleanse your space. Visualise how it feels to have what you want. Take the steps you can and rest, in full knowledge that you can have it all, it’s in you and for you. Enjoy your intention setting it’s time to soothe your soul.

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