2022 The Year in Tarot – Be patient you are creating your legacy.


The overall energy of this forthcoming year is Patience.  “What!?” Haven’t we endured enough patience already? Haven’t a lot of us already endured stops and starts over the past two years.  I’m sighing on our behalf!  But as I sip a little more tea and absorb the energy, I can see this year is actually one for great expansion.  This expansion is the kind that is rooted in stability that comes from planning and strategy.  It is, possibly, a good one for close partnerships of all kinds and it’s the year for fabulous opportunity. 

These opportunities though are not the overnight manifestations (which ones are to be honest?) but ones that use alchemy to transmute all we’ve assimilated.  There’s some chaos ahead but the kind that is essential to push your limits and have you really proud of your personal and professional achievements.  It’s not chaos that breaks you anymore. You have built your platform to stand upon and its strong.  So let’s take a closer look.  I have pulled a card from the viceversa tarot to represent each month but as ever the energy is fluid.  Actually this year it’s even more evident that, rather than just tapping into the vibrational potential, we are creating that potential and being the life source for our own lives. Lives that affect others for the better.

January brings us a glimpse of the years wonder ahead. A beautiful abundant pentacle within your grasp.  Within you! The Ace of Pentacles the peak of all possibilities blooming.  Whatever you have in mind for this year is an absolute ‘Yes Yes Yes’ in this card we see a summer garden so bearing in mind the message of patience, it is completely possible that achieving this Yes may well be a slow burner taking no less than half the year (probably longer).  Establishing order and priorities is key, along with retaining an understanding that ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’.

In February, some may skip back into less productive thought patterns, temptations or habits.  This side of The Devil, though, gives the opportunity to escape that grasp through putting your attention and focus on what you set out to achieve the month before. Intention, intention, intention. Are you the one waiting for the energy to appear or are you being that energy?

In March you have all the potential to access your inner power signified by The Strength card.  Don’t stifle that ambition, put  it to good use.  Have fun, access the playful part of you and enjoy your time.  There are three Major Arcana in the first quarter of the year you can be powerful and effective without being overpowering. 

The Emperor the fourth Major Arcana is presiding over the fourth month of April.  Structure, leadership, inner discipline and good intentions are at the helm.  You are showing the way forward.  You are in a position to do the right thing and you have a bigger picture to what is going on.  The World as a whole is experiencing change and the past couple of years have been painfully preparing us for this part of our journey.  What legacy are you creating? This Aries warrior is ruled by Mars so you are tactical enough to achieve whatever you want.  The undertone (not necessarily quiet undertone) is service.  I feel strongly that your legacy is linked to what you can do for others.  This can be on a personal basis but it is also not beyond the realms of possibilities that this is much much larger.  Think Roman Empire Scale.  “What me? Little old me?!”.  …. Yes you.  There’s a strong message  that you are able to access the right resources and distribute fairly, efficiently for the betterment of many people. Wow!

Well that sounds like a huge plan! And in May it’s no wonder that your energy may be depleted look at the Nine of Wands battered and bruised. You are successful. That summer garden is almost in full bloom.  Was it worth it? Are you too exhausted from your efforts?  Now’s the time to evaluate what happens next with this legacy building?  What have you learned?  Did your hope to assist or serve get fulfilled? As ever, we’re on a journey so we may need to adjust the route, improve the experience, continue on our mission.  Don’t forget to stop off and relax in that beautiful garden you’re creating. Now you can really see the results even if you still feel you have work to do.

June brings a cloud of self doubt.  Have I done enough? Have  I saved the World? Have I saved my World? Is the impact big enough…. Oh the mental stress of it.  The burden of leading the way, lighting the path.  The burden of your vision may have an effect on you.  While you were busy being The Emperor perhaps you forgot to delegate?  Remember earlier we said you can be powerful without being overpowering.  Softly strong.  Now the vision is in place, the structure is set out, ensure you have the right people around you to carry this through.  You’re only one person, but the beauty of this is that we can connect with another, who can connect with another.  Together, we can share a vision and implement change. This King of Swords is having a crisis of confidence but there is no need. It’s ok to question if you are on the right path but don’t doubt the ability and good intentions of yourself and those around you. It’s also perfectly reasonable to trust in those around you to take over for a while. You taught them to be capable they wouldn’t be among your trusted team if not!

Around half way through the year, in and around July the competition ups! Five of Wands may bring in a little sparring. You’ve trained for this. Either actually or metaphorically. The Volcano in the distance warns of frustration or even surpressed anger. A clash of mental ideas. Careful but honest communication is required. Thrash out those ideas.

And then it happens an offer, a proposal, a proposition. Something comes towards you or your are the Page of Pentacles. August heralds new opportunities. Perhaps the seed of new money. Perhaps the garden has bloomed and a harvest is imminent. Perhaps a love with heartwarming potential is close. A message this small could easily be missed or overlooked as insignificant, especially if you are busy being The Emperor saving the world. Closer to home there is something beautifully formed, maybe even a child or pet full of curiosity that has something special to offer. New inner hope is born but with a tangible element. Don’t be fooled by the seemingly smallness of its nature it is made of something highly precious and it lights up your world!

The fourth Major Arcana (not of the deck but of this reading) materialises in September so something you’ve been working on since the beginning of the year or possibly longer creates a powerful new beginning. Your vision, Your persistence Your leadership, Your creation have, like molten lava been willed into existence. Remember again that patience, it’s paid off. You now see how you have impacted those around. The darkness and the Light have combined inside and out. The Magician’s robe has the tree of life embroidered onto it. Your creation is being birthed. You may need to withdraw from the hub hub to step back into your magic, away from distractions to bring it into the world. There are strong life connections. Maybe a much wanted child is arriving or a new addition to a family unit is bringing nourishment. If it’s something else it’s highly personal and will have you wanting to bask in the warm glow of loving energy. Just like a proud parent there is a sense of accomplishment. Is this your legacy gazing back at you?

In October whatever changes occurred in the previous month’s have got your mind working. The five of Swords this side has you question if you’ve completed you tasks, if you have more to do or if you want to move on to the next quest. There will be challenges to whatever you decide. You may need courage but we know now you have plenty of that.

Are you only thinking or worrying about money in November? The Wizzard in the Four of Pentacles has all four elements earth, air, fire and water. We need all not just one for a balanced life. If finances are your only focus you a missing out on some of the beauty of life. If you were blessed with a child, pet or project this year and it’s impacting your income, remember you are the magician pouring all elements into your abundant life. Yes there’s a time to be practical but there’s a need to alchemically blend it with your passion, inspiration and dreams. Creator create magic.

And it looks like, being the Wizzard you are you’ve only gone and done it again. You’ve got through another year. Not scraped through. Not slid through but sparred, and led and inspired. You’ve laid a legacy. You’ve created magic. You’ve stepped up with integrity and intention and by the time December arrives you’ve created a whole new World. Breathtakingly awesome. It’s time to rest and celebrate with a dance of joy. I’d say you can’t imagine how you’re going to feel or what you are going to have achieved but as with all stories they have a beginning not just an end. This beginning started 12 months ago when you saw you vision, felt your vision, stepped into you power and created your vision, through patience with love.

Your legacy is here and you will love it!

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