September Reading- The month ahead:

Happy Birthday Virgos!

The overall oracle energy for September is ‘Gifts from God’.  You’ve had enough warnings, but those of you who are still working on your blessings can now breathe a sigh of gratitude.  Open your arms and welcome in all you’ve worked towards and a few unexpected things too!

Sometimes despite working, wanting and creating when those things arrive (finally)  they can add some extra dynamics that can cause us to internalise.  I think this month, that’s what I’m feeling.  There are so many good cards here but a fair few reversals too, which I read often as our own internal energies. 

The start of the months looks like the delays that have been occurring (particularly if related to new jobs, homes or relationships ) are still on the brink of being pushed aside. Or, perhaps they are now occuring but the changes are still making you feel unsettled despite your 9 of Cups wish fulfilment blooming.  Don’t worry, tap into your High Priestess energy and find your balance (Temperance). You’ve made it this far and it’s what you want, you are just having last minute wobbles.

And sure enough, as we move further in five of Cups reversed will help you be ready for this new life you’ve started and you’ll realise you’ve learned so much. Little sparks of inspiration wil start simmering within and the Wheel of Fortune turns again You take a four of Cups reversed moment to reflect. It’s a time to appreciate what you have and enjoy the present.

Taking that time is just what you needed.  It feels like you’ve made a gigantic effort. Mid to end of September you are in a place so different from a month or so ago most probably litterally as mentioned earlier, whether it’s a new location for work or home.

The Knight of Cups brings new life force, beauty and creativity. Could this be an actual person romancing you of as I suspect you just loving life.  The Nine of Pentacles signifies that phase of life, long awaited, you should be feeling self sufficient. You’ll be abundant with enough finances and more time to enjoy all you’ve worked for.  There’s a sense of celebration with the Three  of Cups. Maybe you even throw an actual party, no doubt you will be gathering with those you love as they’ve supported you and are happy to see you enjoying life again.  Looks like you are all set to see greater security.  Start a savings plan or pay a little more into your pension while the harvest is good, you have enough no need to be frugal so yes splash a little on those celebrations!

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