THE WEEK AHEAD: 18-24th July – Creating the life you want!

Ah … Relax …. Slow down … Geeeeeooo the slow wonders what the hurry is all about? Why don’t you slow down? What are you missing out on by rushing about? Geeeeeooo knows that things happen in their own time and you may have to wait with patience. Fruit ripens, grain is harvested once it’s ready, the moon and earth circle each other in perfect balance. Find your natural rhythm this week there are some things that can’t be rushed and some things that still matter.

It looks like you have a few options. Are they all as good as they appear? When the Seven of Cups shows up there are multiple possibilities. Here Alice only has one key so that is the one she must choose and she is focused on getting into the garden. Once we focus on the option we most desire we find that is the one we are most likely to manifest. Ponder a little on what you desire before making your choice. With the Seven of Swords reversed you are making your own luck and no longer deceiving yourself about what you want.

Could this choice be about love or a close relationship? The Two of Cups can often signify this. That special instant connection you feel. This doesn’t have to be romantic and can also be a passion you have in life that calls to your heart. Whatever it is it will feel like home…. Talking of home, what’s this? The Ten of Pentacles? Here Alice finds comfort with her cats everything is familiar. This week whatever is going on, having that feeling of security and stability is important. It’s quite possible you are taking steps to manifest this ideal home life this week and with The Star providing her blessings those heartfelt wishes are very close and potentially long lasting. In this card Alice’s sister retrieves the glove from the pond, something magical from Wonderland. Alice’s sister knows Alice will carry those magical dreams into adulthood. This week stay connected to those childhood wishes that still have relevance to your life today those ones that still (given time to ponder) resonate with you, warm your heart and feel like home.

The High Priestess will absolutely ensure you are aware of those dreams and you will be able to peel away from those that you no longer connect.

Like the magician you cross the translucent veil to a vision. It feels tingling, anticipatory it’s so close. Can you see your future? Can you feel it? Because if you can it is yours.

Five of Swords reversed lets me know that this week using the patience of Geeeeeooo the Slow and taking the time to connect with what you want for your future, you are now ready to strip away the things that are no longer relevant to you and like Alice in the looking glass see the world around you. The veil to your future is thin but tangible and it’s all yours if you want it … Your dreams are creating the life you want ❤️

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I am a Mother, Grandma, Daughter, Sister, Niece and cousin. I'm an Artist and Tarot reader that writes about Tarot and Oracle. The art and photography featured is usually a creation of mine.

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