The Week Ahead: 24-30 October 2021. Learning to operate your Flamingo.

You may start the week feeling a little disconnected with The Empress energy reversed. Are we disconnected from the things we love? Have we given too much to someone? too much importance to work? Have we let slip the balance of our own life in favour of prioritising others and the things that matter to them?

The Lovers shows there is a decision. This could well be in love, but love spans many forms. Are we opting for passion and excitement at expense of logic and something more grounded? Are we loving too much at the expense of our own well being? Do we want to so much provide for out families that our own dreams are slowly pushed to the back. Of course you would never have allowed this to happen in one go. No . It creeps in out of well meaning duty. And, meaning no disrespect to the things taking your attention, just like a parasite they’ve taken all the goodness and used your nutrition and now you have not much worthwhile left to give.

Goodness, how very depressing! That makes it sound like loving people and things is all doom and gloom and of course nothing could be further from the truth. It’s just, you have to save a little time and love for yourself. You can then merrily sprinkle the responsibility and duty in a happier more sustainable way.

When I see the Seven of Pentacles reversed I know you feel like you’ve put too much energy into something. You could also be feeling like it’s all been a big waste of time and effort. You’re drained and the Six of Pentacles also reversed will have you feeling like there’s a distinct lack of reciprocity. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if someone was there for you? ‘But I don’t mind they are my loved one’ or ‘”My career needs me” … But perhaps if you’d prioritised your own needs this sense would not be so strong.

You are so selfless and hopefully it’s coming from a genuine place, not just in order to make people look well upon you. But this week’s spread is screaming out for you to ensure you are also being well cared for. I suspect that it’s not a quick Spa date that will set you back on the road of self care. More a well considered approach. There are four major arcana in this spread of just eight cards meaning you’ve long been self-sacrificing. It’s a habit perhaps learned from our upbringing, about what we are expected to do and how we are expected to behave. We can use those four major arcana to reset our priorities. Yes we can still give to our families, relationships, love and careers. But now is the time to make ourselves a priority and re-nurture The Empress. Others won’t go without they will positively benefit as a by product of this purposeful process.

As we start this new intention this week, we will be able to connect to our intuition with greater depth. We will be able give ourselves just a little more space to feel, truly feel our emotions. In the supporting literature of this deck (Tarot in Wonderland) Alice speaks to her companion Kitty’s as the snow falls

‘How nice and soft it Sounds! I wonder if the snow loves the trees and fields, that it kisses them so gently’

You will no longer need to question if you love the people you are over-giving to. By giving to yourself you will actually be able to feel it.

This week unblock your intuition by giving yourself space and then commit to it by continuing with that space. Like Alice you may see the beauty around you and the love and attention you are ‘dutifully’ giving may flow more naturally and come from a place of genuine feeling rather than obligation.

The hanged man in reverse sees the Mad Hatter back on his feet taking a sip of tea. That period of reflection has giving you a whole new perspective and you are ready to implement those changes. As I said, I believe these are changes you will be committing to. Changes that will have you as the central character in your own life. Your well-being, and remember, when you are shining, people around you benefit too.

The Three of Pentacles is the new foundation. You are creating something worthwhile, something of value and something that brings abundance into your future. Despite you giving that extra priority to your own needs, I have a strong feeling that everyone will feel as though they have benefited from this new you too.

As we end the reading we see Alice in (The Chariot) learning to master her flamingo in order to succeed in the wierd game of croquet she finds herself in. The flamingo has a whole different idea of what the rules are. But just like the new you, Alice is no longer giving such importance to the demands of others. She is however, carefully learning how to operate her flamingo in order to improve her game for her benefit.

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