JUNE’S Tarot: What does this month have coming in?

We’ve seen that the end of May brought with it Mercury retrograde and a lot of us will have had this impact us already. This energy is present through much of June (the 22nd I believe) and as we head into the new month The Eight of Cups will see us drawing a line under failed relationship, business plans or any number of things we hoped would work out but haven’t. In the readings I’ve done this week, I am getting much the same energy that suggests that we will need to realign with our longer vision and not be out off by external influences or delays caused by this retrograde. The overall energy represented by The Lumens Oracle is ‘Ask Body’ and this calls for you to connect within your own body, not just seek a higher spiritual growth. As you go through any delays and disappointment this moth practice so me physical grounding. Perhaps seek out an Ash tree to sit under or use Hermatite during your meditation or spell work. The Jaguar on this card is about reclaiming power and we see several representations throughout this month’s reading of quiet purposeful power.

You will find the Reversed Hermit may add to a sense of feeling as if you’ve lost your way but as soon as you accept the external delays etc and connect with your own vision you will be able to tap into your inner Empress. Use this first week to be self indulgent with your dreams and make the most of the retrograde blocks. Certainly, The King of Swords reversed brings the additional message to centre yourself and use your inner power to stay on course.

As we progress through the days The King of Wands will help you use your natural leadership skills and as a true visionary you will be able to channel this energy in a constructive or creative way. Because of the external delays or less than flowing communications that a retrograde can bring you may find yourself doubting your plans or thinking things are doomed to failure (6 of Wands Reversed), but don’t give away your power to lack of self confidence, believe in yourself … Take a look at all those Kings in this reading and The Emperor too, despite the doubts the Reversed Page of Cups offers, who can deny you will have the discipline and agility to get through this and create some certainty and stability.

Towards the end of the month of June that previous reversed swords energy that had affected communication, returns. Some truths have been revealed you may find some disappointments resurface and those fears of failure arise again but it’s short lived The King of Pentacles restores confidence and those visions and stability become a lot more tangible, perhaps you even use that fear as a driving force.

The Three of Wands and Eight of Pentacles bring us to the end of June and the end of Mercury retrograde. We’re out of that energy and ready to broaden your horizons and put in the hard work. Your attention to detail and commitment to get the job done is very evident. You are a King … You are meticulously planning and building your future.

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