The Week ahead: 13-20th June 2021… Phew ! Feels like a full on week remember to take some ‘me time’.

Well!  I certainly felt a little of the tail end of last week’s ten of swords, but that lifted within 24 hours of the moon’s waxing crescent.  This little moon phase can give us a burst of energy to tie up loose ends, whir into action and get on with things that lead us to getting closer to our dreams.  As we know there’s no such thing as coincidence, the hands of fate slot into place and timings so often work out ridiculously well.  Our central energy is particularly useful in conjunction with the helpful waxing moon. 

I do love a spot of intention setting. Personally, I like to do mini intention setting daily.  You can do this through prayer, lists, vision boards and tarot or crystal intent to name a few and, as we read later, perhaps bring in some relaxation with candles , incense or oils. So combine this moon phase and really finish off those projects or seal the deal on something much wanted!

And with that advice take heed of The Moon reflecting the physical in tarot! The moon so often represents out fears, so be sure while working on those dreams you well and truly banish negativity.  There is such a thing as negative manifestation you know?  What you focus on is what you get.  Stay focused on the positive desired outcome because you are supported by The Queen of Wands. 

This Queen is vibrant, creative, go getting.  Align yourself with the things that bring sparks to your life.  Share those passions  you have nothing real to fear. She is also supported by The Ace of Cups meaning all that creativity will be overflowing.  Don’t forget to share your enthusiasm with others and don’t be remotely surprised if those around you join in.  This genuine enthusiasm mixed with authenticity is quite contagious

Mid-week the Four of Cups may tempt you to slip back, letting your fears distract you.  Kick those little rascals out of the door.  Pause, do a reality check perhaps add a bit more meditation to your week. Those worries are truly exhausting tap… tap… tapping in your head! What you want is way more accessible than you first imagined.  Look at those cups before her she has choices and so do you!

While some may see the Reversed Knight of Pentacles as boring and tedious I see him this week reminding you to keep the routines and put in the work. There will be plenty of time for a bit of fun once this is done.  Besides, all that passion and energy earlier in the week has to be applied some how and the Knight of Pentacles (reversed or not) will at least add a little practicality. Certainly with The Hierophant making an appearance tried and tested ways are going to win the day and stabalise your plans.  This more channelled and structured approach is what’s going to benefit your future plans and if you are dealing with an institution they certainly will view you more favourably for taking this approach.

The Queen of Pentacles reversed let’s you know that by the end of the week (if not the last few days ) all that passionate energy and stoical effort may well be leaving you feeling a wee bit tired. I know you’ve put 100% effort in this week. Take a break to spend with family, friends or simply time alone. You deserve it. Don’t let those doubts prevent you from opening your favourite tipple safe in the knowledge you have done very good work indeed! The Queen of Pentacles is that ultimate all encompassing person. She’s a provider, everyone feels safe knowing she’ll take care of them. But even The Queen of Pentacles needs to take some ‘me time’…. so grab some now whatever it means to you. ❤️

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I am a Mother, Grandma, Daughter, Sister, Niece and cousin. I'm an Artist and Tarot reader that writes about Tarot and Oracle. The art and photography featured is usually a creation of mine.

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