The Week Ahead: 9-16 January 2022. Hearts were made for happiness.

Hilarion is the light worker for divine healing. It is said that he went on a retreat and while away his parents both died. He left his inheritance to his brothers and the retreat and spent his following days committed to the healing of others.

This week find your own retreat in order to restore yourself. Whenever, I see this card because of the similarity of Hilarion and the word hilarious, I often think of the connection of laughter and the power of healing. This spread has two ‘2’s’ signifying choices we make and potential links to soul tied friendships/relationships. The Tower reversed starts the reading. Something significant had passed. Fireworks were felt, chaos may have unraveled in the past, the table cloth was pulled from under the tea set! But “Tadah!” We made it! All that commotion has left us with a fresh table ready for a new better tea party! We are now ready to start a new chapter with Temperance. Everything is alchemically blending to create that magical mushroom of possibility all we need to do is choose which part to bite.

King of Wands reversed possibly has you a little reluctant to make that decision. What if I make the wrong choice? What if I disrupt my equilibrium? What if? What if? What if? What if I were to make no decision and all the possibility of the future hangs in limbo. Of course, no decision is still a decision but without the passion and fire of this King upright. Anyway, I don’t think it much mattered both bites led to adventure.

In the end a great friendship or relationship is beside you or within your grasp. In this Two of Cups the Hatter and the Hare have been quibbling but their relationship is made to stand the test of time. It’s a divine union, formed and progressed in divine timing. No one knows how they met, but the magic was there from the beginning. As always the two of cups denoted the powerful potential of such a union but the players need to willingly participate. This card is that time you meet and ‘click’ with someone…. If it’s not another person this week you’ll be engaged with something that interests you, whatever the case, it’s worth another look. But I do declare this is more potent than that!

With the Hierophant reversed you could be stepping outside of your usual routine and thought processes. Perhaps you are stepping outside of a structure or taking a break, thinking outside of the box, maybe with a touch of rebellion? Feels good doesn’t it to shake up the dust and find your own way? To identify what really matters to your core. In reference to the two of cups earlier, perhaps something about your friendship is outside of the ‘norm’ (you know that here we don’t do ‘norms’ well anyway. But there may be a perceived difference an age gap, a cultural difference, same sex, racial difference… Anything that some like to hold up to the magnifying glass, but those peering through the magnifying glass aren’t the same people that saw the bonds built on that first meeting and they certainly weren’t the ones who felt them. Structures and systems were made for other people’s benefit. You have another choice to make this week.; To listen to where you find your own peace or listen to where others think you’ll find it.

Two of wands has you ready to take action. To choose which chess piece to move. I sense you’re ready. You can of course, flail around mentally paralysed about making the wrong move …. Or …. You can jump in. Win or loose at least you will have had the joy of participation. In reality there is no right or wrong choices. But, just like Alice here, you are poised perfectly between the two wands in perfect balance of innocence and desire as indicated by the white Lillies and red roses. After that intial pause, intuition will kick in and you will instinctively know what’s right for you.

And what is right for you? The Three of Swords reversed reveals once you’ve swept away the debris of others opinions and that shattered pieces of that glass heart, you find that your heart had in fact healed, quietly by itself, you just didn’t dare believe it. Painful truths have been learned and guess what?! You are ready to reclaim that succulent bit of sweetness into your life. You’re a human! Your spirit will thank you for this leap of faith. You will be rewarded with loyalty and love. You’ve gently removed those swords and now they open up a place for something so much more satisfying. Hearts were made to hold happiness and that’s the promise of this week.

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