The Week Ahead: 5-12 December 2021 … Commitment with self love at the centre

There’s a lot to be grateful for this week. The monthly reading showed some of those inner wounds appearing but learning to live with them and the lessons they provide. This week’s spread has a similar feel. Much comfort and peace is present, even if there are still things to do. Your family unit or vision of it (however it’s structured) will bring a rich source of love and healing. The central oracle energy is Mother Mary and no matter what spiritual or religious take you have she smooths over difficult times and quarrels. She encourages a nurturing approach and a bigger view. If you have a difficult relationship with a mother or mother figure now is a good time to heal this. Even if your own mother has passed on , quiet meditation and connectedness and offering forgiveness is called for. Remember, forgiveness is not removing boundaries or condoning harm done, it a is a path for our own healing and way to love ourselves.

The first three cards of the week are wonderful cleansing cards. Gratitude embraces this reading and I’m feeling much warmth.

The Lovers ,of course symbolises couple relationships as well as big life defining choices and commitments. There’s a sense of you wanting to give yourself an environment that benefits you, helps you grow and as such provides a fertile ground for you and your family. This desire to create a happy family feel may well see many choosing to commit. Commit to each other, Commit to community. Commit to a heartfelt project. Whatever, it will involve teamwork, collaboration and friendship. I’m all glowy, this sort of thing makes me emotional!

There is an overall harmonious feeling, peaceful and loving. A sense of unity. I wouldn’t be surprised to see many of you entering into union. Proposals may we’ll be at the forefront of many minds. The Four of Wands is often a strong indicator of marriage, new homes, soul union and it’s next to the Lovers and Three of Cups. This three of cups is full of celebration.

The Ten of Swords closes off the end of a cycle. You are surmounting past pains. Psychologically, you should be feeling some relief and with the Eight of Wands reversed a pause before action is indicated. If this is a contemplative pause that’s good but the Ace of Wands reversed advises to speak your truth. Don’t hold back your words. Express yourself without confusion.

Six of Wands completes this read with more healing energy. You are on the right path. You have the right idea. Whatever gives you this wonderful sense of completion is absolutely for you. And yes! We go full circle with self love at the foundation of what’s to come. What a lovely week ahead. I think you’re going to be feeling good. Let me know how this plays out for you.

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