The Week Ahead: 9-15th August 2021: Bubble, bubble …

Overall energy from The Universe has your back deck: ‘My capacity to tune in to the energy of love gives me the words I need when I’m ready to speak up, the compassion I need when it’s time to forgive, and the power I need when I’m lost.’. This connection to your own energy has been high over the last few days and looks set to continue.

What a glorious spread of cards for this coming week. Similar to last week’s, in that things may have been difficult but with the promise of long lasting benefits. The Sun and the Star in the same reading gives us such a lot to warm our souls!

The Nine of Wands Yes you sure have been through a lot. You have shown resilience, this is the final push. If you feel like you have nothing left to give, you are going to find that extra energy to keep going and finish what you started… You are so so close. When the Nine of Wands appears you may feel like something or someone is blocking you but you have come far and The Star is close.

See how the burning sphere of the Wands card resembles the glowing star and later burning Sun. Your dreams are imminent, those dreams you’ve been pursuing or holding close to your heart. When The Star appears your wishes are about to be fulfilled. Find your voice to express your emotions and dreams. Letting go of the past and focusing on what you want for your now and future is the way forward. The stars are aligning trust in the miracles that are unfolding.

The Knight of Swords ensures that you are ready to take quick action. Decisions that need to be made will be precise and clear if something needs to be said, it will be! Be careful not to offend others with all the passionate, assertive action rushing through your veins… It’s a risk you are keen to make everything work out just right.

You can trust in the new future that you are aligning with. Yes the Six of Swords confirms leaving things or situations behind, but it also brings assistance and support at just the right time. Stay hopeful during your transition and when that unexpected assistance pops up express gratitude and accept the helping hand.

And WOW! We reach the warmth of The Sun. How joyful we feel? How complete do we feel? Even if we can’t quite touch our new reality just yet, we have surely manifested it. This card is a big fat “YES”!! Whatever success means to you, you are about to taste it. Opportunity and abundance are tangible and imminent.

Those opportunities are the ones you’ve created for yourself. You’ve used The Magician’s powerful manifestation to bring about this success. Willpower, motivation, energy, your talents…. All put into action ….

Bubble, bubble, toil and whatever else you put in that pot has combined to make a perfect potion and that Seven of Wands is going to make you particularly protective of what you’ve desired and worked so hard to get. Look … no really LOOK …. You have every reason to feel satisfied … Not just satisfied overjoyed. Share your experience with others, show them how you overcame the odds to achieve this … Of course some may be jealous or think that your rewards ‘appeared from nowhere’ but compassionately understand and guide them to the truth that this concoction was no overnight miracle … It took hard work, dedication and trust with a huge pinch of belief in yourself and the universe.

So happy for you…my heart is bursting! Enjoy this gorgeous Leo energy ❤️

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I am a Mother, Grandma, Daughter, Sister, Niece and cousin. I'm an Artist and Tarot reader that writes about Tarot and Oracle. The art and photography featured is usually a creation of mine.

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