The Week Ahead: 10-17 October 2021…. Self reflection and realisations…

Mystic Mondays Tarot and The Book of Shadows -The Lost Code of Tarot

This week’s central energy is The Seven of Cups.  What options are you exploring are some glittering more than others and are those red herrings? Take a good look at what’s on offer and investigate thoroughly.  As someone kindly pointed out last week, there was a distinctly retrograde feel and this reading smack of that too.  I had to check the planetary effects and yes we are still in a retrograde phase until the 18th.

I suspect most of this week (as the seven of Cups also indicates) we may well be making those self assessments and although at the outset I can see these could well be about communication with others and out interpersonal relationships, we can delve a little deeper for more clues about how the energies may influence our week

The Fool Reversed may have people thinking you’re being selfish this week. Yes! It is all about you living in the moment and why not?! Well perhaps ignoring the consequences of how you are acting may not pan out well.  Just check and see that the decisions you are making are based on confidence and your sense of wholeness not insecurity.  There’s also a risk you could be being naive about a situation so check the details and research. Basically be prepared this week for any meetings etc you are going into be it work related or relationship centred. Are the risks you’re taking weighed up? Have you done your research?

There’s a bit more of a hint regarding the risk of being naive too with The Queen of Cups reversed and The Devil reversed. Are you being affected by other people’s emotions? Sometimes we pick up other people’s and read them as our own.  If emotions are coming from nowhere and seem out of place perhaps they are not yours.  Are you in a co-dependent relationship? That’s not always romantic but can be within a family or even colleague.  You could be finding a need to put up healthy boundaries.  Protect your energies … If others think that’s selfish they are misguided or acting from their own self interest.

I feel that once these ideas have run through your head and you start connecting the dots on how you are being affected you will gain a moment of clarity.  You may even find yourself becoming fascinated by how you’ve ended up with the relationship dynamics. The Page of Swords  (princess in this deck) is curious and inquisitive.  They love to work out how things work and seek the answers.  Of course with this comes knowledge through learning. Rather than being a painful disentanglement, I feel you will actually feel a sense of freedom through understanding. Almost all of sudden you may suddenly want to speak your truth and explain your thoughts to those concerned.

It’s like this thought process that occurs early in the week presses the button and rockets you into action.  All those ideas culminating, brimming-over, forming a vision.  A vision that you are keen to put into action.   Juggling all the pieces that are landing perfectly to create the picture you have painstakingly built.  Built by listening to your needs and dreams. Wow. Inspiring.   This feels like magic to me.  And even though there are no twinkles from the wand you can scarcely see how it is happening. Well of course you can’t, no one ‘sees’ magic, not real magic, it’s felt and KAPOW! Just like that we realise it’s taken place.  Was it that quick? No we just forgot that the tiny steps and preparation we’d been making had all seemlessly contributed to this particular potion and now the cauldron is popping and delivering it’s delights.

One of the things about creating you life via cauldron is that you have to learn how to let things unfold naturally, organically. Which of us have pushed for things only to realise they weren’t all we desired. The Chariot reversed may make you feel like you’ve lost some form of control, but go with it, those horses aren’t guided by reins, they are driven by willpower not force there’s a balance to that energy.  Some of us took a long time to know the difference.  If you feel off course chart a new one or recreate the map and although you can’t see the outcome, I can.

The Six of Wands brings your success well of course it doesn’t you do! One of my favourite phrases is ‘Success is living your life the way you want’ and I couldn’t think of a more appropriate way to end this reading. I’m feeling so much validation and acknowledgement. As the week draws to an end we can use those last pieces of Mercury retrograde to look back on where we started off, this will help ground you and put into perspective your achievements. And if others are mesmerised by the bubbling cauldron that seemingly magicked up this ‘success’ then we at least actually know the secret ingredients that lead to this bubbling pot of fabulousness

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