THE MONTH AHEAD: AUGUST 2021 – No one said it would be easy… But you’ve visualised this and it’s happening.

Two Knights, Four Queens, Two Major Arcana and An Ace… What a month!

August could well be a momentous month! two knights, four queen’s, two major arcana and an ace. Also note the Knights are side by side as are the queen’s. Both fire and earth. Alchemic and transformational energies…. I can’t wait to get into this month’s reading!

Are you ready to break out of the Knight of Pentacles slow and steady energy? Something has taken it’s time to get here. Effort has been made but boy it may have felt like wading through treacle! Either you’ve had enough or the Universe announces its time to kick start things. The fiery Knight of Wands takes decisive action he pushes aside the Knight of Pentacles and gallops forward towards the things that makes him feel alive. The storm will give him something to talk about later, how he conquered it and make the victory so much sweeter. The Knight of Wands’ adventurous spirit is bringing a whole new perspective and The Knight of Pentacles’ attitude and experience is the basis of the foundation laid, you have probably learned a great deal and this month you are about to see how these experiences come into play.

You know how to work with the energies around you. Mid month the fire and earth energies work together with the two Queens of Wands and Pentacles. Genuine warmth and charm is being utilised to best effect and here (opposite to the Knights earthly energy transmuting into fiery action) we see real substance being created from thought and action into earthly abundance. Of course, all this manifesting could take its toll. Notice if you are feeling overwhelmed or burdened or both. Pause, take a break watch the sunset, tomorrow, as they say is another day.

Sometimes while we are in the midst of something transformational our energies feel pulled in all directions and this may well be the actual case mid month, The vision you have, could have you running yourself ragged trying to achieve them. Look after yourself the dreams are still there. The Ace of Cups is a sign of the blessings that are imminent…. Open you hands to receive.

Something has come to an end the Death card prompts us to make way for the new. You’ve worked so hard to shift the energies and make these changes don’t resist by hanging on to what’s no longer needed. I sense the Four of Pentacles may have you worrying about finances. Do you have enough to make these changes? They is enough water energy in this reading to wash away that stagnant thought process and create a stream of new thought that makes sure you are well able to take care of your finances and alchemically blend material needs with your passion. In this deck the four of Pentacles depicts a wizzard and wizards make magic!

In the latter part of the month we see the final two Queens (air and water) flanking the Three of Swords …Wow! You’ve been through so much. It still hurts. But you can stop fighting now.. No really you can. Four Queen’s in this reading. You are a balanced person, all elements have come together to create the Wizard’s magic. Could be a legal judgement is made in your favour or a contract is awarded, or important documents are signed or could it be simply your mental dexterity has enabled you to reach long reaching solutions?

Something enables you to draw a line in the past and lovingly hold space for the future. Your future…. A future you have dreamed of, one you’ve worked on, slowly, passionately.. Yes the one you visualise.

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I am a Mother, Grandma, Daughter, Sister, Niece and cousin. I'm an Artist and Tarot reader that writes about Tarot and Oracle. The art and photography featured is usually a creation of mine.

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