The Week Ahead: 4th-10th July

Transcendence – Wow! A gorgeous weekly energy of your connection with life. Lord Shiva’s trident represents three aspects of divine masculine power: Creator, preserver and destroyer. His warrior like energy destroys fear. He offers divine paternal energy and cosmic support and guidance. His cosmic dance co-ordinates interaction between the earth and the cosmos.

I’m using the Viceversa Tarot and in this deck we always get alternative view points of the cards and meanings. Here The Devil’s usual control is released while he is distracted, allowing us to feel full of hope and free ourself from restrictions that usually bind us. This hope is welcomed as we may have recently overcome some issues (5 of Swords) that have left you feeling depleted, so much so that you wonder if it was all worth it. But it was and it is worth it. The Empress is the sign of abundance. I am drawn to the star above her, the symbol of hope the twelve dancing stars along with Venus that crown her. The type of abundance you hope for is personal be it wealth, love or healing. Home life, children and fertility are particularly associated with The Empress so if these are the blessings you desire the signs are good.

The Three of Wands shows you waiting for these blessings to arrive. They are still a little way away but getting closer. You’re waiting but are you prepared use this time to be ready to receive what you’ve wished for into your life. The Knight of Pentacles ensures that you will feel much contentment with your forthcoming abundance. The wait will be worth it. This reliable but steady Knight delivers his promises.

At first glance the alternative side of Judgement is a little foreboding. On this card Ammit has the potential to devour whoever she chooses regardless of what is right or wrong. It is, however, simply urging you to use your own free will to exercise your choices with discernment. Don’t leave things to others to determine your fate. The choices you are making are leading to your reward. Look at what you value emotionally and materially and make those things your priority. If you are worrying about leaving things behind, don’t it’s time to leave the tower previously constructed. It no longer serves your needs. Stay and you leave yourself at the mercy of Ammit and the Devil….. Leave it behind and operate that self-will towards your abundance.

You can rest assured that whatever you’re waiting for is outside and it’s a thousand times better than before.

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I am a Mother, Grandma, Daughter, Sister, Niece and cousin. I'm an Artist and Tarot reader that writes about Tarot and Oracle. The art and photography featured is usually a creation of mine.

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