THE WEEK AHEAD: 16-22 MAY 2021 – You need extra love and peace … But you don’t need to be afraid!

Lotus Tarot and The Universe has your back deck

I will not lie! At first glance this spread looks like some of us will be experiencing a slightly darker energy with the reversals, water and overall energy message from the centre card! Let’s take heart to start and absorb the central card’s message before moving on to the overall reading

‘I recognise that I have chosen fear, and I choose again, I choose love’

Whatever the forthcoming spread shows, I can already feel some doubts and fears. Whenever we are going through these times we have to actively tap into our psyche and emotions and anchor ourselves. Where possible, remove your fearful thoughts and focus on what you can positively improve. Even when things appear not to be going out way it is important to remember that when we positively place out focus towards things we want, through thought and action we lessen the opportunity for the universe to deliver what we are fearful of. You are more powerful than you believe and remaining aligned with what we believe in assists us

The Knight of Cups reversed is probably bringing frustrations to the fore. Perhaps a project is delayed or you have spent much time dreaming up plans but not seeing a result, maybe this is making you a little moody? It’s all good and well focussing and dreaming but we mustn’t forget the tangible steps. At the start of this week get practical! Get out of your head and write your list of how you are to achieve your ideas. What can you do now, today that actively puts you one step closer? Who can you speak to that may have added experience? Do you need to set aside a little more money? If so transfer that to your savings now or open a new account. Book that training, make an appointment to see the expert. Make an online profile. However small or large or futile that step seems just DO something. Done it? Don’t you feel more productive now and no matter how you feel you are actually a little closer to what you want so you can relax … and that my love, is a wonderful way to start the week.

I said relax for a reason! The High Priestess may mean you are picking up on that inner guidance and this could be contributing towards that frustrated feeling. You can feel, sense, taste the outcome intuitively but when you think logically you can make sense of why it hasn’t materialised. This could cause you to doubt and fear that you are fooling yourself about your plans or living in a fantasy or even worse FEAR FEAR FESR that it’s never going to happen and we all know where that doubt will lead don’t we… ? Choose again!

Ace of Cups reversed brings further confirmation of your connection to your intuition. Please don’t be led down the wrong path because your plan hasn’t materialised within your human timescales. Have faith and keep going. You may find journaling will keep you level headed or as mentioned earlier produce a to-do-list. Journal or do and then set it aside. You are baking a cake and now need to wait!

We see a bit more of that scarcity and fear mindset with the Four of Pentacles. The lack mindset is not good for you. Yes, set up a good savings plan, yes create a budget, yes to planning for the future, but balance this out … See how in this depiction and many others the pentacle is blocking out spirit as it sits on his head. He is so focussed on money or his obsession that it is blocking out other things in his life. This pentacle can also reflect a possessiveness in other areas such as relationships. All of these actions though, stem from our fear to loose security, stability, finances, love…. See the connectedness of these cards this week. Release those fears and listen to the nudging intuition not your ego.

The Queen of Cups is here to assist you with the array of feelings and she should help you decipher your intuition and fears. Hold some space for yourself via meditation. See how she looks at her cup nurturing all she has created. You have done the same, the waves in the background do not disturb her in the same way, this week do not let your fears or impatience distract you from your much wanted goals but also do not let you goals cause unnecessary waves … I see they threaten to but look who’s next to the Queen? The Hermit reversed!

The Hermit advises you to stop letting these fears get the better of you. Thinking, thinking, thinking doesn’t solve problems. Turning inward and FEELING does! You’ve done your check list or whatever and now you LISTEN to your intuition. Don’t overide it ….

And so as the week closes how are you going to use this energy? The Four of Swords reversed suggests some choices. You can ruminate and think, think, think creating anxiety or you can use that restless impatient energy constructively. If working towards the thing you want is causing you stress or fearfulness that it won’t materialise use that energy towards something else… Perhaps some sport or socialising anything positive… I know you don’t believe it but things really are working out behind the scenes….

Sending extra love and peace this week you need it… But you don’t need to be afraid ❤️

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