THE WEEK AHEAD: 27 June – 3 July 2021 –

There’s a central energy (Duality) of the kind of inner chatter that can throw you off balance.  I’d say this week you’re going to need to be mindful of the way you hold your conversations with yourself and with others. Let’s take a look at how this may play out as we draw near the month end and enter into July.

Six of pentacles reversed paired with the Queen of Cups reversed:  You are going to have to take some responsibility for your own emotions this week no matter how much we wish it to be out emotional healing can’t be laid at another’s door. 

You may be holding on to your resources or someone else is being less than helpful. There’s a Five of Pentacles reversed mindset going on that’s not pleasant.  If you are concerned about your finances, and it certainly looks as though this may be the case remember that what you focus on is what you get.  These are the hardest soul lessons to deal with.  It’s always easy to give blessings for what we have while life is good but now is where you need to take that deep breath and batten down the hatches. Look around it is ok.

The Five of Swords indicates that you may be involved in a conflict about money.  Don’t allow your fears to get the better of you this is no time for self doubt to creep in.  If you are the one at the end of someone ‘over taking’ stay on the moral high ground.  There’s no need to join in with the debate but do you need to have some flexibility on those boundaries? If however, it’s you being less than charitable, remember that winning sometimes comes at a cost and that is something to bear in mind early this week. Is the collateral damage worth it or would you be better walking away?

I don’t, however, think it is you being unreasonable in this situation though.  The Sun reversed here (next to Temperance) shows a need to tune out of the chaos and arguments surrounding you.  Find some balance, and use the overall weeks energy to quiet not only the agressive energy flowing you way but that mind chatter too.

Is this going to be a difficult week? Well life’s never all plain sailing.  You may be feeling less than confident about someone around you, trust may be dissolving.  Let’s get this old battle cleared up, ready to move on.  ‘Ssshhh!’  that busy brain of yours it really is time to move on and leave what should be in the past well and truly there.

This is where I usually end the reading but I’m curious about what we’re moving onto? So I need an extra card….

Oh The Six of Cups!

Well this additional draw is some form of comfort to me.  It shows that those hints of balance are definitely going to take place. You will have the chance to remind yourself how far you’ve come. You have developed and whatever challenge someone is presenting you or whatever argument you are being dragged towards you have learned the past lessons and are able to detach. Take some rest at the weekend perhaps a nostalgic trip or some time with your favourite people just to remind you that there are good people out there and those that matter make a difference!

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