The Month Ahead; December 2021

Beautiful metamorphosis. You are more than you were.

The last monthly reading of the year and also closing off a cycle that may have us reflecting on the energies of the past 18months. We’ll not see another lunar eclipse like the one that occurs at the beginning of December until almost the end of this decade. Many of my recent readings both private and general have been big on growth, accession and tuning into your spiritual transition and purpose. What lessons have you learned over the past 12-18months? Certainly as a collective we’ve had a lot of unusual things to deal with in terms of the effects of the pandemic, which has caused a lot of people to reflect on their lives. I see the shift in this perspective clearly here in this reading. Discomfort, though is often the catalyst for change. The overall oracle energy is ‘Unhappiness’ urging us to align with our true calling and souls purpose. If you are stuffing down or drowning out your inner voice it’s time to listen to your heart’s voice.

Two of Pentacles We’re so busy this month or feel like we are. Perhaps dealing with storms on teacups, juggling our responsibilities, feeling perilously close to the cliff edge. We need to find balance and if anyone can do this the Mad Hatter is wierdly capable of making sense of everything going on, but he needs to find a quiet spot to take stock. Woah! You say “Didn’t you notice he’s juggling time?”… Of course, but you know what they say. No one gets more done than a busy person! Make the time you Mad Hatter.

Three of Swords The astrological phase we are going through will be highlighting Truths, just like the three swords. As you work your way through the lessons of the past 18 months and unpeel the parts of your life that no longer work for you, those three swords cut deep. Rather than the searing pain that once pierced your heart they now are rooted there in quiet discomfort. No need to remove them though, acknowledge the truth of the wounds and learn and grow. Like the Seven of Pentacles Reversed your efforts may feel wasted but were they really? Reflect on what didn’t go as you would have liked and even if what you had set out to achieve was actually what you want or need now. Not all battles are worth the fight (Five of Swords reversed). Don’t beat yourself up and don’t harbour resentment it’s just not worth adding a fourth sword to that overburdened heart is it?

As we enter Capricorn season (The Devil) towards the end of the month we have the perfect energy to release those things that no longer connect to our divine purpose. The things that we once believed would bring us so much satisfaction so we toiled for them, we cling on to them desperately, afraid to let go of the security created in our minds. Just like this card even a delightful Tea Party can become tedious if it’s everlasting …. Lewis Carroll gives the Queen of hearts the quote

” He’s murdering time! Off with his head!”

And wasn’t the Queen right. When we loose our way with things that bind us to an empty life it’s harder to extricate ourselves. Note I said harder, not impossible. Get up and walk away from That Tea Party. You are getting planetary assistance this month.

The Knight of Swords reversed tells you to not overthink. Just take the first step. Any action. Any step, it doesn’t matter just away from what is no longer for you. Of course, your heart strings may be tugged, you are leaving something (or someone) that you believed in, worked towards, put time, effort or love into. But all is not lost with the Five of cups. You are so busy reaching for the spilled cups you have forgotten two mighty fine tankards are beside you full of everything you need.

The Six of Cups can have us manipulating memories. Nostalgia is comforting. But, not useful if we let it interfere with our personal growth. As you stand on this brink of a new cycle and enter into this wonderful new period of development ( that spans several years ahead) touch on the authentic you. Be honest in your interactions. Be authentic. Be kind.

What you can’t see before you, but may well be yearning is unconditional love, happiness and a fledgling new innocence that you never knew existed within you. What a beautiful person you are becoming and just like the metamorphosis of a butterfly it’s not easy. Who knows the catapillar may be frightened, pained, scared but as he bursts from his cocoon and learns to fly, he sees the world from a magical and new perspective. He sees now, those truths in new light and now can barely remember what life as a catapillar was like.

The World brings more major arcana big transformational changes. And your world will not look the same. Yes , just like this major eclipse The World is the last of the Major Arcana. The end of a chapter. Like Alice, when you reflect, you see you may have faced issues of identity. The literature with this deck (Tarot in Wonderland) says as well as issues with identity Alice may have had ideas of;

Childhood Vs adulthood, reason Vs insanity, cruelty Vs kindness, curiosity Vs fear, language Vs communication, freedom Vs confinement, justice Vs mercy and reality Vs dreams.

Does this sound familiar? Yes? Now you know you have learned these lessons. You are adaptable and can use them in the real world whatever the situation you find yourself in, you have honed your skills and are so much more than you were before

Get ready for things to flow again. To give love. To be generous. To share your talents. Four of Pentacles reversed triggers that new flow of abundance. Temperance reversed, the final major arcana of this reading helps you release the control that has kept you resisting this change. She asks you to become more flexible in your approach, and embrace life in a more childlike way, yet with more wisdom. I’m not sure you realise that this whole thing has been an enormous victory, I believe it’s because you feel a little battle weary.

Just like Alice, no matter what’s going on, no matter what changes, you always come back to yourself but are forever changed. The trials you’ve experienced are making you the person you’re meant to be. Welcome home it’s time to celebrate with friends, family and loved ones.

Wishing you a beautiful metamorphosis and a wonderful December.

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