The Week Ahead 14-20 November Sparks burning they just need space to create the flame.

The overall energy from the Keepers of Light oracle deck comes from Brigid.   She assist with fertility being closely connected with the spring season.  Your inner alignment may be burning to be expressed.  Know you have the power to make changes for yourself and for others.  People may be inspired by how you have changed your own world.  If you have any blocks ask Brigid to lead the way for the work ahead.

Wow! Look at that The Moon depicted in tonight’s moonphase (waxing Gibbous).  You can’t ignore that.  It’s a a powerful energy that enables you to harness all you’ve been working towards.  Just like all the other cards in this week’s reading it directly connects to Brigid. 

You have the power within your hands to alchemically create.  Release any fears, you are so so capable. Something you thought was a weakness is actually not. Channelled correctly it is infact a great strength.  Start this day looking inward and feel what you’ve been ignoring. 

Maybe you’ve been told you’re too Page of Wandsy?  Perhaps you think you’re always moving on to the next thing?  Have people told you you’re a Free Spirit but used it in the negative sense to imply you can’t be relied on or are flakey?  If you are looking at those personality traits in a less than constructive way it’s time to reframe.  You are more beautiful for dancing in life, seeking adventure and being open to new opportunity. Your sparks are ready to catch hold and burn brightly.

So you make mistakes? So there’s a little haste? Perhaps you’ve been told to grow up? Ssshhh …Ssshhh those boring voices. Who says you need to be boxed into a world imagined by another? Those that remind you of those things are living within their own fears. Let them catch a little of your zest for life… Don’t hide it. It’s yours. The Seven of Wands reversed urges you to reclaim this power and remember your true essence. Shed some commitments if that’s what you need to do. If anyone complains it’s because you are serving them better than you are serving yourself. What do they have to loose by you freeing yourself of that particular duty? What do you have to gain?

The Four of Cups. Are you double guessing your own soul? Are you listening to those doubts. Stop right there.. look .. you have options and you can do this. Of course I’m not saying act recklesly (The Fool Reversed) Weigh up those risks. Ground yourself and stay centred. That’s precisely why you may need to loose some of the competing responsibility. The Four of Swords highlights this need for reflection. Take a break to regenerate. Cull the extra things you are doing out of habit that weigh you down.

Spend a couple of days this week to think about how to streamline your world so you can be present for those you love, the things you really want to do and how you want to spend your life. When you create that space you enable yourself to see a bigger, better picture of where and how you want to live.

You need this space for those sparks we talked about earlier to take hold. You need that space to listen to your intuition. To take on new subconscious messages. You need that space to recognise synchronicity and signs and piece them together so you can truly guide yourself to the best destination possible.

Is this raising those doubts and fears? Are you really good enough? Are you feeling vulnerable at this thought? Good! Perhaps that was the weekness you were trying to hide, when all along listening to your heart was the best thing you could have done. So push aside the naysayers (and your inner critic) it’s time to play. The answers to your soul’s yearning were a lot easier to find than you thought. Just cross through those unecessary diary entries (you know) the kind that make your heart sink and reconnect with you. Burn baby burn this time is yours.

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I am a Mother, Grandma, Daughter, Sister, Niece and cousin. I'm an Artist and Tarot reader that writes about Tarot and Oracle. The art and photography featured is usually a creation of mine.

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