The Week Ahead: 23-30th May 2022 : Hey! Life isn’t smooth but this week’s energy brings you an undercurrent of positive outcomes.

The Faeries Oracle brings this week’s overall energy and The Master Maker (for me) has a mystical sense anticipation and combination of both The Magician and Ace of Wands elements. He is the way we create our future and develop our souls. This creative faerie trickle feeds the dreams and visions of Master Craftsmen and Artist. According to Brian Froud, the sign of this Inventor’s workshop reads ‘Practical Problems Solved here’

The energy of this card is that of whistling while you work on creating something beautiful. Bringing your ideas into fruition through meticulous planning, perseverance through difficulty all while honing our skills on our labour of love.

If you are tempted to cut corners this week The Master Maker energy will protect your craft and help you refuse to do less than a good standard of work while reminding us all to accept our limits and just as well as …

The Seven of Swords kicks off the start of this week! Here the central figure is attempting to get away with something. Whether that someone is you or another, be aware that There is an observer. Hold yourself and others to account. Keep your integrity high, in thought, deed or creation. Now is not the time to let things slip. You will have good cause to celebrate by ensuring all is above board.

The Three of Cups gives you the chance to collaborate or share your joyful creation with those that matter and having them in your life is enough reason to feel blessed. Working with others is encouraged as the King of Swords has a tendancy to deny needing a bit of help. If someone else is resisting assistance think of a tactful way to offer it to avoid denting their pride.

The Sun’s powerful midweek energy will add to the whistle while you work theme. Giving a warm glowing undercurrent as you navigate any minor problems. You can be reassured that any niggles, doubts or concerns will be overcome. The Universe is strongly with you. This is the right time. Share that confident energy with those around it’s contagious and you are supported.

The Two of Swords confirms that there will be blips in the smooth road but you are able to act in self defense where necessary and stay on track. Despite occasionally standing in the shade the warm rays of the weeks sun can still be felt and the view is good.

The Nine of Cups brings her cornucopia full of what the heart desires most. Yet more universal confirmation that if you are clear on your goals and hopes these are soon to materialise. Just today, before I drew these cards, I pulled a daily oracle suggesting vision boards. Check in with your action plan this week to be ready to maximise the latter part of the weeks opportunity.

And what a close! The Fool basking in the sunset. Is he precariously perched on that cliff top? Do onlookers fear for him? Is he afraid of where he finds himself? Of course he’s not! He alone has made his way across the mountainous landscape. He has trusted his vision with the assistance of the collective universal memory. If those nagging doubts or fears are still bugging you The Fool tells you it’s the leap of faith that matters most. Choose to be bold to make progress your own way on your own path… And that my lovelies is success in its own right!

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I am a Mother, Grandma, Daughter, Sister, Niece and cousin. I'm an Artist and Tarot reader that writes about Tarot and Oracle. The art and photography featured is usually a creation of mine.

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