The Week Ahead: 23 -29 January … Go get your dream

Whatever is going on this week deserves to be surrounded in prayer and meditation. Not only will your own world be calmed and soothed but the effects of your own inner peace will be passed on to those around you.

We are in a retrograde planetary phase. Because Venus is the planet in focus at the moment relationships (of all kinds) can be under scrutiny. We may be re-evaluating what’s important to us. Who is important to us and nostalgic thoughts may creep up out of seemingly nowhere. This retrograde phase will end at the end of this week, therefore taking this week to rest and be kind is of absolute value.

The moon reversed will enable us to release our contextual fears. Let them go. Interestingly the Moon card in the Mystic Mondays deck used here shows the waning Gibbous moon that is this week’s moon phase. After a full moon we are called to release. Combining this with the planetary movement you may not be surprised that you are called to open up communication in relationships about the things that have been circulating your mind during Venus retrograde.

I wonder with the Reversed King of Pentacles if there is a realisation that the focus on career or finances hasn’t clouded some of your more intimate needs. I wonder if you won’t come out of this week with a clear intention to build a new emotionally solid future. Of course, you don’t need to be financially poor to be emotionally rich! So I’m not advocating releasing your desires for a secure financial future simply opening up a space to nurture your home life or business relationships.

The Three of Pentacles signifies collaboration, teamwork and synergy. This collaboration in relationships is the cornerstone to the week’s success. It will feel better and as though things are gathering momentum. The Two of Swords shows the need to balance out your wants and needs. I really feel the pull of indecision. Again, draw back on to your intention. What outcome do you want, what do you need? You may have realised (with the Three of Cups appearing) that it’s time for a slightly more relaxed approach. You may also be feeling the ‘should’ pressure from people around you. If there’s a third party which is causing disharmony or placing demands that don’t align with your plan, take a good look at whether this person should be involved in your project or relationship. Do boundaries need to be installed?

The Ace of Wands: Wow! Clarity has arrived from your reflection this week. Your clear focus on what you want and need has illuminated your path. You see the potential of what you desire. This is a sign to chase your dreams . Intuition and instinct lead the way. Your firey passion lights the way and you set in motion the plan you have come up with. No more reflection the two of Wands is the advancement, the first step of that inspirational idea. The earlier stagnation or pause to reflect has been replaced by a willingness to leave your comfort zone. Make your back up plan but go for it.

Grace Duong notes in her deck’s accompanying literature that J.R.R. Tolkien wrote “Not all that wander are lost” but I’m feeling that perhaps this week it may be more apt to say “Not all that wonder are lost” …. Go get you dream!

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