The Week Ahead: 21-28 November 2021 – Friendship woven throughout the week by

We have a Tower this week and often this energy is something calamitous. Big. Kapow. Significant. Something that tears down all you know. It’s uncomfortable, distressing and impactful. There it is this week ….

….BUT…. Every other card here is suggesting this week’s KAPOW is more of the the WOW, more of the oOoOO and Ahhhh kind of significant . A Big pleasant surprise with friendship woven through it.

I simply love the feel of this read and hope this pans out this way. The Six of Pentacles that side oozes reciprocity. The best in people is here in this card. Everything should freely flow. On the back of the merchant’s robe are the symbols for 6 of the seven celestial planets. Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn and their elements silver, Mercury, copper, iron, tin, and lead. Just one is missing on this robe but not in our reading the Sun (gold) is here it is represented in the card in the pentacles which means everything is in order and coming together as it should.

There are 4 court cards representing others or aspects of ourselves. The King of Pentacles has made a life that is comfortable he doesn’t judge those less fortunate. Blessings ebb and flow in cycles he loves to give. You may be The King of Pentacles or you may be the recipient, if you are whatever he gives is unconditional and it’s his pleasure.

The Tower that side reassures your hopes have not been abandoned, the dove symbolises the holy spirit so if your tower is less than pleasant please know you will get to the other side with support and divine assistance, however it’s my feeling that this tower is shocking in a good way.

The Page of Pentacles is an offer perhaps small but meaningful. Maybe friendship is the basis of this offer in connection with the other cards it gives me the sense that perhaps someone who is offering this reliable source of support. Or a surprising new opportunity is before you that’s has all the potential to provide great abundance. It may also come by way of an apology that is heartfelt and sincere. Feel the good energy coming towards you and it’s healing power.

The Sun that side brings optimism. There is a shadow of well placed caution perhaps the Tower’s lessons are reminding you to stay prepared. Keep a buffer for finance, invest into your personal relationships, give gratitude for what you have. Account for contingencies but keep moving on with your hopes and dreams. Those shadows are translucent you can see through them.

We end this week’s reading with two Court cards . Two Queens! Swords and Cups. The outer difference between these two women is striking. Both leaders both strong. Are you combining the qualities these two possess? Or are they people around you? The Queen of Swords doesn’t suffer fools lightly but she isn’t heartless. She’s loyal and once accepted into her life is a true friend. She displays her friendship clearly and you know where you stand with her. By contrast The Queen of Cups wears no amour. She loves freely and accepts the free flow of love in return. She prioritises long term relationships and likes to be able to bare her soul in trust.

It’s clear this week’s choices should reflect those you love and support. Make time for people who have stood by you and return unconditionally that support and love if needed. A warm glowy week to you all.

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I am a Mother, Grandma, Daughter, Sister, Niece and cousin. I'm an Artist and Tarot reader that writes about Tarot and Oracle. The art and photography featured is usually a creation of mine.

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