The Week Ahead 17-23 October 2021 ooooeeeee! Serendipitous breakthrough towards your expansive soul!

Is there a slip in the balance of relationships this week or is it our own balance? The central energy is The Lovers reversed. There are too, some key cards within this spread that could back this up. Remember, in a general reading this must be taken as it resonates and can apply to all relationships we are involved in, not necessarily romantic.

The busy-ness that we found ourselves in last week seems to have carried across. We are trying to find that balance within ourselves in order to balance the things outside of ourselves. This Two of Pentacles looks pretty accomplished attempting to balance her tasks but her heavier orb is grounding her giving me the sensation that finances are also central this week and keeping you grounded. Or does it feel restricted? Perhaps you are carefully balancing the books to give yourself a bit more financial freedom in the future.

8 of Swords gives us that mentally restrictive feeling but so often it is just that. The limitations we have mentally boxed ourselves in. I know you’ve been doing it, but open your eyes more to really see the options before you. Keep remembering that YOU create your world so don’t set yourself up to create YOUR problems. Your mindset is the master of your own happiness Find the things that nurture your soul and as you enjoy those things you quietly heal mental scars and blocks.

With the Three of Cups appearing that soul nurturing may well be in the of of friendships so reach out and touch base with those you haven’t connected with in a while. Those beautiful soul ties that are mutually beneficial. You know the ones that uplift you and the people who share your life wins and comfort and console at less exciting times. What a week to step into those bonds and deepen those ties. Our soul tribes are more than the families we are born into, they are the the families we create and cherish.

If there are still a few struggles, use this time to remember how much you’ve accomplished. I’m sure this Nine of Wands energy has been appearing in recent readings and you can be sure you are almost there so that connecting with your tribe can be done in full knowledge that something good is on the horizon.

The Devil this week, may lead you into some of your own darkness or tempt you to visit some of your addictions. Addictions come in all forms, including work and codependency. While you are down there that shadow should enable you to highlight the things that are competing for your time. Look back to the 8 of Swords. What things are restricting you mentally? What things are burdening you? How would you feel if you released them? Are you being held back by the fear of loosing the ‘habit’ created by your attention given to them to the comfort they provide if if that comfort limits you? Of course it can be hard to liberate ourselves from the things that may have also created some form of reliable structure to our lives be that people or work or something else.

There you are in a Two of Wands way. Planning to shake up your routine. Swapping out the comfort zone for new adventures. I for one am happy to see this particular card, there she is with her globe and her VW sketch at the ready, that’s certainly on my shake up list 😊. Whatever, is restricting your sense of liberation needs to go! No excuses, you can restructure your life and grab the life you want.

And what a life awaits The Wheel of Fortune is the promise we need to feel! It’s the turning point. It’s Serendipity, it’s luck and changes of fate and destiny. “Wait!” I hear you cry ” that wheel is rolling in a direction I didn’t plan to go”… Oh my sweet soul, of course you didn’t plan that direction that’s because you had your 8 of Swords blindfold on, you couldn’t possibly see what’s ahead, nor were you allowing it ….. But that was then, and this is now, now you are ready to catch that serendipity and be lead dancing and juggling those lucky dice …don’t control it… Well you can’t control the wheel just jump aboard and marvel at your own expansion.

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