The month Ahead: October 2021 – Restore, strengthen and give thanks.

As I’m trying to connect deeper with an old deck (The Book of Shadows-The Lost code of Tarot) I’ve used these (seen either side of the nine of Pentacles) as the overall energy. Initially, I was drawn to the image of both cards showing couples and we do see the Lovers twice so partnerships could be blossoming, but this is a general reading do I see these as almost strengthening the starting energy that the nine of Pentacles brings with her. All around you people may be paired up or working together while you may feel inclined to immerse yourself in all you have built. Here the Nine of Pentacles shows herself finding sanctuary within her home, she is taking time to herself , connecting with the parts of her that are drained by others. I always love the self sufficiency of this card in this particular deck and you can see the peace radiating from her. Interestingly, the two cards either side are actually The Sun and The Lovers which appear later on in the reading emphasisng the contentment of nurturing your own world for a while and making the choice to spend time on things for yourself in blissful solitude.

The Empress (that side) highlights the value of this solitude. It’s so important now to live with gratitude for what you have. Take this month to view your life from afar. What will it take to keep this peace? How can you ‘protect’ your world to enable a longer term view and see that this happiness is carried forward?

When you look on your life with gratitude your heart opens and joy is the by product. The Six of Wands guarantees success so either you are seeing the effect of the efforts you’ve made or you are about to. Certainly, you can feel good about what you’ve achieved accept the praise that comes your way as recognition. So often we are self effacing. Today acknowledge your own accomplishments … See what you can do when you act with integrity and excellence!

Oh my goodness… The Emperor (that side) flanking the six of wand with his counter part to the left. He uses the renewing energy of the Sun to regenerate and is not afraid of his responsibilities. But like his Empress he needs to take care of himself in this deck, this way, he may have some shadow work to tend to. He will be no use to others in their darkness if he doesn’t accept his own shadows. Keep your plans fluid so you can continue with your growth and adaptability. This time will also give you clarity to iron out any Seven of Swords issues that could be going on behind the scenes and causing you concern.

As we reach the second half of the reading we see the sun and the lovers again. We also see the reinforcement of the self care message for the Queen of Pentacles from this perspective shows the hidden side of her throne. It is weathered. She has given so much to others. Perhaps she fears that she has something or things unprotected? She may well be right as we see the Strength card and Sun both (that side). But as the Empress face the Devil the infinity symbol glows. No amount of darkness can overpower the strength gained from this journey. Even as the Sun sets, the guards take watch and we know there is another day, a day that is calmer, cooler. But the calmness of The Lovers in this card makes it much clearer to see where you are going and how you are going to get there.

The Lovers alchemically marries water and fire. You are ready to step forward. October is set to be a month of peaceful restoration, gratitude and an opportunity to heal parts of you, leaving you stronger and more complete than ever.

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I am a Mother, Grandma, Daughter, Sister, Niece and cousin. I'm an Artist and Tarot reader that writes about Tarot and Oracle. The art and photography featured is usually a creation of mine.

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