THE WEEK AHEAD: 22-29 AUGUST – Something has come together and you can hardly believe it!

There been some difficulties. Maybe they were large, maybe just the kind that niggle or seem endless.. This week however, any Nine of Swords energy is being overcome. Perhaps you’ve just become more adept at finding solutions or navigating your way through life, or maybe, you have just been plodding through? Whatever the reason for this lift though, things have changed figuratively and literally..

This week The Hierophant has finally freed you from certain ways of doing things . Your spiritual learnings have contributed to what’s opening up now, but actually, what’s more important is how this journey has lead you listen to the voice of your own heart. I’ve seen a lot of messages about service to others in the cards this week so don’t be surprised if you are in the process of liberating yourself in a way that enables you to be of use somewhere else. When you do, you are going to find another jigsaw piece slots right in and completely makes sense.

The Four of Wands has you celebrating. This can be reaching a milestone, a new stability within relationships or your home. Your tribe will be there to join in with the sense of success you feel. Share the love and good things happen. As you share, you will be filled with even more passion and enthusiasm. The Page of Wands Bubbling inspiration combines to create action that leads who knows where!

It looks like you are in the zone and the King of Cups will have you exuding emotional intelligence. You are oozing leadership (the kind that empowers those around you) and balancing out mind and heart culminating in emotional fulfilment.

And just like that you’ve gone from a King of Cups to a Page of Cups again. It’s not a demotion it’s enthusiasm revived.

Amazed, musing, exploring creative ideas that pull at your heart strings Some may look from an outside perspective and think it’s flights of fancy but follow the joy and your new way of looking at the world because the Three of Pentacles is here. You are learning from others and they are learning from you. Together you are weaving the tapestry of something beautiful.

Be enchanted you are consciously co-creating something you hardly believed was possible!

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I am a Mother, Grandma, Daughter, Sister, Niece and cousin. I'm an Artist and Tarot reader that writes about Tarot and Oracle. The art and photography featured is usually a creation of mine.

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