The Week Ahead 25-31 July 2021: Those Pigs may fly’ dreams are waiting for you!

The end of a cycle is closing the central energy of The Universe card requires that you trust in the plan that’s for you. Your support is invisible, although you may well feel it… Perhaps the anticipation feels a bit like the tingles of anxiety. Don’t wait for a sign, trust in yourself. You are wiser than you know.

The Page of Cups…. This card delights me it echos the above. Unexpected twist may occur in a ‘Pigs may fly’ kind of way! Have fun delight in these mini miracles don’t let your disbelief block what’s waiting for you.

I said mini, right? Temperance is here alchemically blending, magically mixing helping you purposefully and patiently focus your energy. Mini may well be massive! Just stay balanced and patient fusing all the elements at hand. Oh no the Seven of Swords do we have to be careful, is someone about to deceive us? (he appeared in the Leo overview) .. No I don’t think so, I think this the the strategy you are applying… Use your integrity as you step into this week it will stand you in good stead.

You are The King of Cups, remember that patient energy of the alchemist and the surprising twist the Page of Cups may come across ? Some people may be disrupted by it…Not the King of Cups he’s undisturbed and trusting of the Universe. He also operates from a loving perspective. Use your favoured practices this week to keep you grounded and calm through anything that surprises you.

Could the Tarot shout “PATIENCE!” any louder than it does in this week’s reading? The Hanged Man asks you to open your heart to the bigger plan, look at things from alternative angles and, of course, hang in contemplative limbo … Note I say contemplative, an active pause. Surrender to the Universe, surrender to alignment … listen to the lesson and to yourself .

Whatever’s going on this week it’s likely you feel pulled in multiple directions. The Two of Pentacles traditionally means juggling various priorities.. Ah now it makes sense, all the messages of finding balance, patience and trust perhaps the cycle closing off is one that’s encouraging you to find more meaningful balance in your life? Do you really need to to be on that committee? Are you busy tending others needs without fulfilling some of yours? Does your work schedule allow real time for relaxation? Is there a way to work smarter not harder? As the month comes to an end ask yourself what else is finishing or should be? Are you changing jobs, homes, locations, relationships? The Two of Wands shows you need to make choices about the things you love and those you don’t. You are in-between the world you know and the one you’ve dreamed of but don’t yet know. Change you instigate yourself can be scary (after all we can only blame ourselves later) But the ‘Pigs may fly’ dreams are waiting for you. Waiting for you to take hold of the wings of the Universe and trust that a beautiful destination awaits.

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I am a Mother, Grandma, Daughter, Sister, Niece and cousin. I'm an Artist and Tarot reader that writes about Tarot and Oracle. The art and photography featured is usually a creation of mine.

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