The Week Ahead: 30th May to 5th June: A real sense of Mercury retrograde

Mercury retrograde is already affecting my readings.  I’m late compliling this. I had issues with uploading content and banking transactions have gone AWOL! I don’t want to sound clichéd but sometimes you can’t deny the chaotic effect of planetary movement.  But of course, the movement of Mercury is only an illusion and the central advice from ‘The Universe has my back’ deck is to surrender to this energy and embrace your own peace allowing the universal energy to get to work.  So I feel we are going to see some real shifts as well as the effects of the planets this week especially as over half the spread is in reverse.  Thank Goodness The Empress starts the week with her abundance of nurturing energy to see us through we needed her when you get the opportunity take some rest and time to reflect.

I can not help but see the effects of this week’s energy playing out in my home as my 3 year old boy hurtles my cards across the living room!!  Your own creative projects may experience difficulty or delay.  Use this Empress energy to send out living vibes to others and indeed yourself.  Explore life around you and be in the moment planting the seeds of the future and then allowing them to grow without the need for checking on them.

If you forge ahead the impatient energy of the Reversed Knight of Wands may cause you to rush ahead and make mistakes.  Restructure your vision and gain some realignment, it would be a shame to push on through without due thought.  A pause is just that it’s not vital to get to your destination asap but get there you will just  take the leisurely route.

The Page of Wands Reversed highlights more of the retrograde energy with delays so go with the flow and stay with your vision.  If there are things you can do in the background while you circumnavigate issues so be it but if not take that break and …. Wait!.

More Reversed energy with the King of Swords suggests take control of your emotions and  thought process and step forward with confidence.  You may find it a little harder because of the influence of The Devil who’s energy may give you the illusion that things aren’t moving forward or you can’t make the changes necessary (more retrograde influence) so just do some more alignment work and ensure those steps you are taking are connected to your values The Hermit will give you the extra assistance in identifying your core values and recognise the restlessness within you but still take the time to wait out this unsettling planetary phase.

Finally Death reversed closes the week so you may start to feel the change and gain a sense of freedom but you do need to walk through your discomfort .

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