THE MONTH AHEAD – JULY 2021 – Unexpected.. a little insane but none the less a delightful experience…

Usually I draw the overall energy first, but today I pulled the month ahead spread. I won’t lie on first glances it looked a little gloomy. Dark colours a few reversals and then I pulled the overall energy from The Art of Manifestation deck and I took a big sigh. ‘It’s Okay not to be Okay’ …. Well I know this is the advice of the century but personally I don’t like not feeling okay and it’s not a pleasant vibe to draw as you first step foot into the month. I’m sensing it’s more about the acceptance of things you can’t control and from that perspective I can tolerate the advice. Surely the messages from my beloved Tarot in Wonderland can’t be all that bad… I’m staying optimistic…Let’s dive into July for a peek ahead!

Big decisions may have come to a head at the start of the month. Most probably residue from things going on during the preceding weeks. Anxiety caused by things related to your home life hopefully will subside. The Nine of Swords reversed sure does keep you awake at night and The Lovers shows me that these are significant choices that require decisions. The Queen of hearts is led by passion and her choice may be clear cut but Alice is looking at the broader picture. What’s for the long term good and not necessarily the result of an emotional twinge? As suspected your home life may well be at the centre of this choice, The Ten of Cups reversed further advises us to to take a look at the bigger picture. Whichever way it appears, for me it indicates a vision of the future. Once you’ve settled your thoughts that happy home life is just a stone’s throw away. Note I say settled your thoughts.

Without a doubt Two of Cups reversed shows the potential of a partnership (love,work, project or contract) coming together and forming a long term commitment could even be a house move. It’s not a complete given but the potential is there so stay focused on your desire for a positive outcome. Don’t let the worries overwhelm you they will distract you from your mission.

As we move into the middle of the month an offer awaits us. The Page of Cups in this deck is a connection. Perhaps, you are making new friends or healing old relationships whether they are romantic or business. Or maybe, we feel there’s a need for support from external sources but here we see The Two of Swords reversed. A decision has to be made! There is no more information that can be added, no more consulting, you know all there is to know. Stop procrastinating. Alice eventually chooses the route to the Mad Hatters Tea Party and what a legendary outcome that was.

With Death making it’s appearance that new beginning is imminent. It may be as subtle as a change of perception, but I suspect it’s a little bigger than that. One thing is for sure, the implications of those decisions means that nothing will be the same, as to whether that’s a good or bad thing that’s entirely down to how you view it.

The situation appears complicated the seven of swords shows us this, but show your intent clearly so there is no misunderstanding and be sure your actions are with integrity before someone else tries to lay the blame at your door.

The Master Manifestor (The Magician) is working near by. Remember earlier, the advice was to be clear on what you are trying to achieve. Without that mental clarity you will tumble down the rabbit hole and waste the opportunity to alchemically create the life or opportunity you want (sorry I know you are already ruminating I don’t need to add to this). The appearance this major arcana is surely confirmation that you are capable of ensuring the outcome is one of your choice.

I feel the five of swords is the cost of all those internal battles, those sleepless nights the should I? would I? could I? Kind of worries …. Let them go they are useless. The Page of Wands (and have you ever seen such an adorable one) brings some much needed energy and enthusiasm, he’s also likely to come up with a creative solution despite lacking some experience. Perhaps that’s you brainstorming or perhaps it’s someone else problem solving either way we end the month with The Chariot reversed which means despite the difficult decisions, the need to take a fresh perspective and all that internal dialogue, the enthusiasm and clarity of thought we have can steer our Chariot in the direction that suits us best …. And for many of us the delights of the Tea Party await… Unexpected.. a little insane but none the less a delightful experience…

Enjoy the ride…. I’ll get the teapot out!

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