Summer Solstice Spread:. Do this yourself or here’s mine! What you’ve worked towards bringing harmony and balance.

Lay your 5 cards out in this order

Well it’s that time of year again. Aside from the usual solstice traditions this is an excellent time to take a mid-year check point of where you are and where to direct your energy. This little spread can be part of your solstice celebrations. Why not journal it too and use as a milestone marker to see how accurate it was for you towards year end.

I’ve used the traditional Rider Waite deck for this Reading here and (for learning) this deck is easy to use and it’s imagery fully represents the meanings. But use whatever, deck you get clear messages from.

Shuffle your deck and lay out in a condensed Celtic Cross. I always like to intuitively pull each card as I ask the question but some people will pull consecutively. It’s entirely up to you, whatever feels right.

Card 1. Represents you: THE KNIGHT OF PENTACLES – You are working slowly towards your goals. Some aspects may be mundane but you have a vision and the steps you are taking will eventually lead to what you desire. It’s a kind of one step at a time but when you look beyond the Knight and his pentacle you can see the fields behind laboursly ploughed ready to produce the abundant harvest. You are prepared to out in the work and wait for the results to follow.

2. What are you leaving behind: THE FOUR OF WANDS – You may well be moving home this summer (or have taken plans to make this happen). Leaving behind family, friends or a community may well be difficult but look at the next card for what is replacing it. The four of Wands traditionally represents something to celebrate so it’s more like this is a happy move. Can also be a new place of work.

3. What are you replacing it with? THE FOOL – Phew this is going to be a good move. Trust in the Universe you may not exactly know what’s ahead but in this Reading you are the Knight of Pentacles and so have laid the groundwork and have probably been working on this for sometime. So enjoy the unknown. It’s a time to explore the new and let the Sun shine down on this phase

4. What’s influencing you? THE MAGICIAN – Simply put YOU are influencing YOU. Don’t you just delight at how Tarot can be so succinct! You have put in the work. You are a master creator and manifested this. You experience and skillset have all contributed towards this. Amazing. Well done You!

5. Where to direct your energy? TEMPERANCE – What a lovely energy to close this Solstice Reading. You should be finding balance and in the context of this spread you new home or workplace will likely bring more balance. Perhaps you are even going to be able to work from home. Moderation is all over Temperance and I can not help but notice the alchemic element of creating what you want harmoniously.

This was my layout and interpretation. Feel free to let me know if yours resonated with you. Enjoy the solstice celebrations and I hope this wonderful time brings you all you desire 🙏

Notice all the high energy joyous yellow in this draw.

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