The Week Ahead: 16-22nd January 2022 – Unfurling!

What’s going on this week? Brian Frouds,’s Faerie Oracle is Sylvanius (The Mask of deception) far from us removing the mask to reveal something less than wonderful, the mask may be hiding your true talents and qualities. Why would we cover up the good parts of ourselves? I fear the answer to that question is larger than the time I have for this post. Vulnerability may well be at the heart of that though this week. The truths revealed today, hidden under the mask, are those that are essential to the creation and maintenance of relationships based on mutual trust, respect and affection. The crux of this week’s reading is that in order to progress something worthwhile, you must be willing to face your fears head on and trust that the person in front of you will return your offering.

9 of Swords this week has you worrying, perhaps needlessly. You may be all in your head about what the future holds for you. In amongst those worries is a ray of light next to the 9 of swords is The Hermit (also a nine) so you are closer than you know to overcoming this mental stress. Ask your inner mentor or guides to show you the brightest light and open your heart to the possibility of your present and future.

Ace of Swords reversed has you over analysing a situation but huge clarity is on the brink and while your decision is still not lit to you, there is certainly a need to be in your integrity and speak your truth if not out loud then certainly to yourself.

The Lovers reversed confirms a decision is not yet made. You are afraid of losing yourself in a relationship or situation. Open your heart and trust yourself not to give too much where unwarranted. Balance the openess with judgement and you will feel whether you are getting equal reciprocity. Just don’t allow those fearful thoughts to falsely predict the outcome.

With three major arcana this week the process you are going through is determining your foundation. You know what you want. Take off the mask of protection and acknowledge what it is you desire. Is it reflected back to you? Are you staying in your comfort zone rather than stretching yourself towards your better self, towards the fulfilment you really seek? The Two of Swords has you planning that future and activating your true potential. And yes, it can be scary. The Two of pentacles will have you feeling discomfort as you move away from the gilded cage you have built. There really is something better for you. Pushing those boundaries on your comfort zone has you ready for the new adventure. You’re not quite there you need to activate your inner Emperor, release your desire for complete control. Lower your defenses. Be confident in your own evolution, be compassionate and generous and harmony and balance will be with you. Be kind to yourself this week wee one you are unfurling, unmasking.

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