THE WEEK AHEAD: 9-15 May 2021 – Connecting the dots between your dreams and plans!

Have faith it’s on its way…

I’m feeling a lapse of energy this week and although I didn’t expect it, I almost wasn’t surprised to see the return of last week’s self-love peacock as central energy. This time however, I’m drawn to the feathers. Remember, their message of showing your true colours and being unafraid to connect with our essential elements to that we were gifted with. I also noted the earth element and strongly felt the energy of grounding. perhaps this grounding energy will reveal itself in a practical aspect, perhaps in the sense of connecting with our roots and maybe even a sign to get out barefoot and do some essential grounding work in nature. I’ve certainly had to get out and about this week to re-energise in my favourite environments both woodland and water. I hope you find some time to do the same for yourselves this week.

Anyway, let’s see what’s going on in this reading.

Ten of Wands reversed well this certainly explains a little of that lower energy. Chances are you have been extra busy with your responsibilities, either the actual tasks or just the obligation of them. Is there anyway you can delegate some of these tasks?! If so take the opportunity to free up some or your burdens to enable you to lighten your load mentally or physically.

Maybe these additional responsibilities or burdens come from a new project or opportunity you have started or are about to start. There’s growth potential here, try not to be put off by the extra work this is creating. This Page of Pentacles means your skills and knowledge are creating an amazing foundation, more earthy grounding energy here.

Mid week-ish the Four of Wands further cements that stabalisation of your efforts and if the earlier energy of being a little burdoned has affected you then know that this card brings cause for a celebration about how far you’ve progressed. Of course this can be big celebrations such as birthdays and weddings etc but also just a way to mark our interim milestones. If this is simply some time out from our chores then that’s as good as anything! For me today that came unexpectedly when I opened the doors and heard the new lambs bleating in the distance. What a joy to hear and it gave me a chance to stop boil the kettle and appreciate the day before I carried on with my list of tasks!

And boy are you going to need that mini hiatus. The Chariot charges through. You’re on the path to success all the obstacles and detours are being overcome. Don’t be surprised if you are fully motivated and fired up with willpower and determination.

Looks like the Four of Wands is bringing lots of opportunities and you may have more than one offer to consider. Note the second ‘4’ in this reading. This week really could be all about crucial choices that will set the foundations of your chosen path. So it’s worth really deciding what’s important to you and focus on that as part of your decision making process.

I’m sure that extra contemplation will be well worth it. A fine Ace of Swords brings you clarity. Your mind has been opened by thinking through the various different routes and opportunities. Any confusion or delay in decision making should evaporate and you will hopefully become clear about what you want and ready to take action. It’s also worth noting, that if you are waiting for a faintly legal outcome then this may well be announced or finalised this week and with the 4 of wands and the Chariot popping up earlier perhaps a home move or wedding may be on the cards (pun intended).

Finally, the week ends with the lovely Fool energy. That exercise in opening your mind and exploring all options and opportunities is about to pay off ….. You are connecting the dots between your dreams, hopes and plans! …. Have faith it’s happening šŸ™

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