The week ahead: 28 November – 4 December 2021 – A rebellious act of self love

I always enjoy when a card simultaneously shares the current moonphase tonight’s is a waning gibbous moon, which is excellent for releasing ritual and inner work. The central oracle card from the universal folk deck inadvertently (I believe) shows a third quarter moon. Entitled Celestial it makes me feel as though we may need to remember we are part of an infinite universe. Connected to all energy and all possibility.

This week’s energies carry with them a somewhat melancholic feel but I’m drawn to the pink in the Heirophant and the Queen of Wands and her burst of vibrancy (who can’t love the Queen of Wands especially in The Light Seers deck)?

The word forgiveness also is strongly making its presence known… So now you know the major players of this reading grab your tea or coffee and let’s take a look.

The children in the Ten of Cups are playing on the beach their parents are watching on, wrapped up in a rainbow ribbon hammock. Maybe your family structure is different to that of the perceived ‘normal’ family? Mine certainly is. Perhaps you are fighting to have what you want in terms of ideal relationships.  What feels like home to you this week will become apparent but I believe it will come with some sort of reflection and realisation of what your soul path is.

The Heirophant reversed indicates that you could certainly be breaking free from traditional structure or traditional demands. The pink I felt so drawn to is a sign of compassion, unconditional love and nurturing. So however, your ‘less than standard’ family is structured be sure to note where your sense of home is strongest break away from conditioning about what others think you should do and follow your heart.

If you are sat there thinking ‘Well Rachelle, I’m single, I don’t have a family and I’m not planning on one soon’ remember that family can take form in community and friends, even pets, the list doesn’t end there. Acts of service this week will be good for all and your sense of belonging will thrive. If you aren’t getting this feel, get out there and look at where you can offer help. Your soul is crying out to find it’s place.

The Four of Cups is the first hint of that melancholic feel I talked about. Perhaps it’s the short winter days or maybe you really are ignoring where your heart lies. It’s so difficult to rebuild our ideas around what ‘should be’. Perhaps you grew up believing in the square house, male/female relationship with 2.4 children, perhaps your partner is older/younger/same sex/different race/religion/divorced or whatever but your happiness lies elsewhere, it can be a long process of truly accepting that those predjudices pushed upon us are infact not right for us and not right for many. Many of us will deny our true path simply to avoid offending parents, colleagues, friends or even having to explain yourself, or out of fear of rejection

The four of cups reminds you to shift your perspective and see that vibrant pink that you or others are hiding from you. See the richness of your life. Bringing in some meditation to focus on what is present in your life, create gratitude. Steer clear of how your world isn’t standard. Celebrating how it isn’t instead!

The Page of Cups double kicks you with that message. Reminding you to appreciate the simple things in life. It’s mantra is:

‘I open my grateful heart to the gifts coming my way’

Limiting beliefs block your abundance so use this season and moon phase to release those blocks. Self forgiveness is necessary as is forgiveness of others in order to heal parts of you that are stopping you from enjoying what you currently have. Yes it’s uncomfortable. Yes it’s work. But your efforts will be rewarded.

The Ten of Wands requires that you continue with this work. It often appears when you feel like those efforts aren’t appreciated or working. But as I said you are almost there. Don’t stop now.

Don’t stop, because you are about to burst into the energy of The Queen of Wands in her Queendom Radiating her warmth and generosity. Creating and passionately helping others in ways she never knew. Those dark shadows may still sit within but they are there to help you grow they aren’t your definition. Feel those shadows briefly and move on. Wands are actions so they don’t sit still for long. They are busy They magically manifest and joyfully express themselves without shame or denial of their true self

So if this week, you’ve turned your heart away from something because of other people’s ingrained beliefs, yet you now realise that those beliefs were wrong and your hearts longing was in fact right reverse the Eight of Cups. There’s no place for regret in this life. Well there is but only to highlight what we want and need. No Queen of Wands passes by her mistakes. She gathers them up and uses that feeling as fuel to create what she does want.

So go get your sense of family. Choose yourself in an act of rebellious self love.

If you need clarification specific to your situation and would like a personal reading DM me through my Instagram account #t4_tarot

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